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BG007 Project Management : Profession and Organization



Architecture, Engineering and construction sector can be considered to be data intensive, project based industry which generally consist of various profession and organization. Various projects carried out in this sector generally consist of variety of system (Sawhney and Maheswari, 2013). Industry strong sharing of data and processing of requirements which merely focus on the fact that management of building data is considered to be challenging and bit complex. Data set within a particular project can be stored in designer project, independently managed single own services. From this reference an idea about BIM (Building information model) has been provided. Various organization in the construction industry have make use of google drive and drop box which provides communication between two individuals which merely focus on the protection and security of various things. A building information modelling (BIM) can help in getting a proper information about a building (Alhawari et al., 2012). Cloud computing method can be considered to be best for representation of BIM data. Due to complex based nature of the project of AEC industry which mainly ensures that data is stored in cloud system merely needs to be managed on a regular basis. BIM model generally allows a building to model across in the entire lifecycle which ranges from concept designing in construction which is followed by operation and lastly decommissioning.

From the second reference it can be easily concluded that construction industry generally consists of stakeholders which can perform project related work from various location. This merely needs the involvement of various stakeholders which is a well-known activity in construction industry when it is compared in other industries (Beach, 2013). The limitation of design generally arises from the issue and can be easily managed by having proper analysis on design. A proper idea has been provided regarding BIM (Building Information Model) which mainly increases the visualization of from stage of project which mainly improves the efficiency of information transfer among the stakeholders of a project. Implementation of BIM on cloud platform or clouding computing generally tends to improve the design coordination especially the detection of class. BIM can be defined as a cloud platform which merely focus on paper design model in which direct mechanism exists in the history of changes occurring in designing (Baldine et al., 2012). Use of building design model merely focus on parameters of object which can store the changes related to design information. A framework which is generally based on industry foundation generally allows retrieved at any interval of time. The utility of this framework has been discussed in details. Design phase of construction projects generally needs information exchange to be done in various domains and areas throughout the process of design. The strength and weakness of two model has been discussed in the coming pages of the report.


From the above two reference an idea on BIM (Business Information Modelling) has been provided. It is merely used for proper management of function. BIM is nothing but a data based digital representation of function and various physical properties of a building (Diaz-Montes et al., 2013). This model can be defined as the association of various stakeholders which mainly works on the different phase of building life cycle design which is used for exploration, insertion, extraction and modification of BIM dependent database which mainly provides support reflection and roles of various stakeholders.


From the above two reference it can be concluded that BIM (Business information Modelling) have some issue like this model needs some improvements can be done by having discussion regarding the design expert of various projects which are related to construction (Gonzalez, 2013). A center for wellness of campus mainly address on the development of Architecture and structural engineering which are generally related to local model.


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