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BSBMGT403 Assessment 1

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BSBMGT403: Assessment 1

What you have to do

In order to complete this assessment you are required to answer all questions.

  • Part A consists of five short answer questions based on an organisation with which you are familiar
  • Part B consists of two discussion questions.


Part A

Question 1

Part A of this assessment will be based upon the organisation for which you currently work or one which you have constant contact with, e.g. McDonalds.  Before commencing this part of the assessment please give a brief description of your chosen organisation. (100 words)

Question 2

Total Quality Management (TQM) aims to consistently improve productivity, quality and profit all at the same time.  This is accomplished by improving systems and processes across the entire organisation.  Effective systems reduce the chance of mistakes and efficiently use resources.

Identify five questions that will assist your chosen organisation in identifying processes or systems that need improving giving examples where each can be applied. (100 words)

Question 3

Deming established the Total Quality Management (TQM) approach.  Discuss at least five areas of advice he offers with reference to how they can be applied within your chosen organisation. (100 words)

Question 4

Ongoing monitoring of quality is an important element of any TQM approach.  The proper analysis of information gathered through ongoing monitoring will provide ideas for ways to improve.

List three quality monitoring tools and explain how two of them can be used to monitor and analyse the effectiveness of processes within your chosen organisation. (100 words)

Question 5

It has been argued that to gain acceptance for the need to change and improve quality it is essential to provide information and generate interest, awareness and ideas through a two way communication process.

There are a number of ways that managers communicate the importance of quality to staff.  List and briefly describe two methods used by mangers to communicate with their staff, referring to the effectiveness of both methods within your chosen organisation. (100 words)  

Part B

Question 1

“Our customers are happy as long as our product is on the shelves.  We minimise costs by maintaining a constant production system.  We aim to give customers what they want but at times they have to understand that they will buy an inferior product.  We are more than happy to exchange any product about which a customer complains. We are a quality company”, said Bruce Flick, CEO of a well-known clothing company.

Briefly comment on the accuracy of Bruce’s statement regarding his company being a quality company. (300 words)

Question 2

You are the personal assistant to the CEO of a company which is seeking certification to ISO 9000.  In doing so the CEO is aware of the need to introduce quality control in the form of measurement to identified KPI’s.  The staff have told him that they are not happy with the introduction of these performance measurements.  They are considering industrial action over the matter.

The CEO is aware that he needs to address the staff to inform them of why these KPI’s are being introduced and of what benefit they will be to the company.  He has asked you, as his personal assistant, to write talking points for this address.

List five talking points which will assist the CEO in this matter.  Against each talking briefly describe the issue on which the CEO should be talking.  (300 words)


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