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BIZ101 Business Communications: Social Media | Use In Workplace


This assessment is for students to master the skills of presentation and evaluate the use of technology in business communication. you must research different types of presentation technology, then choose one or more to use to present their recommendations.


It is expected that you will demonstrate in your presentation:

.A comprehensive understanding of the topic you have chosen

.Evidence of research and application of reliable and relevant evidence

.Critical analysis and the ability to develop coherent arguments

.Effective communication in the form of professional presentation skills


Topic: Social Media - Concept And Use In Workplace To Communicate


  • The first assessment was done on the outline of the report.
  • The second assessment put emphasis on the use of social media in the company Cotton On.
  • Further discussing the third assessment it states the research conducted and evidences collected through the study of social media.
  • It mainly provides recommendations for the implementation of effective communication in

    the business practices.

Research sources

  • The first resource used is Journal that is titled as “Social media affordances and governance in the workplace: an examination of organizational policies”.
  • The second reference used is Journal named as “Social media in the workplace”. This provided deep understanding of the various social websites that are useful in workplace to communicate.
  • The third reference used is titled as “5 benefits of social networks at work.”
  • The fourth reference which was used in the report is named as “five problems social media can cause in the workplace and how to avoid them.”

Chosen communication strategy 

  • Social media is the communication strategy chosen to communicate with the workforce at organization.
  • It helps in knowing the effective use of social media in communicating with employees as well as departments.

  • Use of social media helps the employees in updating from the organisation changes or policies.

Key Findings: About Company

  • It is Australian based fashion industry.
  • It was founded in 1991.
  • Deals in clothing of men, women and teenagers.
  • Employee 17000 staff in Australia and has 1500 stores nearly.
  • The best performing fashion retailer in 2017.

Concept of social media  

It means sharing of information or ideas based on computer technologies.

  • An effective tool to communicate better at workplace (Merrell, 2015).
  • A tool created for visitors to upload and download the information.

Facilitates easy sharing of information among employees at one time.

It creates a sense of belonging in the workplace and provides affirmation for employees regarding any role (Ngai, Tao & Moon, 2015).

  • Brings continuity in the work by providing easy access to the employees at any time.

  • Helps employees in making professional connections which result in increasing sales, new ideas and create opportunities for business

Role of social media: Cotton On

  • The company makes use of Yammer to communicate employees within the organization. It keeps them update with organizational changes.
  • A private hub is created so that company’s employees can communicate and work from distance.
  • It makes use of social media to send reminders, because in today’s time every people have social media sites on their phones.
  • Company make use of their own website to communicate rapidly with their employees regarding changes in company policies or rules and regulations.
  • The use of Whatsapp group helps member to know each other.
  • In Cotton On, social media proves to be great way in sending reminders to employees.
  • Sometimes, company wants to meet employee instant, but it is not possible to meet at time.
  • In this case, the company make use of Skype which provide easy access to employer as well as employees to discuss anything.

Key Findings

  • Social is an effective tool to communicate in 21st
  • With use of social media, communication is possible anytime due to its easy access.
  • Cotton On company is the best performing fashion retailer in 2017.
  • It has various social media strategies to communicate effectively at workplace.
  • Using social media, Cotton On communicate and share any information any time with their employees.
  • Using social media, company face many issues which need to be solve to communicate better at workplace.
  • Cotton On uses various policies in order to minimise the misuse of social media in the company.


  • Cotton On Company should more focus on the open door policy that helps employees in resolving their complex issues by speaking directly to their seniors.
  • Time to time training sessions should be held so that employees come to know regarding changing policies or expectations (Vaast & Kaganer, 2013).
  • Company should make strict announcement not to upload company data without the notice of company.
  • Declaration of specific time to solve queries in order to save the time.
  • Preparation of social media policy that sets the guidelines and expectations regarding use of social media in appropriate way.


  • Social media is an important part of the organization to communicate effectively.
  • It provides easy access to share information anytime.
  • It can manage the various employees at one time.
  • Sometimes it poses threats to the organization.
  • It can lead to leaking of such information that required to be kept confidential.


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  • Vaast, E., & Kaganer, E. (2013). Social media affordances and governance in the workplace: An examination of organizational policies. Journal of computer-mediated communication, 19(1), 78-101.

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