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BSBLDR502 Lead and manage effective workplace relationship Activity

Assessment Coversheet

Course Code


Module No.


Course Title

Diploma of Leadership and Management

Units Assessed

BSBLDR502 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships

Assessment Name

Written Assessment

Type of Assessment

This summative assessment will enable your Assessor to make a judgement of competency based on the submission of your completed assignments against the requirements of the unit/s of competency in this module.


The Assessment Benchmark developed for each unit of competency is the evidence criteria used to judge the quality of performance (i.e. the assessment decision-making rules). Assessors use these benchmarks to make judgements on whether competency has been achieved and to determine if you have performed to the standard expected to meet the unit requirements.

Reasonable Adjustment

Where appropriate Monarch Institute will allow flexibility in the way in which each unit is assessed based on the needs of an individual.

Assessment Coding

Assessment of this course is based on competency-based principles.

S = Satisfactory

NS = Not Satisfactory

If you fail to perform satisfactorily for the assessment in the prescribed way you may be assessed as ‘Not Satisfactory’. You are required to be assessed as ‘Satisfactory’ in all assessments for each unit of competency.


Your assessment can be submitted after you have reviewed the learning materials and practiced enough to feel confident in your resubmission. You are re-assessed in only the areas where your assessor has indicated you were initially assessed as NS. It is at the assessor’s discretion to re-assess the entire assessment should an overall understanding not be demonstrated. When you are re-assessed as ‘satisfactory’ after re-submission you will achieve competency for this assessment.

Declaration of Understanding and Authenticity

I acknowledge the assessment process has been explained and agree that I am ready to undertake assessment. I am aware of where to find the assessor’s feedback for the assessment. I am aware of the appeals process, should the need arise. I also understand I must be assessed as ‘satisfactory’ in all parts of the assessment/s to gain an overall competent result for the unit/s of competency. If I am found to be NS after a second attempt, it is at the assessor ‘s discretion whether I may be permitted one final attempt. I am aware that a ‘not competent’ final outcome means I may incur fees for re-enrolment in the unit/s.

I certify that the attached material is my original work. No other person’s work has been used without due acknowledgement. I understand that the work submitted may be reproduced and/or communicated for the purpose of detecting plagiarism. I understand a person found responsible for academic misconduct will be subject to disciplinary action (refer to Student Information Guide).

* I understand that by typing my name or inserting a digital signature into this box that I agree and am bound by the above student declaration.

Submission instructions:

  1. Complete the Declaration of Understanding and Authenticity (above).
  2. Once you have completed all parts of the assessment login to the Monarch Learning Management System (LMS) to submit your assessment.
  3. In the LMS, click on the link to ‘Submit [assessment name]’ in your course and upload your assessment files. Click save and then click submit assignment
  4. Please be sure to click ‘continue’ after clicking ‘submit assignment’.

Important assessment information

Structure of this assessment

This assignment contains five (5) assessment activities each containing specific instructions. You must answer every question/complete each task within each activity.

Resources required:

  1. Analytical Results (Activity 1 and 2)
  2. Diversity Policy (Activity 5)


The Monarch Department Store is a one-stop shop for style and fashion. The product range includes women’s, men’s, and children’s wear, beauty, footwear, handbags, accessories and fragrances.

The Managing Director of the Department Store Esther Smithers engaged Alan Henderson from to perform an employee engagement survey for the organisation. You are to assume the character of Hanz Konig, Head of Operations, Monarch Department Store. Esther has emailed you to take action on the survey results.




Hanz Konig


Work responsibilities – strategies and processes

Analytical results

Dear Hanz,

Please see the employee engagement survey for the Department store. As you know, we currently use several strategies and processes to communicate work responsibilities, including:

Job Descriptions


Career development

Employee reviews

Please ensure these are in place as you manage the Department Store relationships. Some of these may need to be reviewed.


Esther Smithers

Resource required:

To complete the following activities, use the survey results to assist you in leading and managing workplace relationships at the Department Store

Activity 1

Manage ideas and information

You need to communicate the engagement survey results to your co-workers. From the consultations and subsequent feedback, you may need to resolve any immediate issues that arise.

  1. 1 Based on the four (4) strategies outlined in Hanz Konig’s email in the scenario, complete the table below and outline how these are used to communicate information.

Strategy or process

How is this used to communicate information?

Job description


Key performance indicators (KPIs)


Career development


Employee reviews


1.2 From the analytical results identify the three (3) lowest scoring engagement score areas and outline the key issues identified within the organisation.


1.3 To ensure co-workers achieve their work responsibilities you need to communicate the information identified in activity 1.2. In relation to the work responsibilities listed in the table below, explain the goals and processes you will communicate to staff.

Goals to address engagement areas with low score

Procedures to address engagement areas with low score

Job description

1. Address required skills for leaders/managers in job description

2. Complete

1. HR to complete formal evaluation of job descriptions, to address leadership skills and career development.

2. Complete

Key performance indicators (KPIs)



Career development



Employee reviews



1.4 You need to conduct an information session to explain how these strategies and procedures can support the development of effective work relationships. Prepare for your session by writing a speech that you could use at the meeting (approx. 200 words). Ensure your speech focuses on the following:

  • interpersonal styles
  • communications
  • consultation
  • cultural and social sensitivity
  • networking
  • conflict resolution

Remember to make your speech engaging. You need the staff to support your ideas.


Activity 2

Consultation processes

Develop the process

  • Following the results of the engagement survey, develop a consultation process to ensure all Monarch Department Store employees have the opportunity to raise issues. You will need to consider the best consultation processes for the issues and who needs to attend.

Your process should include at least three (3) steps and be based on the results document to identify the issues.

Consultation process

1. HR to run a workshop for all managers on

leadership skills

organisational diversity ethics, values and policies

team career pathways and promotions

manager input and action plan




Facilitating feedback

  • HR and department managers have conducted a consultation process as per the process you developed in 2.1 and confirmed the primary concerns are:
  • career pathways
  • cultural diversity
  • lack of leadership.

You want to facilitate the feedback from the survey results to your team. Create a 3-4 step process of how you will facilitate this feedback to your team.


Ensure managers prepare communication as soon as possible after consultation, to prepare for implementation of action plan.




2.3 Via email invite your team to a meeting to detail the outcomes of the engagement survey process. To facilitate the feedback effectively, you need to communicate the purpose, meeting date and time, as well as the preparation required for the meeting (as per feedback process).




Department Store team


Results and feedback

Feedback process


Activity 3

Handling an issue that was raised

Review the Business Improvement Form submitted by an employee.

Improvement: Career pathways

Current practice

Pathways for sales positions are not clear, and job vacancies are not communicated to all staff. Management positions are almost always filled with external applicants and current staff have no opportunity to grow in the business. Most of management have never spent a day on the floor. This has resulted in a clique culture, with a lack of diversity and leadership in senior management. Australian legislation prohibits this activity and the business could be liable for not providing equal employment opportunity.

Suggested improvement

External contractor to work with management to develop a diversity and leadership action plan.

Skills training, career pathway and development plans assessed and implemented for all positions.


This will break the barrier between management and other positions, so management are aware of their teams’ skills and actively work to develop them.


Tim Felton – Sales Assistant Menswear

Esther Smithers - Managing Director

Stakeholder feedback *

Recruitment processes need to be clear and accessible, and development plans and pathways need to be formalised. A lot of change has happened, and these processes have been neglected.


Engaging an external contractor and training.


Increasing engagement and reducing costs of external recruitment.

Implementation suggestions

Use an external contractor with management to ensure appropriate implementation of processes.

Review process:

Improvement reviewed by



  • There is a concern that Monarch Department Store could be liable for not following workplace legislation.

a) List the relevant legislation, regulations, standards and/or codes that you think Monarch Department store could be liable for.

b) What are two other relevant legislation, regulations, standards and/or codes that managers should be aware of to manage effective workplace relationships?



  • To ensure that issues raised in the Business improvement form are resolved promptly or referred to relevant personnel, use the following Issue resolution process to resolve the problems identified.

Issue resolution process

Process to resolve issue in Business Improvement form (include referral to staff member if issue is not resolved)


Define the problem



Generate alternatives



Evaluate and select alternatives



Implement solutions


Activity 4

Managing the development and maintenance of networks and relationships

  • You are required to develop an action plan to develop and maintain networks and internal/external relationships for the Department store.

Develop one (1) objective for internal networks and one (1) objective for external networks. Complete the action plan below to ensure the development of networks is ongoing and relationships are maintained at the Department Store.


Long-term strategy (how to ensure it is ongoing)

Time and resources required

Who is responsible?

How is success measured?


Internal networks







External networks







Activity 5

Manage difficulties to achieve positive outcomes

A customer complaint letter has been received. As a result of this, you have made a decision to improve employee diversity within the workplace.

Resource required:

Customer complaint

29 January 20XX

To the Managing Director

I am writing to express my concerns.

I would like to bring to your attention the embarrassing conversation that I witnessed during my last shopping trip at Monarch Department Store, which took place on January 28, 20XX at approximately 3:30 p.m.

I was shopping in your Womenswear section when I observed a young lady speaking with your service officer, identified by her name tag as ‘Julia’. I am unable to identify the young lady who was visiting your store and I personally regret, in hindsight, that I did not follow her and obtain her name.

The young lady was very well dressed and spoke quite elegant and clear English. She wore a religious garment.

The young lady asked Julia if she could speak with someone about employment opportunities with your organisation. Julia, then proceeded to take a considered look at the young lady from head to toe and stated, ‘you would be wasting your time in applying for work here; you would not fit in’. The young lady was taken by surprise and asked ‘why do you think I would not do a good job. I have experience in the retail industry’ and she extended her hand towards Julia, to give her a document, which I expect was her resume. Julia then said, ‘Well wait a minute and I will get the boss’. Julia then went to speak with a man, who could be heard from a distance to say ‘You’re kidding. Tell her I am on lunch and to come back another day’. Julia returned and gave the young lady this message in a strong and cold manner. The young lady then left your store.

I was so appalled by what I witnessed. But to make matters worse your staff then gathered around to have a laugh at the matter. It was at this point, I too left your store and declared that I would not return.

Is this how you train your staff and management?

I hope to hear back from you promptly regarding this incident. If I do not, I will share what I witnessed on social media, so our community can be aware of your organisation’s ethics and values. I can be contacted on (001) 234-5678, or by email

Your Sincerely, X. Customer

  • Referring to the customer complaint, explain three (3) strategies to identify and resolve issues with workplace relationships in the Department Store.

HINT: 4.1 Develop & Implement strategies





Handling conflict

As an Operations Manager in the Department Store, you are aware managing conflict can sometimes get out of hand. To prepare yourself, make yourself familiar with the conflict resolution process at Monarch Department Store – this is found in the Diversity Policy, located on the LMS.

What processes can you establish to constructively manage conflict? How will you ensure this process aligns with the organisation’s standards and/or any legislative requirements?

5.2 Prepare a checklist to manage any potential conflict between Department Store staff, ensuring it aligns with the conflict resolution procedure outlined in Monarch Department Store’s Diversity Policy. The checklist will be used by managers to maintain effective leadership and management.

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