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B90075 Applied Health Studies: Significant Life Event


Sandra was very close to her husband. They had been childhood sweethearts and had been best friends all of their lives. When her husband, Mike, died at 45 of a sudden and unexpected heart attack, Sandra felt like she had been punched in the stomach. She cried and screamed when the doctor told her that they had done everything possible, but he had
not survived. How could she go on with her life?

Sandra sat in her home in stunned silence. She had two children to take care of, all by herself now. Priscilla and Shirley were only toddlers and did not really understand what was happening or why their father was not home. They happily watched the television while their mother sat staring into space. Sandra and Mike's families were trying to help her as much as they could, but at the end of the day, she was left to herself in her now empty bed.

Using the above Case Scenario to write your report covering the following:

1. You must demonstrate that you have looked at various organisational policies and Procedures in supporting individuals with significant life events, identify and explain the social networks affected by significant life events, and be able to evaluate the effectiveness of organizational policies and procedures in supporting individuals.

2. A range of relevant sources of information is used. Range in this context means range in quantity and variety.


Supporting huge life occasions task study is about the people confronting the noteworthy life occasions either in the wake of losing their darling one by their end or their own having a place. These sufferers called as mourning. This exposition clears the possibilities of the general public for such people to whom pay their grievances to the incidents confronted in the life and this sort of conduct is not same for all. It fluctuates from individual to individual that shows such changes in the general public. It is clear more, by clarifying the best example of an existence, for example, on the off chance that somebody who has lost his parent, pet or in the agony for the loss of anything that is associate with the nation, youngsters demonstrates his torment and his grievances depicted as Bereavement. The profundity of such grievances appears to be just through individual's messages, which demonstrates that the amount they loaded with their grieved emotions (

Saul et al. 2016). This exposition clarifies about that how people give the reaction to their anxiety. In the remainder of this exposition, it demonstrates the individual impressions of the people experiencing life occasions in the wake of investigating the conceivable reaction of business association.

Effectiveness of organizational policies and procedures in supporting individuals and their social networks affected by significant life events

It clears the criticalness of the adequacy of the hierarchical strategies and the techniques built by the official gatherings that leave the hard effect that may include individuals experiencing noteworthy life occasions. These kind of affiliations those help such people willfully advances through Identification of a pioneer authoritatively to give the assurance that these affiliation will give the best possible care to the general population goes about as deprivation (Lin, Deal and Ensel 2013). Strong affiliations give the bearings as said beneath and consider them as territorial philosophies.

  • Mind gives to the people before event of life occasion i.e. loss Care and commitments gives by the official pioneers of such relationship in the wake of affirming their ID.
  • Issues the Medical Certificate of Cause of destruction and gets contemplations for introducing different stuff, for example, contraptions and radioactive
  • Transport office given from the place of the destruction to where administration of internment executes.
  • Mind check done of all people goes about as loss by relationship with keeping up appropriate mystery (Lock 2013).

When husband of Sandra, Mike of Age 45 expired after suffering from heart attack the organization must ensure that all the policies as well as procedures should be maintained by them. Care of Bereavement is considered not to be a constraint to any age group. However, it has problem to other people but Sandra should not face any problem regarding this.

How others in social networks may provide support to individuals experiencing significant life events

Different sorts of commitments and support are giving by the social gatherings and frameworks by keeping the fulfilment in their mind that all people encountering life occasions should get it. Such gatherings embrace different agreeable approaches to get their issues settled. The principle intention behind this is to give steady organizations to individuals confronting life occasions and advantage monetarily through this to back off the impersonation. The following are the ways-

Physical support- Recognizes every one of those methodologies those help the people goes about as loss with legitimate care and took after different methodologies consider the requirements of the distinctive gatherings, for example, youngsters, adults, adolescents, physically handicapped who are denied. It is exceptionally normal that such people confronts the misery and goes by suicide, killing.  The major physical support of Sandra’s life after losing her husband is her sister and her parents (Banerjee and Paul 2015). The major support she will be obtaining from her sister as she will be the best one to guide her in this situation.

Social Support: Facilitate every one of the frameworks those gives the support to the partners and the representatives of the social gatherings in giving legitimate care to the deprivation . Organize every one of the upgrades over the social gatherings or frameworks and work upon on every one of the information of mournings that demonstrates their requirements together with the information of the people giving backing i.e. aides, specialists. Though over here it is not mentioned whether Sandra was socially active or not but the friends also may play a integral part in her life (Bouden, Fergusson and Horwood 2014).

Psychological Support: Psychological support is the main support required by the victim in this time. In this time she needs this support. This support can be provided to her by her two little children as they are the symbol of love for her and Mike. They will make her concentrate to play the role of mother. Her sister can support her by sending her to some counsellor (Gordon et al. 2016).

External Source Support

Outside sources utilize their whole sufficiency source and help the general population confronting life occasions by reassuring them in various ways. Their thought process is to care every one of the patients experiencing diverse sorts of infections and such maladies get cure just by giving the medicinal treatment with the assistance of restorative specialists. Along these lines, patients get cure from their disease (Oquendo et al. 2014). Each individual can change their emotions; soul and body through association of the care and the bolster given by every outside source. Intercessions include the relating medications, significant and mental exhortation, recouping and eating plan and so on different treatments are given in the terms of the private portions and help the patients in curing (Laloyaux et al. 2016). Specialists are strict not give the information of the patients and their medications. Each one of those techniques improves the recuperation of the patients from ailments is an indeterminate question on which confirmation is clashing.

When Sandra’s sister asked her to go to the psychiatrist she listen to that and she went to her for treatment. Therefore the external source who can play a significant part in her life is psychiatrist. She can counsel her and can help her to get rid of any depression.


The supporting life management is very much necessary as the people who need this are really in deep danger. Support life management helps in providing the support through various conditions and in many forms.


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Saul, A., Simpson Jr, S., Taylor, B. and van der Mei, I., 2016, September. The interaction between significant life events (SLE), serotonin transporter gene polymorphisms (5-HTTLPR) and psychiatric symptoms in people with Multiple Sclerosis. In Multiple Sclerosis Journal (Vol. 22, Pp. 721-721). 1 Olivers Yard, 55 City Road, London Ec1Y 1Sp, England: Sage Publications Ltd. 

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