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BSBMGT607 Manage Market Research Portfolio Assessment Task

Business Services/Newcastle

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Advanced Diploma Leadership and Management (Release 2)

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Manage Market Research

Event 1 - General Knowledge Questions

1. Discuss the general principles and practices of market research. In your response please ensure you include discussion on the following elements (250 words):-

  • data processing methods and data analysis techniques
  • project design to meet given budgets and other resource constraints
  • qualitative and quantitative research
  • design of samples
  • development and application of hypotheses
  • role of research in enterprise development
  • use of survey instruments

2. Compare and contrast project management principles and practices. In your response ensure you include discussion on the following elements (250 words):-

  • consultation and stakeholder involvement
  • development of policies and procedures
  • methods of action to ensure performance
  • monitoring of timelines, budgets and other implementation plans
  • organisational procedures for engagement of consultants

3. Provide an overview of key provisions of relevant legislation, codes of practice and national standards affecting marketing operations (150 words)

4. Discuss the impact of economic, social and industry directions, trends, and practices on marketing functions. (150 words)

Event 2 – Skills and Knowledge Activity (75 words per question)

  1. Why is it important to review an organisation’s research policies and procedures before developing a market research project plan? Provide some examples of what key elements might appear in an organisation’s research policy and procedure document.
  2. Provide some examples of resources that may be required to implement a market research plan. How would you go about obtaining these resources?
  3. What are some examples of where external consultants may be used as part of the research plan?
  4. What are some examples of goods or services that may be needed to implement research plans?
  5. How would you identify, evaluate and select potential consultants or other providers of the required goods or services for the market research project plan. How would you then contract them to the organisation to assist with the research project?
  6. How would you monitor the market research project plan as it rolls out to ensure it continues to meet the organisations research policies and procedures?
  7. How would you manage external consultants or service providers to ensure their performance meets their contractual obligations?
  8. How would you confirm the validity of the information and data gathered by the market research?
  9. Why is it important to review the relevance and usefulness of the information and data against the objectives outlines in the market research project plan?
  10. Why is it important to measure stakeholder satisfaction with research processes and findings?
  11. Give an example of how you would establish rapport and build relationships with external contractors?
  12. What data analysis techniques are you familiar with? (Give a brief description of each)
  13. To review data you should organise it in a way that keeps the focus on the objectives of the research. What ways could you organise data?
  14. You may need to develop procedures for regular reviews of progress of the research plan. What might these include?
  15. How can specialists or consultants help you and how can you determine if they meet the selection criteria?

Event 3 – Major Activity (2500 words) – There are 5 parts to this major activity:

You have recently been appointed the Marketing Manager for MGM Cinemas in Australia. The organisation does not currently offer a movie booking app for iphones or android. So currently all customers have to purchase tickets in line at the counter. You have received feedback from customers that they like the one to one/face to face service when purchasing tickets but competitors have started using booking apps and ticket sales have fallen in the last 12 months.

You have been asked by your CEO to undertake market research to establish if customers would use the app if developed in sufficient numbers to warrant the development of the app and IT maintenance and support.

PART A (1000 words) - Prepare a market research plan (your plan should outline – use these as headings in your plan):-

  • What is the purpose of the research?
  • What do you want to discover?
  • How are you going to collect the data?
  • One method or more?
  • Primary or secondary data?
  • What resources are needed?
  • What is the budget and estimated costs?
  • How will you analyse data?
  • How will you evaluate data?
  • Create a plan for communicating the results.
  • NOW carry out your research plan

(Assume that 10 friends of yours represent the average customer sample. Survey them using a survey you have designed for example as one part of the data collection process). Attach a copy of this survey in your answer to part A.

PART B (750 words) - Prepare a written report on your market research findings

Your report must include the following:

  • Title Page
  • Contents Page
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Description of the method(s) used
  • Results
  • Conclusions/Recommendations
  • References

PART C (250 words) – You have been asked by your CEO to record a presentation of your report to be sent to State Managers. Using Microsoft power point prepare a slide show (Maximum 10 slides) of the keys parts of your report and record a voice over.

See appendix 1 to help you with recording.

(Insert link to your completed recorded presentation here)

PART D (250 words) – Prepare a written 1/2 page summary report on:-

  • Any suggestions for future improvements to the research process based on your experiences in PART A
  • If changes needed to be made to an organisations policies and procedures for market research how would you go about having the policy and procedures amended and then implemented into the organisation?

PART E (250 words)Read the Kellogg’s case study located at the bottom of the Library section of the online unit. What have you learnt from your studies of this unit and the Kellogg’s case study to help you understand the importance of market research and its management.

Reference List

Insert your reference list here

Appendix 1

Video and audio upload instructions

You can use a simple video camera and voice recorder, such as those found on most smartphones.

For video:

  1. You must ensure you are clearly visible and clearly audible in the video. Complete a test run first. If your assessor is not able to clearly see or hear you – you will have to redo the task.
  2. Introduce yourself and state the date and purpose of the video.
  3. If your video includes another person, video them saying they agree to be videoed.
  4. Consider stopping and starting the recording to capture the relevant items for assessment.

For audio:

  1. You must ensure that you and the people featured in the audio recording can be clearly heard.
  2. Introduce yourself and state the date a purpose of the video.
  3. Introduce all the people you will be recording and ask them to verbally agree to take part.

Submitting your video and audio

Your video files will be a large size and too big to upload straight to our online learning platform. Use one of the following options to submit your video evidence.

  1. Upload your video files to a video hosting site such as YouTube, Vimeo or file-sharing sites such as Dropbox and Google Drive. These cloud-based file sharing sites are also the appropriate place to upload your audio recordings.
  2. Paste the URL location and any password protection for your files in your assessment under Event 3 Part C

Video tips

Audio tips

You can use the earphones and mic that came with your phone for a clearer recordin

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