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BSBWOR501B Assessment Task 2

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Develop and maintain professional competence

Performance objective

The candidate will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to develop and maintain professional competence.

Assessment description

You will develop a professional development plan with career objectives and an action plan. To assist in the development of your plan, you are required to seek feedback on your professional competency. You are required to keep a journal containing your refection on and explanation of the process of planning professional development.


  1. Assess your personal knowledge and skills against competency standards such as enterprise specific competencies or nationally endorsed units of competency.
    In your journal, describe the process you undertook to assess your professional competency.
  2. Seek written feedback from two people who are familiar with your work and can assess aspects of your professional competency such as employees, colleagues, clients or supervisors.

In your journal, describe the process of seeking, receiving, analysing the feedback and applying the feedback to your professional development plan.

  1. Using the template provided in Appendix 1, develop a professional development plan. You should include:
    • Development opportunities such as training. Include opportunities to undertake within 1 year and within 5 years.
    • New skills you aim to acquire to achieve or maintain a competitive edge
    • Planned participation in networks or professional associations to enhance professional development
    • Timeframes in which to achieve development opportunities, new skills, participation in networks

In your journal, you should discuss:

  • The process you undertook to identify, evaluate and select the development opportunities included in your professional development plan. Discuss learning styles and application to your planning
  • New skills you plan to acquire. Explain how acquiring these skills will provide a competitive edge.
  • Examples of networking you have undertaken or are currently undertaking to enhance knowledge, skills or work relationships
  1. Submit your professional development plan, feedback and journal to your assessor as per the specifications below. Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records.


You must provide:

  • a professional development plan
  • written feedback from two people in a position to assess aspects of your professional competency
  • a journal.

Your assessor will be looking for evidence of:

  • communication skills to receive, analyse and report on feedback
  • application of principles and techniques of planning professional development
  • knowledge of management development opportunities
  • knowledge of types of learning styles and application to professional development planning.

Adjustment for distance-based learners:

  • no variation of the task is required
  • a follow up interview may be required (at the discretion of the assessor)
  • documentation can be submitted electronically or posted in the mail.

Appendix 1– Professional development plan


Nathan Martins

Date of development


Date to be reviewed



Discussed with mentor/colleague

Name: Naveed


Discussed with manager

Name: Emilio

Professional development opportunities/ training


Description of opportunity/training

Skills/ competency to develop

3 Months

In order to effectively manage the project, training of a project management software will be required. In this required, Primavera, of Microsoft Project can be selected based on availability of courses. 

Effective project management.

Scheduling and prioritizing task.

6 months

The success of a project is largely dependent on effective communication during the project. Conflicts are part of workplace communication and effective conflict management is required to assure the success of projects. Therefore, training of conflict management can be useful in order to assure maximum and productive level of communication.

Communication skills

Conflict management

6 months

The ultimate aim of every project and its success is centered to the satisfaction of customers. The planning team should have a productive relationship with the customer and all actions should be customer centric in order to satisfy the customers. Thus, a training of customer centricity can be included in the required competencies.

Customer centricity

6 months

A person involved in the planning of overall project often need to contact a number of stakeholders. These stakeholders include suppliers at the top of the list. In order to finalise the deal, effective negotiation skills are necessary and can be included in the personal development plan.

Negotiation skills.

Feedback: Feedback will periodically be arranged by the assessors. An initial feedback is collected for after 2 months and activities are on track, i.e. the individual has taken admission in a course of Microsoft Project, and project management skills are improved to assure timely completion of the project.

Networking activities


Description of networking activities

Opportunity/professional advantage

3 months

Engagement with the internal stakeholders of the project will be increased. In order to do so, frequent informal meetings will be conducted with the downstream staff. In addition to the feedback on professional activities, personal experience of the individuals will be explored to ensure a strong bond.

This will result into a better communication with all internal stakeholders of the project. In addition to this, it will enhance the personal bonding of the staff member, and they will work more efficiently to meet their targets.

6 months

As supplier development is crucial in the project planning, as a networking activity, three alternate suppliers will be explored and negotiated. This networking activity will provide an opportunity to enhance the negotiation skills.

This activity will enhance the negotiation skills by providing a practical platform to apply the theoretical concepts. In addition to this, it may result into a long-term and effective contract with some potential supplier.

6 months

Other project management professionals in the field can help in various ways, particularly those having a higher level of experience. Networking with an experienced community of project management can enhance the skills and provide further opportunities in the field.

This networking activity is more of a personal development of the individual. In addition to this, it will strengthen the overall grip over project management.

Feedback: As of the personal development plan, assessment will be a continuous practice on this. For a feedback of two months, the individual has developed one more supplier and score more than 80% marks in engagement survey with internal stakeholders.


Date/ day

Work/ activity

Team/ Personal Goal(s) achieved

How did you manage it?

(Personal behaviour/ managing work priorities/work-life balance/ goal setting/ time management)


Confirmation of project

To plan the project by breaking it down to sub-activities with defined deadlines and responsibility.

Time management

Managing work priorities


Aligning the resources for the project

To plan the project by breaking it down to sub-activities with defined deadlines and responsibility.

Time management

Managing work priorities

Goal setting


Planning of the project based on activities

To plan the project by breaking it down to sub-activities with defined deadlines and responsibility.

Time management

Managing work priorities

Goal setting


Arrangement and deputation of resources for quality check

To maintain high level of quality as committed with the client by utilising all available resources of the organisation.

Time management

Managing work priorities

Goal setting


Regular follow-ups with the quality team and communication with respective stakeholders.

To maintain high level of quality as committed with the client by utilising all available resources of the organisation.

Time management

Managing work priorities

Goal setting


Prepare and agree on a plan with deadline and responsible person.

To engage all team members in order to achieve the targeted goals of the project.

Time management

Managing work priorities

Goal setting


Conduct follow up meetings

To engage all team members in order to achieve the targeted goals of the project.

Time management

Managing work priorities

Goal setting

Feedback: The activities are aligned with the personal and team goals of the individuals and likely to result in a productive output.

Naveed: As I discussed with my mentor Naveed about the personal development, he mentioned about I need to focus more about my communications. He also mention about the customer service as well.

Emilio: As I discussed with my manager Emilio about my personal development, he mentioned I have some area need to be more trained and experienced. For this he mention I should have some personal training and course to cover those areas.

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