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BN106 Networking Fundamentals: How to Use A Network Analyzer?


Assignment Description

Network analyzers are very useful tools that help understand data communications and networks.  They scan the data link attached to the computer and provide an intuitive, visual view of packets as they flow past the computer.  The goals of this assignment are two-fold. First, to know how to use a network analyzer. Second, seeing the actual packets will help linking the topics we covered in this class with the actual functioning of a real network. To achieve these goals, you will follow the network traffic that is generated when you perform the basic task of visiting a web site.

Using an analyzer is rather straightforward and no more difficult than using a word processor

Answer the following

1: What are the differences in capture outcome when you disable all the tree name resolution features in the capture and then run a capture?  (Look at the source and destination areas.)

2: What is the IP address of your computer?

3: What IP addresses are given to your computer in order to access cnn.com?  Most major websites have multiple IP addresses in order to spread out the workload among multiple IP addresses and in case one IP address isn’t working.

4: Look at the next four headings. Ethernet Protocol? Internet Protocol? Transmission Control Protocol? Hypertext Transfer protocol? Why are there four different things in this same message?

5: How are these four protocols related?  

6: What does the information in this packet state about the browser you are using and the operating system you are using?  Does it show that you are sending a cookie? Information about your computer is being sent to cnn.com’s server, since it will may send different packets depending on the browser you are using, operating system, programs you can run, etc.

7: What do you think that text is in the last instruction provided

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