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BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management

Operational Planning


BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan

Assessment 1

Part A – Written Assessment

Develop an Operational Plan

You are to develop an operational plan for a project. You can choose the project, but when doing so read through the assessment criteria to ensure all aspects can be covered.

All of the following must be covered in your plan.

  1. A brief summary of your project.
  2. Your resource requirements. Please suggest two (2) for each of the following:
  3. Goods and services
  4. Human
  5. Physical
  6. Financial
  7. Stock requirements
  8. Your consultation process with your colleagues. Provide three (3) suggestions.
  9. Provide three (3) key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure performance.
  10. Three (3) contingency plans to cover costs spiralling out of control.
  11. Information sources or specialist advice you would use to support your proposal. Provide three (3) suggestions.
  12. The person / people you would obtain approval from for your plan. Provide three (3) suggestions.
  13. Provide three (3) methods for ensuring the work team’s understanding of the plan.

<<- Project development of the production department of a manufacturing company of electronic devices.

  1. - Project summary:

+ The goal of the project: to develop production facilities on a large scale in order to:

* To meet the demand in the future (period 2016-2020).

* Improve and enhance product quality.

* Carry out testing and launched new products.

+ Planning activities:

* First year: We need to complete the design phase and construction done by the end of the year.

* Second year: Completed construction and began production.

* Third year: We need to achieve production targets were launched.

  1. a/ Goods and services: The types of electronic products. Enhancing service quality of the product.

b/ Human: Manager and employee.

c/ Physical: The manufacturing techniques and advanced machinery.

d/ Financial : There must be an adequate budget to implement the objectives in the plan.

e/ Stock requirements: Shares of the company.

  1. Your consultation process with your colleagues:

- Open a right to discuss production issues.

- Consult of each team member.

- Together decision processes and objectives to implement the plan.

  1. Three key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure performance:

- KRI (Key Result Indicators): Overview of business performance in a particular scenario

- PI (Performance Indicators): The measurable objectives to improve performance

- KPI (Key Performance Indicator): Presentation of measurable goals to significantly increase performance

  1. Three contingency plans to cover costs spiralling out of control:

- Plan 1: We should set up a separate fund from the start for use in emergency situations.

- Plan 2: At the start of the plan, we need to contact and talk to your bank about a loan when we need to. We have to negotiate with the bank in advance to ensure that when we need, the bank will give us a loan sufficient to use.

- Plan 3: We can pledge some machinery or equipment that we do not need to use to get the amount we need.

  1. - We will consult with experts in the fields of management, engineering and production of the company to plan we can improve.

- We can also refer to the information on the manufacturing process and the rules applicable to the production of government. This plan will help us to develop in the right direction and with the provisions of law.

  1. - We can get approval for our plans from: owner, director and manager.
  2. Methods for ensuring the work team’s understanding of the plan:

- We must ensure that we can understand the goals of the plan.

- Having enough skills in the work that we are doing.

- Read the full information about the members of the group, assigning the right job for each person, always monitor the work plan of the group. >>


Assessment 1

Part B – Written or Oral Questions

  1. How will you allocate and manage financial resources?

<<- The financial resources are allocated and managed best when the product is manufactured in accordance with the needs of consumers that production costs can be reduced to the lowest.

- We need to establish a strategic plan and manage the distribution of financial resources. It will help us to know the vision and goals for the future.

- When we have a goal, we will carry out the budget allocation to implement that goal. We have to determine the budget to spend on clear objectives such as cost of market surveys, the costs of product design, production costs and the cost of advertising product promotion.>>

  1. What approaches could you employ to improve resource usage and eliminate resource efficiencies and waste?

<<- Efficient management of resources will help us minimize the cost of the daily operations of the company and increase profits.

- Find ways to increase production of the product without affecting its quality.

- Make use of the materials can be reused.

- Continuously identify measures that can reduce production costs to a minimum.

- Implement measures to save energy resources such as electricity and water.

- We can spend a cost for regular maintenance of machinery, so machinery can function better and we will not have to spend a large sum of money to buy new machinery when the old machine damaged because we do not maintain it regularly.>>

  1. Explain how you would incorporate requirements for intellectual property rights and responsibilities within your organisation.

<<- Intellectual property is a creative being produced from human intellect and it is owned by an individual or an organization. It can be freely shared with others or be controlled to use in a certain way.

- Intellectual property rights are the rights guaranteed to us that the creation or renovation it is from its owners. At the same time intellectual property rights also contributed to encourage people, it makes people have the motivation to spend their time to study and expand their knowledge.

- Intellectual property can bring many benefits such as:

+ Maintain creativity and innovation.

+ Increase the knowledge of the community.

+ To encourage innovation in manufacturing and product quality.

+ Helps economic growth.

- We will incorporate the requirements of intellectual property rights and our responsibilities by:

+ Strictly registration under the laws of intellectual property.

+ Establish policies to protect intellectual property rights of companies and employees.

+ Create opportunities for staff, create new ideas at work.

+ Find a specialist in charge of intellectual property issues for our company.>


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