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This code of conduct policy is a framework of guiding principles for BizOps Enterprises employees to ensure compliance with all BizOps standards and ethical and legal standards in work-related matters.The code specifies the standards of behaviour for employees and is designed to make all employees aware of their responsibilities to perform their duties in an appropriate manner.

This code embodies the following principles:
• To act with integrity and professionalism in the performance of duties and to be scrupulous in the proper use of BizOps’s information, funds, equipment and facilities
• To comply with all requirements of this code, policies, procedures and applicable laws and regulations
• To report any breaches or suspected breach of this code, policies, procedures and applicable laws and regulations
• To exercise fairness, equity, proper courtesy, consideration and sensitivity in all dealings, in the course of carrying out duties
• To avoid real, apparent or perceived conflicts of interest Where this code requires notification to BizOps, employees must provide that notification to the Chief Executive Director.


In 1998, Simon Greig, Natushka Greig and Devon Mersydale founded BizOps Enterprises.Currently it has 150 retail, online and phone order outlets in Australia.It offers innovative and exclusive product range along with quality services and tries to make an environmentally sustainable business.he company targets customers who look for innovative and quality products, and those who prefer eco-friendly solutions.

Their marketing strategy includes electronic and print media, e-marketing, e-commerce and physical shops.The main succ

ess factors of the company is that it provides better quality of services and products so that the customers can be satisfied he development process of the company is cost-effective and time-efficient as well he employees who are working in the organization are trained so that their level of skills can be used to increase the productivity level

The brands of the company are well-known among the customers, which results in increasing the level of profits

The suppliers need to maintain company standards.

When needed, suppliers are chose based on priority, and in case of ingoing suppliers, service agreements are made.

Decide payment terms before the purchase and the documents should be in order.

Products should have insurance an agreed document for damaged products with suppliers.

 Keeps the suppliers update and goes through necessary processes for late payment of the suppliers.

Risk Management Policy

Risk management is a process where management identify, analyse, evaluate and treat risks (Bromiley et al. 2015). The policy committee-

Ensures that the company has proper legal documents to manage risks effectively.

Directs the process to manage risks, analyse the reports, inform the board and make recommendations regarding the risks.

The responsibilities of the managing directors are-

To recommend the committee on the policies and procedures of risk management.

To review the incidents and advice the committee on the issues that are affecting the company’s production and service.

To look after the implication of training.

The company communicates and consults with the stakeholders so that the risk can be managed at each and every step.

This will help in providing a better solution with respect to the risks that may take place in the organization

The context of the risks need to be established so that the right experts can be allocated in minimizing the occurrence of the incident

The risks also needs to be identified so that it can be mitigated and recorded as well so that in the future it can be averted

The company follows the standard procedure of identifying, rating, controlling, monitoring and reporting the risks. (Pritchard 2014)

The employees must complete the risk management training and imply them in the workplace.Factors such as death, injury, financial loss of the company, property damage, quality damage, negative publicity, legal issues are considered as risk.Every business decision goes through risk assessment before turning into action, and records the information regarding them.

Employees must avoid conflict of interest, and inform the management if any it arises.

Maintaining company confidentiality is obligatory for every employee.

The company reserves all the intellectual property rights for the work of its employees.

Without proper authorization, employees should comment on the company publicly.

Usage of social media should not affect the company reputation.

Employees must not involve themselves in other employment that has a conflict of interest with the company.

Code of Conduct

Not exhibit unprofessional behavior or lack of competitiveness.

The company does not tolerate harassing, bullying and discriminating other employees.Employees must help in creating a healthy and safe workplace.Employees should not abuse drugs or alcohol, smoke, gamble on company premises.They must maintain attendance, job performance and integrity.

¨Without permission, employees must not use company’s electronic resources for personal purpose.The company takes action against employees, who breaches the code of conduct. Serious misconducts like sexual harassment, racism, defrauding, and violence can result into termination of the employee.The general manager of the company needs to enquire in to the complaints that are being lodged by the employees so that it can result in lessening of such complaints and the issue is addressed properly

¨The manager should also present the decisions regarding the complaint that is made in a written format so that it can help in setting a standard amongst all the employees The company should follow below mentioned steps while managing and choosing respective suppliers Selection of supplier

¨Negotiating terms of payment

¨Maintaining proper and regular relationship with creditor

¨Need to follow different requirements of law, ethics, copyright and privacy

Reference List

¨Bromiley, P., McShane, M., Nair, A. and Rustambekov, E., 2015. Enterprise risk management: Review, critique, and research directions. Long range planning, 48(4), pp.265-276.

¨Pritchard, C.L. and PMP, P.R., 2014. Risk management: concepts and guidance. Auerbach Publications.

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