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BUSN20017 Business Communications for Sigma Global Company


You will write a memo in response to the case study provided below. The memo must be logically structured, free of grammatical errors, professionally styled; in addition, follow the writing conventions for memos as discussed in the lecture.

Case study: A medium size company named Sigma Global provides various services to clients interested in undertaking university courses overseas. Some of the services include: marketing and promotions of courses, advice to students on courses and academic institutions, finding accommodation for students, transportation in first few weeks in Australia, and child care services to students. The company has agents and clients in more than 150 countries around the globe. It has come to the attention of the head office, based upon a large client survey, that there is a problem in the consistency of the information provided by the agents to the prospective clients. You are the director of the organisation and you are sending out a memo to each of your agents persuading them to comply with the following recommendations. For the purpose of this assessment you should address the memo to: Mrs. Rania Singh, Customer Services Agent.
Some of the policy changes include the following recommendations:
  • The agent needs to get approval from Sigma Global for any marketing material prepared for local marketing and advertising. The agents need to ensure ethical marketing.
  • The agents need to ensure that they are well informed about each institutions, the courses they deliver, their ranking status, and they represent all institution in an equal and fair manner
  • Accommodation advice needs to be accurate where promise must meet expectations and experience
  • Transportation related advice must include estimated cost, concessions, and other benefits
  • Childcare costs, duration of such service (e.g. opening hours, university breaks)


To: Mrs. Rania Singh, Customer Services Agent

From: Director, Sigma Global

Subject: Problem in the consistency of the information provided by the agents to the prospective clients

This is to inform all the agents working with the sigma global that the head office has traced certain issues relating to the consistency of the information provided by the agents to our prospective clients. The information provided is not up to the standard and expectation of the clients. Moreover, there is a huge difference in the information provided by our agents to the clients on the same products. This inconsistency in providing information to our prospective clients will make huge losses to the company. Therefore, the company has decided certain policies to be chan

ged with regard to the delivery of information to our clients. Our agents are spread over more than 150 countries in the world and we recommend changing certain policies regarding the effective communication of the information available with us about the academic institutions in Australia. Moreover, the agents are not sure about all the information and many a times their information leads to falsification, which is a major problem the company is facing. The company is making certain specific guideline for providing information relating to the academic courses offered by the institutions in Australia, expenses that will be incurred by the student to study in Australia and other valuable information, which will be helpful for the students.

The company has decided to set certain policies and guidelines for its agents in dealing with information and serve its client better. The agents must have to comply with the company guidelines and procedures in providing its information to the prospective clients. The company has the objective of serving its client with updated information in the areas they deal in and should provide and maintain to provide the valuable information in such manner that it would be fruitful for the client. There are certain agents in different countries who use different or unethical marketing to gain profit, but the company does not aim to profit out of unethical means. The company will provide information which are true and on giving valuable service to its clients the company will make profit out of it. The company has no such objective to make profit or attract its clients with unfair or unethical means. Therefore, the company has decided whoever is indulged in the practice of marketing and advertisement of the products and services of the company must take prior approval from the company. The company will go through the process and strategy of marketing and the particulars of the advertisement. The company if thinks fit to make such marketing process and advertise to make the prospective clients know what they deals in and what services they provide. Thus, it will be the discretion of the company to provide approval to its agents for implementing various marketing strategies and advertise their services in the markets where the agents require it to be done. The agents are also asked to maintain the ethical standard for promoting the services provided by the company to the clients. The company encourages publicity but it does not encourage wrong or duplicate publicity or unfair trading. Therefore, the company strictly keeping its eyes and scanning each every agents process of working to prohibit using of unethical practices dealing in providing information to its prospective clients.

The services provided by the company is a kind of social work. Therefore, the social workers have a greater responsibility and role to play in dealing with its client. The primary responsibility of the company and its agents would to promote the well-being of the client givng priority to client’s interest over the company’s goals. However, if the company best serves the client’s interest, the goals and aims of the company will be easily achieved. The agents should respect and promote the rights of the clients and assist the clients to achieve their goals. The agents should be professional in providing services to its clients with appropriate and valid information. The agents should use clear and understandable language to deal with its client in providing valuable information. They should also provide the pros and cons of the different academic institutions and help the client to get the exact institution as the client expects which would be fruitful to the client. The agents should provide information in such a manner and in such form that the client can easily access and get the valuable information that the client wants form us. The agents must be competent to provide the information to the clients and should have all the available information regarding each and every institutions and courses offered by the institutions and help the clients of the students to take admission in such institutions which will serve the clients purpose of taking our service. However, if the agent does not have any relevant information regarding any academic institution or courses offered by any institution, the agents are free to take help of the company personnel to deal such circumstances but the agent will not provide any false or invalid information to the client.

The agents must be updated with all such information required to deal with the clients. The agents should have record of their clients and the information provided to their clients for future reference. The agents must update their database regarding the cost of transportation. The agent must provide that client with the approximate estimated cost of traveling, the concessions that the institute or any other way the client might get in relation to transportation. The client must informed regarding other benefits they might receive for taking admission in such courses or in such institute. All the information provided to the client must be priory approved by the company.

The agents should aware its clients with child care cost and the duration of service of the company. The client should be aware about the expenses incurred to take the services of the company as well as the timing that agents will work to provide the valuable information to the client.

Therefore, the changes made in the policies of the company for the agents dealing the client and providing services of the company should follow the guideline and take approval and necessary information before dealing with the client. This will serve for the betterment of the company as well as the agents to deal with the prospective clients.


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