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BSBHRM512 Task 3 Coordinate learning and development

Performance objective

The goal of this task is for you to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to coordinate individual or group learning and development.

Assessment description

In this task you will evaluate the effectiveness of previous learning and development activities undertaken by an external (outside) provider.

You will then need to develop new learning and development plans, and then renegotiate with providers to deliver them to an acceptable level of quality.


You are the Human Resources General Manager at Australian Hardware.

Three months of pilot (trial) training has been delivered by an external training provider to sales staff, and you are reviewing the effectiveness of the training that has been provided so far. Data gathered so far indicates the training is failing to meet targets.

You will need to develop strategies and a training schedule to ensure that the provider, Train Your Way Up, delivers effective training. You will also need to renegotiate the implementation of training with Train Your Way Up.

Consider the following training requirements agreed to by senior management team and HR at Australian Hardware.

4,000 sales staff to be trained, including the following characteristics:

an average of seven sales people per product team

four product teams per store

138 stores

30 trainers required

only one person from each team may be trained at any one time

sessions require one-day, face-to-face training

staff need to be completely up-skilled and performing to targets within six months.

First, however, you will need to prepare a report for the senior management team to explain the results and your planned actions, one of which is to ensure line managers participate in regular monitoring and support of employees to apply sales training on the job.


  1. Study the following scenario:
  1. Now study the summary of initial training outcomes on page 18
  1. You are now to prepare a 1–2 page report for the senior management team detailing:
    1. training outcomes
    2. your interpretation of the performance data
    3. interventions you will undertake to rectify issues
    4. Address the performance gaps to achieve specific Australian Hardware organisational objectives – see pages from 24
    5. Address broader long-term goals

The outcome of 3 months of training has not been satisfactory since the training was implemented due to different factors. Firstly, the training has required one day training face to face that impact the business in a negative way as required the staff to be absent of his work place for a day. As a result, only 9% of the employees has been training. Another 7% of the employees have been trained in sustainability practices. As a result, only 17 % of employees have joined the training session.

Secondly, there is a lack of implementing the features of the sales model with a 45% of cases. The majority of the cases show that the implementation of sustainability practices have been used by the sales force providing advice to customers when they doubt to choose between two different brands or products. As a result, the training has provided valuable information that had been used in the Australian Hardware sales process. However, there is still a weakness in the implementation of the knowledge acquired from the training session that need to be enhance through case studies in the relation to the business market.

Thirdly, It is clear that the revenue per trained employees will be perceived in the longer term. However, to reduce the period to receive back the revenue per trained is necessary to implement a clear strategy that mitigate the gap between knowledge and implementation in the sales process.what is more, the 67% of the customers report that they are satisfied with the service. As a result, partially the Australian hardware employees are aware about customer needs as they could provide information helping them giving advices.

Based on the interview outcomes, employees have reported a high level of satisfaction, emphasising in the good training quality, the right assessment to measure the knowledge acquired and in general and more important, they express motivation and joy assisting to the training. In contrast, they hesitate about the implementation in real context of the knowledge in face to face dealings with customers.The managers interview ratified the enthusiasm of the personnel after the training sessions but the lack of implementation in the sales process. They do not identify and ask customer needs, either follow the sales model that have been set. It evidently impact in a negative way the customers service, the performance and result in sales, and impede the achievement the goals set. To enhance the sales of the company and reduce the gaps between the the training and employees performance, the following strategies will help the Australian hardware to achieve the sales target defined.

  • Line manager participate in regular monitoring and support to apply sales training, it will require the implementation of continuous audits .
  • Notify employees with the training session by letter with 2 weeks in advance. The letter should emphasize the implications of the training and state that it is compulsory. An unjustified absent will carry out a rescheduled training fee.
  • The training need to implement cases of study according to the business model and goals. Play role cases as well will bring more knowledge to use in the daily employees work.
  • To ensure the productivity of the training sessions,employees will be required to read some material before the session.
  • The incorporation of Role plays in the training session will be required.
  • Ensure the sales process is documented and dispose in each of the store for ease acces.
  • The company will set a strict schedule of training ensuring one person per team is training at one time.


  1. Using the Training Strategy and Schedule template on page 19, develop a training strategy and schedule to be used by the “Train Your Way Up” company to deliver future training.

You will need to include activities to ensure that line managers monitor the employee’s application of sales training.

  1. You now need to study the training service agreement that was previously negotiated with “Train Your Way Up” see page 21
  2. Now you are to renegotiate the training agreement with the training supplier (your trainer).

Use you’re the completed Training Strategy and Schedule as the basis to renegotiate the agreement with the supplier (your trainer).

In the negotiation you will need to include a schedule for monitoring against objectives.

  1. Consider the following negotiation information:

As an opening position, you would like Train Your Way Up (TYWU) to take complete responsibility for the effectiveness of the training. You would like TYWU to incorporate your strategies, revised training schedule and monitoring schedule into the new agreement. You would like TYWU to pay a penalty of $100,000 (5% of the total $2 million fee) to offset costs that will be incurred by Australian Hardware as a result of the underperformance of the training program to-date.

You are willing, however, to offer an additional bonus payment of $200,000 upon successful implementation of your significant improvements to the program. Your bottom line is that this extra money (and an additional $300,000) is considered at risk if TYWU fails to meet mutually agreed targets. Such targets must include:

completion of training of 4,000 employees

simulated AND actual on-the-job demonstration of relevant skills as part of training assessment for all employees (an audit of training and assessment records will provide adequate proof, and line manager/trainer’s report will provide adequate proof).

You would like to ensure more regular reporting of progress and involvement of line managers in monitoring and support.

  1. Undertake the negotiation with the supplier (your trainer):

Training objectives

Enhance the customers service satisfaction to 95%

Established effective methods of monitoring the sales model

Implement successfully the knowledge acquired in training session and leverage the personnel performance



ACTIVITY (training / assessment, coaching or other support, monitoring)

Teaching or assessment strategy or approach to achieve training objectives


Employees required to be trained

8 months

Evaluate and review possible improvements in the process

-Revision of current sales process



8 months

How to answer to customer needs

- The importance to get to know the customers needs.

- Share experiences from a sales process and  brainstorm potential solutions.



8 months

The importance of the Audits

-the awareness of the audits and and observations activities from managers to assess performance and identify area of improvement

-Example of an audit

- Practical example

- Explanation of each of the items that will be score.

4000 including all the managers

8 months

Methods of continuous improvement

-Weekly meetings

- -Schedule ongoing management support sessions

- How to communicate effectively.



-Role play

Only managers

8 months

Building a strong sales self esteem

-Empower employees through effective techniques to deal with any sort of customer

-How to engage effectively with customer and close a sale.


role play

Personality test

4000 including all the managers

8 months


In order to enhance the manager skill on conducting meeting the review performance. this topic is required for manager session.

Case studies

Only for managers

training strategy and schedule including a monitoring schedule

Trainer : Train Your Way Up.







Number of employees trained in



8 months

Control and monitoring every three months

new sales model


Number of employees trained in



8 months

Control and monitoring every three months

sustainability practices


Average assessment score of



we will keep the same target

trainees completing the training


Manager observation of trainees’

Randomised observations show that 45%


Implementation of weekly audits

skills on-the-job (use of the new

of trainees apply some features of the


sales model; knowledge of

sales model they were trained in and there


sustainability practices)

is some use or mention of sustainability




Customer awareness of

68% of customers are aware of


It is modify to 80%

sustainability practices

sustainability practices



Customer experience satisfaction

67% of customers report being satisfied




with their Australian Hardware shopping


It is modify ti 80%




1. Training Service Agreement

Service Agreement dated: 3 January 2014


Train Your Way Up

Service Agreement Sponsor – Director of studies for Train Your Way Up, Jan Powers


Australian Hardware Human Resources

Service Agreement Sponsor – Susan Black, Human Resources General Manager

2. Scope of services

Sales training to up skill sales staff in the new sales model:

  1. Greet the customer.
  2. Proactively ask questions to identify the customer’s needs.
  3. Present possible solutions and discuss sustainable or environmentally friendly options where relevant.
  4. Close sale and facilitate transaction.
  5. Follow up to maintain customer relationship, gather feedback and lay foundation for repeat business
  6. Building a strong sales self esteem
  7. Mentoring
  8. Implementation and awareness of the audits process

Service specifications

The table below describes the services to be provided under this Services Agreement.



Sales model training

4,000 employees

Training on sustainability policy and relevant products

4,000 employees

3. Fees and payment terms

The schedule below details the fees and payment terms for the services provided under this agreement.



Payment term


Total costs of training delivery


Paid on completion of training by the fourth quarter of FY 2014–15

Bonus if the training meet the targets set


Paid on completion of
training and against results.

Penalty if the training company does not meet the targets that have been set

5% of the total cost training

Paid on completion of
training base on the outcomes.

4. Service level targets

Services provided under this agreement will be measured against the following performance standards and timeframes.


Performance standard and timeframe

Sales model training

4,000 employees by the end of the fourth quarter of FY 2014–15

Training on sustainability policy and relevant products

4,000 employees by the end of the fourth quarter of FY 2014–15

Average assessment score


5. Monitoring and reporting

Services will monitored according to the following reporting schedule.




Sales model training

Summary of training completion

Completed by the end of the fourth quarter of FY 2014–15

Training on sustainability policy and relevant products

Summary of training completion

Completed by the end of the fourth quarter of FY 2014–15

Average assessment score

Assessment records

Completed by the end of the fourth quarter of FY 2014–15

6. Dispute resolution

In the event that either party needs to raise a dispute the following process must be followed:

7. Signatures

I agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Signed for and on behalf of Australian hardware HR

Australian Hardware, HR general manager

S Black

In the presence of witness

David Ouspensky

Signed for and on behalf of Train Your Way Up

Train Your Way Up, Director of Training

Jan Powers

In the presence of witness

David Ouspensky


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