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BUSN20017 Business Communications- Sigma Global Provides Case

Write a memo in response to the case study provided below. 

Case study: A medium size company named Sigma Global provides various services to clients interested in undertaking university courses overseas. Some of the services include: marketing and promotions of courses, advice to students on courses and academic institutions, finding accommodation for students, transportation in first few weeks in Australia, and child care services to students. The company has agents and clients in more than 150 countries around the globe. It has come to the attention of the head office, based upon a large client survey, that there is a problem in the consistency of the information provided by the agents to the prospective clients. You are the director of the organisation and you are sending out a memo to each of your agents persuading them to comply with the following recommendations. For the purpose of this assessment you should address the memo to: Mrs. Rania Singh, Customer Services Agent.

Some of the policy changes include the following recommendations:

The agent needs to get approval from Sigma Global for any marketing material prepared for local marketing and advertising. The agents need to ensure ethical marketing.

The agents need to ensure that they are well informed about each institutions, the courses they deliver, their ranking status, and they represent all institution in equal and fair manner

Accommodation advice needs to be accurate where promise must meet expectations and experience

Transportation related advice must include estimated cost, concessions, and other benefits

Childcare costs, duration of such service (e.g. opening hours, university breaks)



To:  Mrs. Rania Singh
From:  Director
Subject:  Guidelines concerning university admission and policies

To maintain the consistency in the information by the agents to the prospective clients the guidelines have been framed and adopted for governing the admissions for the university where correct and adequate information is provided so that a trust and the transparency can also be build up between a university and

 clients. The guidelines are basically applied on the following issues: (1) any marketing or promotion, (2) course delivery, (3) accommodation, (4) transportation provided by any of the employee or the university agent will act in the capacity of office. I would like that all will be adhered with the letter and the spirit of the guidelines which have been prepared to follow. I would recommend that the copies of this memorandum should be distributed to all the units and the employees for the further action (Drucker, 2017)

Guidelines for the agents of the university and their employees are required to follow for guiding the overseas clients.

  1. Approval for marketing and advertising: It is must for all the agents to take prior approval from the sigma global for any marketing material which has been prepared for the advertisement and the local marketing of the courses as well as the university. Everyone who is dealing with the clients and taking care of the marketing activities should have to comply with the ethical marketing skills otherwise license can be cancelled and strict actions will be taken against that agent or an employee (Gómez, 2017).  Hence it is the responsibility of each and every employee he must check material and details properly and report the sigma global in case of any query or an issue.
  2. Deliver an adequate information: It is advised to all the agents and their employees that they have to provide clear and an adequate information about all the courses which are running in an university along with the correct ranking status and it is the duty of all the representatives to represent all the universities in a fair and an equal manner (Zerfass & Viertmann, 2017). No one is allowed to misguide any of the clients with regards to the course or the ranking status of the universities a transparency and the trust should be build between the clients and the representatives. Misguidance will not be tolerated at any cost (Naresh, 2017)
  3. Accommodation: All the agents should provide accurate advice to the clients for the accommodation. If in case they are not sure or not confident about the accommodation then they should give false promise to anyone (Neuliep, 2017). All the promise they are committed with the clients should meet the experience and the expectations of the client and any such negligence will not be accepted by any of the agent or an employee.
  4. Transportation: It is recommended to all the agents and their agents they should provide the total cost to the client and all the costs should be included in it like the estimation cost, concessions and the various other benefits they can gain after taking the admission in the university (Moore, 2017). It has been observed few of the agents are telling the additional cost to the clients for taking the concession they are charging fees for their own benefits. Such practices are not ethical and will not be tolerated if found anyone practicing all these unethical issues.
  5. Additional Information: The effective information about the cost of the child care and the other services like the opening and closing hours of the university, vacations and the breaks in the university and any other information which is relevant for the client to gain should be transmitted effectively (Marsh, 2017). Information about the fooding and lodging and other career options and the extra-curricular activities should also be provided so that they can take the decision as per the interest area of the client.
  6. Check Identification: The identity of the client should be verified adequately to avoid any type of hindrance or any legal issues. The bank account should also be verified along with their background so that a healthy atmosphere can be maintained in the university and a reputation and the trust can be build and maintained.

The guidelines which have been mentioned above should be implemented by all the agents and their employees with immediate effect and no delay in this will be tolerated (Williams, 2017). Event can be also being organized for all the agents if required for the modification of the current policies and the practices and if required hire a new staff. In the implementation of these guidelines a minimum cost is required and which can be bear by the university but no unethical practices will be accepted.

A prompt action is required in this particular matter. Any concerns and the questions related to these guidelines will be addressed by the director. 


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