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BAC21 Group Research Project

USC is a large university attended by thousands of students every day on week days. The purpose of this project is to understand the students’ soft drinks market at the university. The market for drinks is measured in terms of 375ml cans. This type of project requires the students to demonstrate their ability to select a sample, analyse the data collected and prepare a written report of their analysis. Since it was impossible to interview every student visiting the university last semester, the subject coordinator proposed that only BAC21 students should be interviewed.

What should you do?

  1. Form a group of 4-5 students for the project.
  2. The Lecturer has exported the anonymous responses to an Excel file. Your project group wil be expected to select a random sample of 90 responses for analysis.
  3. Analyze the survey sample you have selected for your group. The best way to do this will be to convene a meeting after class every week and discuss how you could apply the analytical techniques covered in your classes so far on the survey data.
  4. Submit the following:

This section must answer to the following specific questions

  1. What proportions of the students in your sample are local and what proportion areinternational?
  2. What is the relationship between price and average quantity consumed by students?
  3. What are the most popular and least popular soft drinks among students?
  4. How loyal are students to their brand? (Do students change their preference when theyreceive a 25% or 40% discount on their preferred drink?)
  5. How does the demand (price-quantity relationship) of international students differ fromthat of local students?
  6. What are the most and least popular drinks among local students? How does thiscompare with the preferences of the international student?
  7. How likely is it that the student will choose soft drink (Pepsi, Coke etc.) as their firstpreference? Provide 95% confident interval estimates and interpret your results.



The aim of this report is to analyze data from university students concerning the types of beverages which are most popular to the students as well as the effect of changes in price to consumption of the drinks. The study also compares consumption between the local and international students.

Data Analysis 

Proportion of Students in analysis 

The analysis was conducted in various institutions considering both local and international students. The student average of the proportion of local to international stu

dents is 8:1. The international students composed of students from Asia and parts of Europe.

Price and average quantity consumed

From the data, it is clear that the price of the drinks has a negative relationship to the quantity demanded. Increase in price leads to a decrease in the total intake of drinks as per the students in the survey. This indicates that as much as beverages are important for the students, there are other items which are important and increase in price of the beverages may make the student be less inclined to purchase he beverages. The table below shows a sum total of the units of beverages which would be purchased by the students in case they experienced an increase in price which shows a general decline in consumption.

Serial no.


Total Intake by 90 Students































Popular & least popular soft drinks

From the data, it is clear that the popular drinks among the student seem to be more inclined to drinking energy drinks and soft drinks compared to water and milk drinks. This is clear since from the survey when they were asked about which beverages they would prefer above other drinks they selected energy drinks more than all the other drinks (Chatfield, 2018). This could indicate that since the students require energy for sports activities, they would require energy drinks for their activities. Also, the might require energy drinks in order to study well at night. The students may not prefer water since it is part of their day to day lives and therefore they might not be strongly inclined to their consumption (Chambers, 2017).

Soft drinks         

Fruit Juice                                     

Tea /coffee

Energy drinks

Other (water, milk drinks etc.)   






Loyalty vs Discount

In terms of loyalty to brand, it is clear that the students will be loyal to their preferred brand in the case they receive a 25% discount but may shift preferences in case they receive a higher discount of 40% discount. For instance, 24 students out of 87 students said that they will change their preferences while 63 students said that they would not change their preferences. When the discount changed from 25% to 40%, 52 of the students said that they would change their preferences. To sum, the level of student loyalty is affected by the amount of discount that the students expect.

Demand of International Students 

From the study it is clear that the demand of the international students and that of the local students is more or less similar. There is a decrease in consumption with an increase in price. This shows that both the local and international students are both influenced by similar factors which affect the demand of the products in relation to a price increase (Cox, 2018).

International students





















Local students





















Most and least popular drinks among local students and international students


Soft drinks         

Fruit Juice                                     

Tea /coffee

Energy drinks

Other (water, milk drinks etc.)   













From the data, it is clear that both the international and local students prefer energy drinks compared to other drinks. However, the soft drinks also come in second as a popular drink among the students.

Probability of choosing soft drink as first choice

 15 students will choose soft drink as their first choice. 15/87

A proportion of 17%

Confidence interval = p +/- Z* Squareroot (p(1-P) /n

Z value = 1.96

1.96* Squareroot (17%*83%/87)

= +/- 8%

Confidence interval = 9%, 25%


This analysis contained results from

No. of local Students

No. of International Students



From the data it is clear that there is a close correlation between the preferences of the international students and the local students in terms of beverage popularity

Overall, the preferences of the general student population which was surveyed in the study is a representation of the trends and preferences of both the local and international students. All students react in the same way when it comes to increase in prices and the quantity demanded. In addition, all students prefer energy drinks to health drinks. Also, the students are loyal to the drinks they prefer only to the extent that the drinks have a min of 25% discount but if the discount is more, the students may shift their preferences. This study has managed to provide a comprehensive view of student preferences in terms of drink consumption given their nature of being both local and international students (Silverman, 2018).


Silverman, B. W. (2018). Density estimation for statistics and data analysis. Routledge.

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Mertler, C. A., & Reinhart, R. V. (2016). Advanced and multivariate statistical methods: Practical application and interpretation. Routledge.

Chatfield, C. (2018). Statistics for technology: a course in applied statistics. Routledge.

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