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BA03 Introduction to Big Data Assignment 2

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Question 1:- Big Data visualization, which of the following Big Data technique refers to reasoning from observed training cases to the test cases?

a) Unsupervised learning

b) Semi-supervised learning

c) Transduction learning

d) Developmental learning

Question 2:- Which of the following user behavior mobile analytics tracking tools is used as an advertising and analytics platform for direct marketers and agencies looking to acquire and optimize high-ROI mobile audiences at scale?

a) TestFlight

b) Mobile App Tracking

c) Apsalar

d) Mixpanel

Question 3:- Which of the following statements is true about DPI?

a) It is the process of diverting Web traffic of a network

b) It is the process of filtering data packets over a network.

c) It is the process of authenticating users over a mobile network

d) It is the process of managing data for mobile apps.

Question 4:- Social media analytics is best for analyzing:

a) Product promotions

b) Supply chain

c) Marketing mix

d) User-generated data

Question 5:- Which of the following is a data analysis technique?

a) Cluster analysis

b) Factor analysis

c) Conjoint analysis

d) All of the above

Question 6:- Smith wants to implement a Big Data solution for his organization to enable timely decisions. Which of the following kind of data can he use to implement the Big Data solution?

a) Transactional data

b) Unstructured data


Real-time data

Experimentation data

Question 7:- While implementing a Big Data solution, you want to deploy data and technology to validate the analytic feasibility of the solution. To complete this task, which of the following solution engineering’s steps will you

Break down business initiative into use cases

Prove out the use case

Design and implement the Big Data solution

Start the envisioning process

Question 8:- Which of the following is not necessarily a function of social media?


Content sharing

Online shopping


Question 9:- Which phase of the data analytics lifecycle usually takes the longest?

Phase 2: Data Preparation

Phase 3: Model Planning

Phase 4: Model Building

Phase 5: Communicate Results

Question 10:- Which of the following is an appropriate combination in a hybrid cloud?

Backup in the private cloud; HR policies in the public cloud

Internal processes in the private cloud; Big Data in the public cloud

Customer communication in the private cloud; financial compliance in the public cloud

Big Data in the private cloud; backup in the public cloud

Question 11:- How does Hadoop make the system more resilient?

It uses an effective firewall and anti-virus It keeps multiple copies of data.

It uploads data to a cloud for backup

It keeps each computing resource isolated

Question 12:- The HDFS command to create the copy of a file from a local system is which of the following?


CopyFromLocal Copyfromlocal copylocal

Question 13:- The datanode and namenode are, respectiviley, which of the following?

Worker and Master nodes

Master and Worker nodes Both worker nodes

both master nodes


Question 14:- Data being captured can be in any form and can be structured or non-structured. Which characteristic of Big Data are we talking about?

a) Volume

b) Velocity

c) Variety

d) Value

Question 15:- All the files in a directory in HDFS can be merged together using which of the following? a) put merge

b) remerge

c) merge all

d) get merge

Question 16:- ________ jobs are optimized for scalability but not latency a) Mapreduce

b) Drill

c) Hive

d) Oczie

Question 17:- When a jobTracker schedules a task is first looks for

a) A node with empty slot in the same rack as datanode

b) Any node on the same rack as the datanode

c) Any node on the rack adjacent to rack of the datanode

d) Just any node in the cluster

Question 18:- What is the MapReduce environment specifically able to handle? a) Unstructured text

b) Structured text

c) Images

d) Weblogs

Question 19:- The client reading the data from HDFS filesystem in Hadoop does which of the following?

a) Gets only the block locations form the namenode

b) Gets the data from the namenode

c) Gets both the data and block location from the namenode

d) Gets the block location from the datanode

Question 20:- Which of the following is the true about metadata?

a) Metadata shows the structure of HDFS directories/files

b) FsImage & EditLogs are metadata files

c) Metadata contain information like number of blocks, their location, replicas d) All of the above


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