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BSB51415 Project Management | St Marys New Project

For this assignment, locate and read the case study titled “Proactive Prevention” Based on the information in this case, thoroughly complete the following:

Write a mission statement that reflects this new direction for St. Mary's.

Write a vision statement reflecting the new mission statement.

What type of strategy did the leadership team at St. Mary's pursue?

Which organizations in the community might view the wellness center as a new form of competition?

What factors described in this chapter might affect the implementation of this new strategy?


Mission statement

The St.Mary’s new project is to maintain healthy checkup in initial point of diagnostic . Mission of this project refers to a specific  situation which informs everyone about requirements or goals of St Mary and informs about time required for completion of project (Center., 2008). The Mission statement can be referred as goals for organizatio

n. Mission statement of St Mary clears that there must be appropriate checkups frequently and other mission is to include different types of treatment in the Wellness Centre. It also includes objective of win-win situation. It provides information about wiling of hospital by starting new treatments (Holland, 2007). The hospital has mission to make focus on achievement of requirements of new specifications. The mission statements help to take decision on what it wishes to achieve through new project.

Vision statement

A vision statement is part of the company’s mission and Value statement. Vision of the mission of St. Mary is to refine process of hospital’s departments. It includes making the people aware about this new care or the new project. They want the people to get through this (Vozar, 2015). Vision of St Mary’s new project is to make people habitual of regular checkup in the hospital. It want people to become partners in healthcare process of hospital. It wishes to reduce the risk of diseases happen to people.

Type of strategy

There are many types of strategies included in the process of establishment of the new factors. The most import ant strategy the company must take is the growth strategy for the St Mary. The leader of the St Mary hospital must take the strategy into the process which will help in maintaining the Wellness Centre for the society. The growth strategy requires the leader to take effective steps of additions of new treatment in the wellness centre. The leaders of the project must take the competitive strategy into account. St Mary’s strategy must be that which makes it easy to handle treatment of diseases.

Competitor for the health and fitness organizations and hospitals

The Wellness Centre is expected to include many solutions for advanced diseases in the hospital. It is expected to have the physical level well being, low fee program, help the exercise groups and such other factors. After the implementation of the Wellness Centre, it will become difficult for the private- sector clinics or hospitals to make their existing position in the market (Wilson, 2012). The Wellness centre will provide the opportunities at the very low price it will also affect the exercise department of the company. These organizations must take it as a strong competitive organization.

Factors that may affect

The new strategy of hospital is to open all the departments of health care at single place. There may be certain factors that may affect the project. One of the important points is the joining of the healthcare process by certain number of people. The patients must be expected to join the program for the effective results of the strategy selected for the further actions in the society. The next factor that may affect the new strategy is the effective working of the staff or the department. If the department or the staff will not work effectively, it may become difficult to achieve the mission and vision of the company.


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