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BSBMGT516 Facilitate Continuous Improvement Task

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Prepare a report:

Australian hardware opened is first shop in Perth in 1921. In 1982, Australian hardware companies were listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and issued to the public as stocks. The Greenwright family is the owner of Australian hardware. Holden Greenwright serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.


  • paint
  • garden
  • hardware

The Market

The market is divided into 2: DYIs and merchants.

The Future

Australian hardware offers the highest quality objects from Australia to the world. And also in the future they wanna be competitive with low prices and good promotions

The strategic direction of Australian hardware is:

  • Increase sales revenue and gross profit
  • Maintain or increase market share


Australian hardware is headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales

Lean Manufacturing combines five systems in one:

  • Inventory control
  • Productivity improvement
  • Set-up improvement
  • Quality improvement
  • Maintenance improvement

The first obstacle for the company is to reduce the waste.

The way to reduce the waste is to focus on the specific steps that can be improved, for example:

  1. Design a simple manufacturing system
  2. Improve the space
  3. Continuous improvement of the system

The next implementation involves the 5S system. These five specific areas effectively prepare Australian hardware for change. The 5S method includes:



1.      Seiri


2.      Seiton


3.      Seiso


4.      Seiketsu


5.      Shitsuke


Next, it is important to train all members of Australian hardware to follow Lean principles to ensure implementation. Managers has to be an example and need to understand the changes made to anticipate any issues.

The fishbone diagram finds a lot of causes of the effects of problems. It can be used to build briefing sessions. Like:

  • Identify possible causes of the problem
  • The team’s thinking tends to be in trouble

The fishbone diagram program includes:

  • Agree on the problem statement (effect). Write it in the middle right side of the flipchart or whiteboard. Draw a box around it and draw a horizontal arrow.
  • The main cause of group discussion issues. If this is difficult, please use the generic title:
  • Methods
  • Machines (equipment)
  • People (manpower)
  • Materials
  • Environment

Strategies for including and encouraging participation by the right individuals and teams

Australian hardware companies have developed 2 level of strategies: interpersonal skills and participation culture.

Performance management, including setting goals and KPIs, monitoring, training and coaching, and rewards and recognition.

KRA: Operational costs

KPI: Reduce operational costs by ten%

Measurements: Reduce cost on six months period

Monitoring: Operational expense report

Training: Deliver training using flexible delivery methods such as online self-paced learning and an internet classroom link.

Portfolio of work

The communications strategy shows how communications important is:

  • Help us achieve our overall organizational objectives
  • Engage effectively with stakeholders

Operational Objectives and Communications Objectives

Operational Objectives

Communications Objectives

To train our staff

To ensure all staff skills to understand the operational procedure

To provide opportunities for our staff

To ensure all staff have opportunities to communicate their needs within the organization

Identifying Stakeholders

In this section, we give a detailed description of our main audience. This include the public, politicians, customers and staff.


Policies and procedure

Financial report

Senior Management






Methods of Communication or Media

Meetings: One of the most common ways to communicate. We can vary from one person to a lot of connected by online. Important to make every minute of the time spent to have dialogue and not lose any time.

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