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BUS 621 week 4 discussion situational leadership

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Focus on the Situational Leadership II approach. Explain how and when you would use directing, coaching, supporting, and delegating leadership styles to create high performing leadership teams for your organization.

Situational leadership is just that, conditional to the situation (Northouse, 2018. We already know that there are areas that help an individual be an effective leader such as: trustworthiness, have individuals that can help your team grow (smart people), be conscious about your mistakes, be effective when delegating, and provide not take/receive.

“In the 1970’s, Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard introduced us to their Situational Leadership Model (SLM) (Forbes, (2017).” These are the styles defined:

  1. Directing - Showing individuals what to do and in the process completed the task. In a leadership role, there should be factors of your direction. This usually includes the organizations vision, mission, values and beliefs.
  2. Supporting – Giving the individual the resources to work on their own. Supporting your staff and providing every resource helps others achieve a higher standard.
  3. Coaching – developing individuals to have innovation. Coaching individuals helps the staff accomplish a better outcome. The leader can guide them, help fix any issues and provide a possible different way to do a task to help them achieve the goal.
  4. Delegating – Provides empowerment to others, however, the leader is involved in the outcome of all decisions. A leader can assist with this by acknowledging each individual/staff member with their strengths and weaknesses.


Northouse, P. G. (2018). Leadership: Theory and practice (8th ed.). Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu

Forbes, (2017). Effective leadership means more than just being a boss. Retrieved from



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