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BIBM788 Project: Generic Business Strategy of Backpackers Hamilton

Generic business strategy at Backpacker Central Hamilton- Now and Then

In this assessment need research questionnaire for employees as well as customers for the research.


The research is based on the Generic Business Strategy of Backpackers Hamilton which is a cheap hostel for different tourists during their visit to the picturesque city of Hamilton in New Zealand. The researcher has conducted a survey for completing the research. He has prepared a closed research questionnaire for both the customers and the employees of the mentioned org

anization to get a transparent idea about the reaction of people in relation to the mentioned hotel.

Questions for the Customers

1. How much do you like to spend when on hotel costs during a vacation in New Zealand?

  1. 1500 New Zealand Dollar
  2. 2000 New Zealand Dollar
  3. 3500 New Zealand Dollar
  4. 5000 New Zealand Dollar
2. How do you come to know about Backpackers Central Hamilton?
  1. From others who have stayed there earlier
  2. From Internet Sources
  3. From New Zealand Tourism Journals
  4. From Travel Guides
3. What factors were determined by you when you thought of accommodating in Backpackers Central Hamilton?
  1. Clean and tidy Bathroom  
  2. Affordable Prices
  3. Well Mannered Staffs
  4. Round the clock Service
  5. What facilities do you want in a Hotel?
  6. Well mannered Staff
  7. Neatness and tidiness
  8. Innovative products and services
  9. Ratings and Review of other customers
  10. Location Advantages
4. Why have you chosen Backpackers Central Hamilton over the other backpackers, hotels and motels of Hamilton?
  1. Cheap Prices
  2. Located at the heart of the city
  3. Organized tours and guidance for the customers
  4. Concentration on the hotel business

Questions for the Employees

1. What are the competitive advantages of Backpackers Central Hamilton in Comparison to the others in the market?

  1. Concentration on only the hotel business
  2. Guiding the customers to visit the different places of the city
  3. Cost Leadership Strategies
  4. Neatness
  5. Cheap and Affordable Prices
2. How does Backpackers out manage their competitors and earn extra revenues?
  1. Reducing prices
  2. Marketing and Promotion
  3. Technological Advancements
  4. Both A and B
3. What differentiates Backpackers Central Hamilton from the others in the business?
  1. Innovative products and services
  2. Ability to deliver High Quality products in the market
  3. Good Customer Experience
  4. Having only one business helps the management of the hotel to ensure success and be unique in the market

4. What are the strengths of Backpackers Central Hamilton?

  1. Low Cost of products and services as compared to other similar facilities, motels or hotels in Hamilton
  2. Tidy and Neat rooms and washrooms
  3. Proper Staff Behavior
  4. Organizing local city tours

5. What are the weaknesses of Backpackers Central Hamilton?

  1. New Entrants in the hospitality industry with better services
  2. Sustainability of the business
  3. Cost leadership strategies
  4. Being innovative about products and services

6. Does Customer experience have an effect on the promotion of the hotel?

  1. Agree
  2. Strongly Agree
  3. Disagree
  4. Strongly Disagree
  5. Neutral

The questionnaire was based on the detailed research conducted by the researcher and the responses to the following are a huge factor for the proper conduction and completition of the research.


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