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BSBMGT517 operational plan for staff training

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Operational Plan for staff training to address poor customer service


Le Quattro Stagioni is located in the heart of Docklands and has been operating for 7 years. The restaurant has been earning magnificent reviews from the customers since the beginning, which makes it known in the neighbourhood to date. The restaurant is known for its excellent customer service and commendable menu, which serves good and authentic italian food, and worthy for its price and quality. Through the years, the restaurant has formed its foundation of the business guiding by its values of honesty, integrity, teamwork, pursuing excellence and good work ethic. With this, we are proud that this is who we are and we take pride in everything we do to give our valued customers a great dining experience in the restaurant.

Le Quattro Stagioni restaurant operates everyday from 10:00 AM to 2:30PM, 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM.

Aim of the Operational Plan:

Le Quattro Stagioni restaurant has had a good reputation throughout the years; although, recently, there are some changes that is affecting the sales and have some reviews from our valued customers. The main problem is that the old staff, from both front of the house and back of the house of the restaurant are asking for a raise otherwise they will transfer to a new workplace as they were offered at a higher salary. Though we have a several new staff, they still don’t know much about everything and isn’t as good as the veterans. Therefore, addressing the poor customer service and staff training should be done and take focus on.

This preparation and/or training will be a 6-month long process, but the restaurant will still operate at the same hours. We aim to meet our goal which is to get back to what we are really known for—excellent customer service. Also, we expect that the outcome of this plan is going to work, though we will make sure to give our best efforts in this preparation for the better of the restaurant.

Operational details:

The restaurant will be closed on Monday and Tuesday for 3 weeks in a row to provide full training for the staff and will still be open for the other days for a dry run of 6 months so we can see if we make some improvements and if the customers will like our menu and if we are providing them with good customer service. Here is a weekly break down as to how we are going to make the plan into action.

Week 1

Staff will be on a full training on Monday and Tuesday and will work on the other days

Week 2

Staff will be on a full training on Monday and Tuesday and will work on the other days

Week 3

Staff will be on a full training on Monday and Tuesday and will work on the other days

Week 4 to Week 20

After the full training during Monday and Tuesday of the first 3 weeks, we will check everything from staff’s work performance up until the sales or profit. Advertisement on the internet and social medias will be done.

Week 21 to 23

For the few last weeks of the plan, we will study everything like day-to-day basis if we have accomplished anything since the first day of this plan and if we made big improvements.

Week 24

For this last week of the plan, it will be a little crucial, as we have to check, study everything and decide about the restaurant.

Labour Requirements:

This plan will need to hire new supervisor or manager that can handle a situation like this and will be willing to give their best efforts to achieve the restaurant’s goal. With



Time frame

Manager or Supervisor

Needs to check the daily sales and advertisements. Monitor the

24 Weeks

FOH Team Leader

Will train the staff to improve their skills and understand the menu

3 Weeks

Sous Chef

Will explain to the kitchen staff about the menu and everything in the kitchen

1 Week

BOH Team Leader

Will train the kitchen staff starting from preparation, cooking to plating.

3 Weeks

FOH Staff

Will undergo full training and will be trained by the FOH Team Leader

3 Weeks full training but will still be under supervision of the Team Leader

BOH Staff

Will undergo full training and will be trained by the BOH Team Leader

3 Weeks full training but will still be under supervision of the Team Leader

this, supervisor or manager position should have an experience of no less than 5 years. On the other hand, those staff that remained will still be employed as their designated position and will undergo full training. Also, after the 6 months of under supervision and if the restaurant will continue, staff will receive rewards or an increase in the wage.

Financial Requirement:

Since the restaurant will be closed on Monday and Tuesday for 3 weeks, staff will still get paid for their time and will still provide a staff meal. The budget for a 3 weeks full training and the 6-month long plan would be A$25,000aud as they will be all out in providing everything needed for the restaurant.

Front of the house

Back of the house


Meal, Salary for the full training on Monday and Tuesday of 3 weeks

Meal, Salary for the full training on Monday and Tuesday of 3 weeks

Internet, social media and food bloggers advertisements.




Total: A$25,000

Technological Requirements:

Since the restaurant is in full operation even before, we have the equipment that is needed, may it be in front of the house or back of the house. The main goal is to improve the customer service and have staff training, therefore, no additional equipment necessary.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Conduct Customer Feedback and Satisfaction surveys

Identify whether customers are happier with the new service provided

Identify their level of satisfaction in terms of service; has it improved and how

it has improved

Identify what else needs to be improved

Embed a continuous improvement culture within the organisation

Meeting the customer’s needs and wants in order of criticality and risk

Ensure improvements are made on a daily basis

Contingency Plan

The issue that may affect the plan is lack of improvement in terms of customer service and their skills as well as the feedbacks (good or bad) from the customers. With this, we would have to either hire new experienced staff or make the old staff have a full training in what department they may lack skills of.

This problem has been solved.

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