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BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service

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Assessment Task 1 Scenarios

Part A

Scenario 1

Read the case study scenario below, and complete the task that follows.

A customer service plan is initiated at Olym Gas Supplies after a customer survey identifies the following quality service gaps:

  • Delivery time of new cylinders to consumers averages 1.5 days over the benchmarked standards.
  • An unknown number of phone inquiries have been missed due to the single-line phone system.
  • Repeat business represents 48 per cent of business. This is below the required standard of 75 per cent.
  • Olym customers are very happy with the price of gas. On average it is 12 per cent lower than the competition.

The service plan includes a recommendation to install a better phone system that could handle up to four lines, and a review of the delivery schedule process.

You are required to:

  1. Explain how the two measures recommended by Olym show concern for customer needs.

The two measures as Olym show concern for customer need are; Delivery time service and and number of phone inquiries. These are the consequence of repeat business represent. This can show that even customer are happy with the price of our gas but the repeat business number lower than the require standard. This can be seen that good customer service also important for customer.

  1. Describe any further recommendations you would make to Olym management to ensure the plans achieve the quality, time and cost specifications of the customer.

Olym management should conduct customer service survey to find out on specific problem about customer service and customer experience. The number of customer satisfaction can help to ensure that they are satisfy with our service or not.

However, Oylm management should provide training for customer service agent to ensure that they serve customer with the standard level also if they need more customer service agent, recruitment officer should consider to hire more customer service agent to ensure that we support customer demand. Same as driver, and also investigated on why delivery time is over the benchmarked standards.

Scenario 2

Read the case study scenario below, and complete the task that follows.

A customer who purchased a blender has returned it to the shop. She is very upset, but as she speaks little English, it is difficult for the customer service staff member to understand what she is saying. In addition, the blender looks as if it has been used a number of times. It is not in its sale box. The customer service staff member shows the woman a receipt and, through hand signs and body language, asks whether the customer has one for the blender. The customer does not have a receipt. It seems that the woman wants her money back and does not know that the shop only provides refunds if a product has not been used, although they will give a voucher for the same amount of money or exchange a faulty product. Meanwhile, the situation is attracting attention

from other customers.

You are required to:

List the strategies you would use as a manager to resolve the situation and to follow up with the customer service staff member.

  • Explain to customer on the policy and procedure with manners to ensure that they understand on our condition, we willing to refund if it is under the condition.
  • Provide option for customer such as customer should go back to find the receipt or receive voucher
  • Talk with customer in the private zone as it is disturb other customer.

Scenario 3

Read the case study, and then complete the tasks that follow.

An urban-based training provider, City Training, was contacted by the rural fire service to conduct a training needs analysis of their volunteer base. The contract was potentially worth tens of thousands of dollars, and well within the expertise and knowledge of the company's training staff; however, sales executive, Tim, said it was outside their normal market space but could recommend a competitor closer to the client. The rural fire commander seemed happy at the time and hung up. Tim noted his phone number and name on a piece of scrap paper.

You are required to answer following questions:

  1. As Tim's manager, explain the steps you would take following this occurrence. Ensure you answer the following questions in your response:
  1. How could you monitor and manage Tim’s performance with respect to quality and delivery standards?

I would assist Tim on his performance, how he behave. This make us lose customer so that we should investigate that is he intend to do this or because he is lack of knowledge. However, I would recommend to attend Tim on the coaching session.

  1. How would you assist Tim where necessary?

I should assist Tim about customer service skills and also our policy and procedure, he should know how he can handle customer or make customer impress with our service and product.

  1. What steps would you take to determine how your organisation could deliver the service to the customer?

  • Response Time– The best tact is to quickly get on the phone with the customer to explain your company’s mistake. Don’t rely on email for this communication if it can be done quickly one on one.
  • Set a Realistic Expectation– Customers who have been promised something that isn’t delivered as promised are far more frustrated and disappointed than if they are notified at the outset they won’t have it sooner than later. 
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T.Everyone in your company should love your customers. Without them, you have no company. This doesn’t mean you won’t have difficult customers who will push the limits and try everyone’s patience.

Scenario 4

Read the case study below, and complete the tasks that follow.

Jolly Airlines operates charter and regular flights to rural Australia departing from Sydney Airport. A large client is Opally Mining Pty Ltd, which uses Jolly's services on a daily basis. Over recent months, Jolly executives have noticed a reduction in bookings and identified through their information management system that Opally Mining bookings are down more than 50 per cent on the same time last year.

An executive sends an email asking for feedback from his Opally Mining booking contact. The aim is to determine if the decrease is due to a service problem that could be addressed in order to regain this business.

Opally's Managing Director calls the next day to provide personal verbal feedback. On the record of conversation he states:

'I joined the last crew to go out to our site and was appalled at the level of service given to my staff by your in-flight service personnel. The person in question joked with customers, often appeared to flirt with my men and seemed flippant when discussing the aircraft's safety procedures'.

The conversation ends with Jolly agreeing to investigate and get back to Opally's executives within the next 24 hours.

You are required to answer following questions:

  • Identify the possible underlying service problems that exist at Jolly Airlines. Consider the extent to which the systems and procedures are affected.
  • Employee have no commitment with our company, this is effect on employee engagement procedures
  • There are lack of performance measurement, this is effect on employee performance management procedure
  • Decide upon an approach you would take to correct this problem and improve the customer service given by Jolly Airline's in-flight service personnel and to meet Opally's needs.

To correct this problem I would investigate on what happen within the flight, as we also need to listen from our employee as well as listen to customer. Also ask employee to give explanation about this situation and if they performed misconduct, cabin crew should be given the warning letter.

To improve customer service, we should retaining our employee frequency such as every 6 months to ensure that they meet the standard of customer service of Jolly Airline’s in flight service personnel. Also provide, customer feedback form to ensure that customer satisfy with our service every time.

  • Explain who you would consult with to achieve this outcome.

I would consult with management of Jolly airline as they can advice on how we should conduct the training and also the budget of all plan.

Scenario 5

Read the case study, and then answer the questions that follow.

Case study

Hans is the manager at Commuter Cycle Centre (CCC). As well as commuter bicycles, CCC also sells a range of bike accessories and bike touring equipment.

One day, Hans receives a call from a frustrated customer. They had bought their previous bike and a number of different accessories from CCC so returned to them when they were looking to replace it with a later model. The customer says that the person who served them did not realise they were a regular customer and could not answer his questions about the features of different models or their prices. Hans checks the roster for the day of the customer’s visit and realises that

the trainee, Sarah, must have been the one to serve the customer.

  1. What should Hans say to the customer?

Han should apologies with customer experience with us also provide the answer of all customer’s inquiries to ensure that customer meet their expectation. Han should also explain to customer that our agent might lack of experience as he is new and we will improve on that.

  1. How might Hans help Sarah improve her performance?

Han should training Sarah to gain her knowledge of our product and how Sarah should assist when she could not help customer inquiries, Also I would recommend Han to provide sources of knowledge where Sarah can find the information.

  1. What changes might Hans make to ensure that this does not occur again?

Provide information system such as how Sarah can access to customer profile to see their history and which product the relate to customer inquiries, so that other agents also can service customer like they are specialist and care customer.

  1. What kinds of records might help improve the service offered to repeat customers?

Phone recording might help to improve on customer service agent as we can check on quality of their service, also customer database help to ensure and track of history and customer profile for repeat customer.

Case study (continued)

Hans’ predecessor had opened two repair outlets within walking distance of busy railway outlets. These are currently losing money and the owner wants to close them down. Hans is sure that they could perform much better. Hans schedules a meeting with Joe, the repair supervisor, to get his view on the situation. Joe says that he could turn the business around if he was able to provide what his customers wanted.

  1. How might Hans collect feedback from the repair customers? Write a research plan for Hans, including the questions he should ask and the methods for collecting it.

Research plan

Research plan

Expectation outcome


Meeting with team research to setting research objectives

Research objectives

1 week

Provide research strategies including budget

Research method

1 week

Conduct research

Research the customer feedback

1 month

Collect the research outcome

Collect customer feedback research

1 week

Analysis the outcome

Analysis customer research outcome

1 week

Method of collecting survey,

  • Collecting online through online channel such as e-mail, website
  • Collecting paper questionnaire from customer who did the survey paper
  • Observing customer
  • Interviewing customer

Question that should ask customer

  • Overall, are you very satisfied with the way CCC performed?
  • service representatives (CSRs) are well trained?
  • service representatives (CSRs) adhere to professional standards of conduct?
  • How would you rate our customer service?
  • Do you have any recommendation of our customer service?
  1. Develop a customer service plan to help Hans meet the needs of repair customers. Make some assumptions about the demographics of the target customer and what they want from a bike repair shop. Include these assumptions in the plan.

Customer service plans are unique to each organization. No two plans are alike and there is no right or wrong format, but a few basic elements should be addressed by all customer service plans:

  • Assessing your company’s customer focus
  • Assessing your customers needs
  • Establishing formal customer service policies
  • Educating employees

The assumptions about demographics of the target customer is they impress with our customer service and they receive the same standard from every agent.

Customer want our suggestion from a bike repair shop that help them with their inquires or their problem also good service.

  1. What resources might Hans require to deliver the recommendations in the customer service plan? How should he secure these resources?
  • Internal expert such as senior agent of customer service that can assist on their agent and give the quality analysis to agent
  • Customer surveys, Popular in many industries, customer surveys can provide insight into attitudes and motivations. Sometimes, the surveys are done by trade organizations. Other times, market research firms or consultants do them.
  • Outsourcing providers, These sources of information are also invaluable—especially if you’re outsourcing inbound call center services or tech support call center services.

Part B

Please answer below questions.

  1. An angry client calls your customer service team regarding a recent late delivery of one of his orders. The problem is escalated to your attention.
  2. Describe the methods you could use when addressing abusive customer behavior between a client and one of your staff members. Describe the techniques you could use to improve customer relations.

When addressing abusive customer bahaviour;

  • Empathize, Tell your abusive customer that you can understand their frustration and that you would be upset if you were in their position -- if they have a valid complaint. If you feel that their complaint is spurious, empathy will not be necessary.
  • Honesty, Be honest about what you can do. If you're unsure about how to deal with the complaint, don't try to bluff your way through the situation. This will only serve to enrage your customer further and could end up getting you into trouble further down the line, either with your boss or legally. Explain that you're unsure of how to deal with the situation and find out from your superiors, colleagues or a lawyer where you stand.
  • Refer to Policies, If a customer is complaining about an issue that's covered in any contract you have with them, respectfully refer the customer to the clause that supports your position. Then, politely explain that it was their responsibility to review the terms and conditions of your relationship before entering into any agreement.

The techniques that could use to improve customer relations

  • Send Personalized Emails, Consumers like to feel as if they are appreciated by the company they choose to do business with. More likely than not, a consumer will have registered their email with companies they frequent or may be interested in so as to receive messages about upcoming sales and promotions or other company related information.
  • Social Networking, While not everyone is on social media often enough (or even at all), that doesn’t mean you should forsake it entirely. In fact, most businesses that have embraced social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others have experienced great success in increasing their customer base and sales
  • Get Customers Involved, By giving your customers the chance to engage your company, you increase your brand recognition. Provide call-to-actions in email messages, ask questions and encourage responses on social media, and ask for reviews and feedback on your website. 
  1. Develop a plan that future staff members could refer to, to maintain a consistent approach to this behavior.

Customer service skills training; as the training of customer service is the foundation of creating a customer service culture is understanding expectations, going the extra mile, and being a customer advocate. Applying behaviors of helpfulness, genuine interest, and respect moves customers from hostile or ambivalent toward supportive and enthusiastic.

Timeline: Every 6 months

Measurement: customer satisfaction survey

KPIs: meet customer satisfaction survey over than 80%

  1. What techniques might you use when dealing with a customer with special needs?

The example would be Persons using mobility aids or with mobility impairments.

  • When walking with persons who use crutches, bracers, canes or just walk slowly, adjust your pace to theirs.
  • Enable people who use crutches or canes to keep them within reach.
  • Offer assistance in a dignified manner with sensitivity and respect.
  • Do not proceed to assist if your offer to assist is declined. If the offer is accepted, listen to or accept instructions.
  • Offer to hold or carry packages in a welcoming manner
  1. Assume that you are owner of a Travel agency business. A customer appears at your organisation one morning demanding 'better service from your staff'. What actions would you take at this point to establish the real needs of the customer? Consider different strategies for identifying and resolving the problem, including ways of gaining feedback from the customer. Refer to any legislation that you should consider.

We should start of know what customer what by asking questions to verify their need to take at this point to establish the real needs of the customer.

Strategies for resolving the problems such as;

  • Determine what the customer is seeking as a solution. Ask them; often they’ll surprise you for asking for less than you initially thought you’d have to give—especially when they perceive your apology and intention is genuinely sincere.
  • Seek to agree on the solution that will resolve the situation to their satisfaction. Your best intentions can miss the mark completely if you still fail to deliver what the customer wants.
  • Follow-up to ensure the customer is completely satisfied, especially when you have had to enlist the help of others for the solution delivery. Everything up to this point will be for naught if the customer feels that “out of sight is out of mind.”

Legislative would be;

  • Consumer law, (Trade Practices Act 1974 (TPA))
  • Anti-discrimination act 1977
  • Privacy act 1988
  1. With reference to the International Customer Service Institute model for customer service (TICSI, 2008), describe the ways your organisation monitors its customers for ongoing customer service quality. Suggest methods your organisation might use to improve its current systems and monitor and manage them in the future. (Note: If you are currently not working in any organisation, you can choose Crown Institute as your organisation and provide your response on this question accordingly.)
  • Monitoring Phone Calls

Everyone has called a business, only to hear, “Your call may be recorded for quality purposes.” This mode of monitoring customer service is a common one that can be highly effective in teaching employees better service techniques. When CSRs actually hear how they sound to customers, they can use that knowledge to make corrections to their service methods in the future.

  • Asking Customers for Feedback

Some managers find that simply asking customers what they think of the service is an effective way to pinpoint potential problem areas. You can apply this technique casually, chatting with a customer after a transaction is complete. A more formal approach is to call a customer after the fact with a scripted questionnaire, or ask customers to complete a survey form that gives information about the quality of service they received.

  • Use Mystery Shoppers

Some companies employ mystery shoppers to perform transactions and then report on the level of service they received. The advantage of this monitoring technique over customer feedback is that the mystery shopper knows what to look for the moment he sets foot in the business. These shoppers typically complete a questionnaire right after their transaction that provides specific, measurable information about the transaction.

  • Looking at the Numbers

Another way to measure service is by looking at the sales numbers – whether you want to measure by first purchases, subsequent visits or cross sales. Keep in mind that while the numbers do provide valuable information about your customer service, they can fail to offer the full picture of service quality that some of the other monitoring techniques provide. However, if you are currently focused on using service to make cross sales or encourage customers to return, these numbers may offer the data you seek.

  1. Explain how effective records management contributes to the ongoing improvement of customer service. Consider and refer to the processes currently used in your organisation. (Note: If you are currently not working in any organisation, you can choose Crown Institute as your organisation and provide your response on this question accordingly.)

Record keeping is a fundamental activity of public administration. Without records there can be no rule of law and no accountability. Public servants must have information to carry out their work, and records represent a particular and crucial source of information. Records provide a reliable, legally verifiable source of evidence of decisions and actions.

Greater access to an appropriate standard of services—increased availability, accessibility, affordability of consumer goods and services that meet neighborhood needs as determined by residents

  1. What role do public relations and promotions play in a customer service strategy?

Public relations may include an organization or individual gaining exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that do not require direct payment. The aim of public relations by a company often is to persuade the public, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders to maintain a certain point of view about it, its leadership, products, or of political decisions. 

Common activities include speaking at conferences, winning industry awards, working with the press, and employee communication Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation. The importance of customer service may vary by product or service, industry and customer. 

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