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BSBHRM513 Manage Workforce Planning For Dean Bakery


1. What shall be the best organizational structure for the Dean Bakery? What could be the strengths and weaknesses of such a structure?
2. How many and what types of jobs and skills are needed to meet the organizational strategy? (They are not sure about the exact number of staff they would require in all the stores. You can use template one to identify workforce projections). 

3.  What strategies could they engage to make up a shortfall when an employee vacates a position? 


The functional structure will be best for the company. Under this structure, the company will group the employees as per their specialized or similar sets of roles or tasks. The functional structures operate well in the stable environment where the strategies of business are less inclined to change. The main strength of this structure will be specialization, productivity.  But even though the functional units will perform with efficiency, the level of cooperation with one another is compromised ( The Conference Board, Inc. , 2006).

Workforce projections




Current Staff  



Staff required  










Recommended Hire date












St. Kilda





























15/ June































15/ June










15/ June










15/ June











Glen and Tom need to hire the staff for the new stores in one month as the company is in high need of staff and another reason is that the company will be taking around one month for identifying the new talent and making them train. 

Three strategies the company can consider for shortfall

Promoting from Within: Company can promote the staff and fill the vacant position which is more important
Hiring Flexibility: Company should allow the employees to work from home or another place they wish to work as this will enhance flexibility
Outsourcing and Streamlining:  Outsourcing will help the company in low costing, low stress and no brainier and it will also help in streamlining(CIPD, 2010). 
Company can implement hiring freeze: By not filling the vacant positions, the company can let the staff attrition balance the labor surplus without layoffs
Ending Outsourcing Contracts: This strategy will be viable as there are in house workers of the same skill
Starting Mandatory furlough system: This will require all employees to schedule the unpaid week into upcoming long ranging schedules while offering employees with tangible benefits(alberta, 2010). 

Some of the strategies that the company should use for ensuring that they are able to source the skilled labor are:

  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Instilling Positive Culture
  • Using communication for building Credibility
  • Showing appreciation through compensation
  • Encouraging referrals
  • Feedbacks
  • Offering opportunities
  • making employees feel valued(Smith, 2012) 

Step 1: Offering a positive environment to work for the employees: This will enhance the positivism in employees and they will not feel stressed while working

Step 2:  Determining, identifying, Rewarding and Reinforcing the right Behavior: Every employee likes the fact that he is being acknowledged for his work and this is very important for enhancing the motivation in employees.

Step 3: Involving and Engaging: Company should involve employees in their work so that they feel connected with the company

Step 4: Development of Skills and Potentials Opportunities should be offered to the employees for developing the skills. 

The company can get the new staff from the place where they are feeling surplus of staff so that it does not cost much to the company and in fact this will save lay off also. Young skill talent is required in Kyabram so that the company can advance in creative style and new enthusiasm will make the company strong (Bramham, 1994) 

Global trends and incidents can affect the objectives in many ways. Culture is associated with external environment any change in external environment will require the company to adopt the change and adjust it so that the company does not lack behind. Company should arrange for training programs after some time period so as to educate the employees regarding the new trends and techniques in the market. 

  • Succession Planning System:  Magic lies in the mix of a set of tools for developing the future leaders. The talent to be succeeded should be involved in planning process so that the person is aware of pros and cons
  • Organizational Climate: For improving climate, the company should eliminate clutter. Clutter mainly steals the worker's motivation as they expand the energy just trying to find what they require to begin a task.
  • Employer of Choice: Defining what kind of person a company is trying to recruit is very important (Rothwell, 2005).

All the factors shared in the question affect the company's working ability a lot.

Staff retirement: A skilled and talented person will leave the company and this vacant the experience from company

Annual Leave: An employee can ask for annual leave when the company needs the employee the most

Maternity Leaves: Company always needs employees for delivering services and any kind of failure in doing this affects business. Maternity leave is a long period and that affects services (Hastings, 2004). 


Physical and Financial Resources Required

Human Resources Required




Having joint recruitment exercise with the standardized application forms that will offer applicants with the option of selecting employer of choice

3 staff members

Every Half year

HR Manager


Training manual, place for case study discussion

3 departmental employees for sharing practical experience

Starting with every session

All Managerial heads


Action results of six months

Managerial head

After every six months

All Managerial heads


Performance report of one year

Head of the department

At the end of financial year

All Managerial heads

Cost projections


Hourly Rate

Hours Worked

Gross Pay

Superannuation (9 % of Gross Pay)

Daily Cost (GP + S)

Weekly Cost

Annual Cost

Service Assistants








Service Assistants
























Yes, it is visible that the staff is happy with the changes in the working hours

  • Rebecca is happy as he is able to handle both study and job work
  • Roger is happy as he is satisfied with the colleagues and the happy environment
  • Tina is happy as she is finding a change in her daily routine job time

Yes, we will consider making adjustments for the staff members for making their jobs satisfied. Human resource is the main assets of the company and they are the ones who are responsible for the development of the company. It is very important to develop confidence and motivation of employees so that they satisfactorily work with the company. Making changes and adjustments in job work makes the employees feel fresh and happy (Reddy, 2005).

The company can adjust the morning shift staff of Friday to the night shift. This will help the company in managing the night hours effectively.
Extra payments can be allotted to those working on night hours on Friday. This will help in motivating the employees to work more effectively and enhancing customer service.
Flexibility at the workplace: Enhanced number of women at the workplace not only will bring positive changes but, it will also make the company look more close at the issues faced by the employees
Healthy Work-life balance: Women outshines when it comes to developing and maintaining healthy balance in work and life

It will be necessary to review the business plan of the hospital for making workforce plan as the business plan will offer an idea how much workforce is needed for every task. What kind of skill and labor is needed for the task being offered and what pay system the company can afford? 

Diversity in the workforce is needed for following reasons:

  • Hiring: Diversity in workforce has the capability of reducing the lawsuits related to the unfair hiring practices
  • Sales’ Business having diversity in employees have high sales revenue
  • Productivity:  Incorporating diversity enhances productivity in employees 

Skilled occupation list offers an idea about what kind of skill set is available in the hospital and how they can be adjusted in shifts for overcoming the shortage in the hospital 

A workforce planning team should be appointed by the hospital that should be responsible for the supply and demand analysis of the workforce. This supply and demand analysis will help in analyzing the gap analysis which will offer details about excess or shortage of workforce in the hospital (Walker, 1980).

No discrimination is required to be made on the basis of race, color, and gender

It is necessary to respect the applicant’s right to privacy and economic background

Company should not imply with things that they cannot deliver like, job security and benefits

Following of all IR and state hiring and termination guidelines 

Organizations can use three sources of data for collecting information regarding the supply of labor: government agencies, employment exchanges, and the online sources. It is noticeable that each of the sources has its own importance and can be considered while analyzing the level of the supply for the workforces. The sources offer information regarding the availability of the workforces and their qualifications and exercises. 

The ROI method is to be taken into consideration for the reviewing and planning the workforce plan for the hospital. This method will also be helpful for reviewing the staffing budget in the organization. The method is helpful in offering in-depth and adequate information in respect of the levels of the expenditures upon the allocated budgets. It will be a significant method as per my understanding for reviewing the budget as it not only shows quantitative picture but, will also show justification against the feasibility 

8 steps for implementing change:

  • Management support for the change
  • Case or the change
  • Involvement of employee
  • Communication of change
  • Implementation
  • Follow-up
  • Removal of barriers
  • Celebration 

Company can:

  • Establishment of measurable goal for guiding the succession plan
  • Recalibrating the succession planning program goals on annual basis
  • Preparation of current description so that the work can be performed in a clear way
  • Preparation of competency model by leveling on the chart of organization
  • Carefully determining the roles to be played in by every stakeholder group in the planning of succession
  • Establishment of talent pools on the basis of strategic strengths
  • taking inventory of talent
  • Evaluation of succession planning on regular basis 

The company can implement strategies for an employer of choice:

  • By determining what type of a person a company is trying to recruit
  • Determining the perks and benefits that attract and retains the ideal employee
  • Company needs to know what your competition is doing
  • Company should offer interesting and challenging task
  • Company should determine employees 

The company can conduct feedback survey for determining the worker satisfaction. Through survey, employees will be able to freely respond back towards the questions of the survey 

  • Trend Analysis can be used for an existing business as it requires historical staffing data for making projections
  • Ratio Analysis:   For a new business this technique can be used. This helps in determining causal factor that can be linked to helping and predicting the future staffing needs.
  • Supply Forecasting: This technique often starts with the internal part. Replacement chart is visual tool for determining internal staff available and qualified for demand estimations. 
  • The culture of environment should be kept friendly so that the employees can easily share their views
  • Age should not be the criteria for the judgment of allotment of job responsibility
  • Gender biases should not be a part of recruitment  

The company is planning to relocate the two plants to only one site and therefore, they will be keeping only 40 staff members instead of 60 members in regional Victoria. This issue came into existence because of the rise in the Australian dollar and influx of made in China furniture and fall in the domestic demand that is impacting sales. Another issue is related with the duplication of the functions 

At present, the company is having 10 full-time artisans in the department.  However, they require 11 full-time staff members for continuing with the mass production of the cheap range of furniture. As a result of relocation, 4 people have been laid off by the company  

The human resource management department has the capability of analyzing the current and future demands of the human resource of the company. The company is intending to enhance the 100 limited edition tables a month and the 150 mass produced cheap chip boards tables a day. Currently, there are 15 people on duty managing the five heavy duty machines but with the relocation, four people have been laid off. This layoff has decreased the capability of fulfilling handcrafted furniture. 

Through government agencies, employment exchange and the online sources we will be able to determine the supply of labor. The main part to be noticed here is that every source has its own importance and it can be considered while analyzing the supply of the short and long- term objectives. The sources will offer information in respect of the availability of the workforce, their qualifications, and experiences. The data will be helpful in workforce planning and can guide the organization on analyzing the gaps in between the demands and the supplies of the workforces within a point of time frame. 

Strategies for sourcing skilled labor

  • Training the existing staff:  Through training, the company will be able to meet future needs and succession plans
  • Recruiting: Company needs to predict when the organization will have enhanced demand for the skilled labor. Recruitment activities will be required for allowing the recruitment process
  • Outsourcing: Company can recruit specialized people through recruitment agency

Retention Strategies

  • Communication amongst the employees should be enhanced by involving employees in decision- making
  • Employee compensation should be timely revised as per the needs of market demand
  • Corporate culture should be kept healthy for enhancing informal communication
  • Teamwork should be enhanced so as to develop cohesiveness 
Recruitment: For workforce planning, HR recruitment officer should determine the job roles in all departments in the company
Training: An effective planning strategy also plans to utilize workers effectively in business. The strategy includes training employees for moving into high-skilled positions and promoting within the business
Redeployment: Before redeployment, the new job assignment should be better explained to the new staff member
Redundancy:  Before redundancy managers should consider the strength and capability of the position and the job
Organizational change: The company will have to make the positive atmosphere for having an open discussion regarding the changes
Succession planning: Resource allocation of the company helps in optimum utilization of the resources. Succession planning will take place only after proper resource allocation
Programs that improve morale to ensure Goulburn Furniture Manufacturers is an employer of choice: Informal meeting and empowerment of employees are some of the ways that will help enhancement of the morale of the employees.

Leaders need to:

  • Establish the central team for ensuring effective governance
  • Usage of firm data as a base for decision- making
  • Developing clear process into transition program(paconsulting, 2012) 

The company can consider involving outsourced agency for motivating the employees and for helping the company in the transition program. They will help in developing new programs for morale enhancement

  • Benefit: The external agency will help the company in managing the transition process effectively.
  • Issue: Cost involvement 

For employees, organization change is an exciting prospect and they will all want to focus on the new organization and what it will be like as soon as possible. There is a need for focusing on the split across for closing the old organizations and establishing and setting up the new and the balance needs for shifting as the change progresses. Leaders of the company requires supporting for getting the right balance. 


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