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BSBHRM512A Develop and Manage performance Development Process

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BSB60407: Advance Diploma of Management

Assessment B

For the case study information provided in this assessment, you need to refer to your previous summary and confirm that you have:

  • the existing set of performance measures

The objective of the work was to develop a performance indicator set by which the community could judge the performance of the system as a whole. A focus has been on performance indicators that relate to outcomes for patients and clients, which would be suitable for public reporting, and for which data are mostly already available and reported. In addition, a priority has been to ensure that the performance indicators reflect reform directions announced to date by Health Ministers, by the Council of Australian Governments and by the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission.

The set consists of 40 performance indicators, some of which are ‘composite’ indicators. It is suitable for public reporting, and can be used as a ‘menu’ from which performance indicators could be selected for different reporting purposes. Some, but not all, are amenable to benchmarks and targets.

The set reflects the range of major services provided including public and private hospitals, general practice, community health, public health, maternal and child health, aged care, dental health and mental health. The set covers responsibilities of both the Commonwealth and state and territory governments. For many indicators, responsibilities overlap and changes in indicator levels could reflect actions of both levels of government.

  • the proposed set of performance measures

This guide sets out the business benefits of performance measurement and target-setting. It shows you how to choose which key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and suggests examples in a number of key business areas. It also highlights the main points to bear in mind when setting targets for your business.

Performance measurement and target-setting are important to the growth process. While many small businesses can run themselves quite comfortably without much formal measurement or target-setting, for growing businesses the control these processes offer can be indispensable. It is just a small step from measuring your performance to the much more dynamic process of driving up performance levels across your business. This involves setting performance targets in the key areas that drive your business performance. For more information about these business drivers, see the page in this guide on deciding what to measure. Key performance indicators (KPIs), targets and business strategy

Performance targets are a powerful management tool that can help you deliver the kind of strategic changes that many growing businesses need to make. The top-level objectives of your strategic plan can be implemented through departmental goals, and setting targets based on KPIs is an ideal way of doing this.

For example, a company seeking to expand on the basis of its product design capabilities might target year-on-year increases in the number of patents it secures, of new products it launches, or of its licensing income. The specifics will depend on which KPIs best capture the dynamics in the market.

  • the current roles of employees

A small business owner, you depend on your employees to reach optimum performance levels, especially when many employees are cross-trained to perform distinctly different job functions. For instance, upon starting your business if you cannot afford to an executive assistant and payroll clerk, hire someone experienced enough to function in both roles. You want someone who can function in both roles at top performance, and you want to be able to measure that employee performance. There are several ways to measure performance, the common tools being employee appraisals, productivity records, 360-degree feedback and employee-manager structured objectives.

  • establish which measures are applicable for each employee

This measure is broadly applicable across all organisations, though it will be most useful for organisations that perform periodic employee surveys or plan to perform such surveys.

Employee Satisfaction with Leadership represents a survey index or set of questions for employees to express their satisfaction with the organisation’s leadership. Such a measure or index may be titled differently, depending on the survey used.

While the Manager Quality Index measure relates to employees’ opinions of their direct managers, Employee Satisfaction with Leadership looks more broadly at employees’ opinions about the leadership of their business line, function and area, as well as the leadership of the organisation as a whole.

  • determine what additional measures are to be implemented.

Determine appropriate ways to eliminate or control the hazard. In practical terms, a risk assessment is a thorough look at your workplace to identify those things, situations, processes, etc that may cause harm, particularly to people. After identification is made, you evaluate how likely and severe the risk is, and then decide what measures should be in place to effectively prevent or control the harm from happening.

No additional controls are required unless they can be implemented at very low cost (in terms of time, money, and effort). Actions to further reduce these risks are assigned low priority. Arrangements should be made to ensure that the controls are maintained.

Substantial efforts should be made to reduce the risk. Risk reduction measures should be implemented urgently within a defined time period and it might be necessary to consider suspending or restricting the activity, or to apply interim risk control measures, until this has been completed. Considerable resources might have to be allocated to additional control measures. Arrangements should be made to ensure that controls are maintained, particularly if the risk levels are associated with extremely harmful consequences and very harmful consequences.


Performance measures



Engage with customers/build ethical profile:

raise organisational profile by 20%

improve client satisfaction performance by 25%.

Percentage of brand recognition in sought-after categories in periodic customer surveys.

Percentage of customers with positive view of organisational responsiveness, innovation, quality.

Number of client/tenant complaints

Project to raise awareness of anti-discrimination, WHS and other legislation/codes of conduct among agents, clients, tenants.

Conduct of quarterly surveys: clients and tenants.

Training needs analysis and training of agents.

Ensure agents disclose potential conflict of interest to clients, tenants.

Development of ethical charter, including principles all agents must follow.


Increase revenues by 20% within the third quarter.

Total income.

Agent income.

Investment income

Investigate resourcing needs: number of agents; personnel; office equipment, cars, etc.

Fulfil resourcing needs in accordance with policies and procedures


Reduce direct and indirect costs of operations by 10%.

General ledger accounts; financial statements: ○ wages ○ cost of agent services ○ consultancy fees ○ wastage and associated expenses.

Renegotiate with suppliers.

Research potential new suppliers.

Management engagement with employees to achieve greater employee support of organisational goals.

Include explanation of how activities work with organisational strategic goals in all communications to internal personnel.

Greater use by managers of budgets to encourage restraint.

Greater focus on budget restraint in management of projects


Engage workers with strategic goals of business and support professional development in line with strategic goals. (Targets to be set by individual managers.)

Percentage completion of performance plans and performance management process.

Numbers of coaching sessions completed.

Numbers of operational – related training programs completed.

Management engagement with employees to achieve greater buy in of organisational goals.

Include explanation of how activities work with organisational strategic goals in all communications to internal personnel.

Regular coaching.

Training needs analysis and training.

Strategic goals included in induction program for estate agents.

Employee incentives for performance in all areas relevant to operational and strategic goals.


Improve health of employees (range of specific areas).

Numbers of injuries (Target = 0). Numbers of absentees (Target =

Training needs analysis and training on WHS and implementation of recently launched MLR WHS management system.

Research incentives for: safe work achievement and healthy lifestyle.

After you have developed this summary, you need to review the business operation and determine suitable timing to implement the changes. Your report is submitted as required by your organisation (your training provider).

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