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BA06 Advanced Analytics Using R

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WARNING - Clicking on the "SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT" button will submit the Assignment. Be sure that you have reviewed your answers before clicking it. Attempt all the questions. All questions are compulsory. Each question carries 4 marks. There is No Negative Marking for wrong answer/s.

Please note: There are 25 questions out of which Q.No.21-25 are based on the Case Study.

Subject Code: BA06

Subject Name:




Component name: TERM



Question 1:- Which function checks for sample adequacy in PCA? a) psych

b) KMO

c) e.values

d) fa

Question 2:- Which argument specifies number of factors in PCA? a) nfactor

b) n

c) nfactors

d) principal

Question 3:- Which function is used to find communalities in PCA?

a) communaliity

b) communalities

c) comm

d) communality

Question 4:- Which package is used for PCA?

a) psych

b) rattle

c) rpart

d) lm

Question 5:- Which function is used to find factor loadings in PCA?

a) loading

b) loadings

c) load

d) components

Question 6:- Which function is used to create distance matrix in Clustering?

a) distance



euc euclidean

Question 7:- Which method is used to create similarity matrix?





Question 8:- Which graph is helpful in cluster analysis?

Box Plot

Heat Map



Question 9:- Which function is used in cluster analysis?

hclust str

layers minsplit

Question 10:- In ANN which process is used to scale variables?




All of the above

Question 11:- Which function is used to scale variables in Cluster Analysis?

scale scaled

scaling scales

Question 12:- Which argument specifies size of training and testing dataset?

prob c

set.seed replace

Question 13:- Which function in Text Analytics is used to generate word cloud?

RColorBrewer snowballc



Question 14:- Which function in Text Analytics is used to import text document in R?

Corpus readLines Read tm

Question 15:- CART decision tree is used to predict:

Continuous variable

Categorical variable

Both continuous and categorical

None of the above

Question 16:- Function to draw best fit line in Time series data:

ols() abline()

lm() glm()

Question 17:- Package used in Text mining to remove unwanted characters:

ggplot2 snowballc

tm wordcloud

Question 18:- The package needed to import spss file in R is:

stats foreign

xlsx statistics

Question 19:- In PCA which plot gives optimum number of components?

pie chart bar plot

histogram scree plot

Question 20:- Univariate time series is represented by class:

ts mts



Case Study

Download the data set data.csv. Make the CART model in R and answer the following questions:

Question 21:- Which is the most significant variable in predicting delinquency?

a) age

b) gender


d) term

Question 22:- Which function in R is used to import data?

a) read.txt

b) read.csv

c) read.delimited

d) import

Question 23:- What is the data type of variable term?

a) integer

b) numeric

c) factor

d) string

Question 24:- How many missing values are their in data?

a) Nil

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

Question 25:- How many rules are their in the tree which makes a customer delinquent?

a) 1

b) 3

c) 2

d) 4

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