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BUSN20017 : Effective Business Communications : Significance of Commun

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The objective of this reflective essay is to summarize what you learned from the unit and how you believe your learnings could be
applied by you in your future career goals.

Section one: For weeks one to ten you should identify one important or significant concept that you have learned about. You
should define the concept and then explain why it is important to you in your current line of work. It is not enough to simply say that the concept is important, you will need to explain why.

Section two: Based on your discussion of the ten significant concepts you should provide a literature review of one of the
concepts. So for example, if you found that listening was an important communication concept then you should provide a
literature review on the current academic understanding of the importance of listening within the work environment.

Section three: Lastly, you will need to discuss how two of the ten concepts could be important to your future career aspirations. Here you will need to identify where you wish to be in 5 years’ time, and then discuss how you think these concepts/skills will help you meet your career goal. It is important that you are specific as possible.Your essay should follow the following structure:


Communication is one of the most effective methods through which important messages can be transferred from one person to another. It plays a vital role, especially in a workplace where effective communication is needed for a business to run in a smooth manner. This essay states the different modes of communication that are considered essential, especially in a workplace. Due to this, I have divided the essay into three sections to emphasize the importance of each part which I have learned in course of ten weeks.  In the first section, I have accessed the various forms of communication which have been identified. This is followed by the identification of one concept which according to me is very important in regards to all the aspects of communication. The third section consists of identification of another two concepts apart from the one already chosen. In this section, I have dealt with how these two concepts can be used for my future aspiration in a workplace. Therefore, this essay deals with the significance of the different types of communication and how they can be used for proper functioning in a workplace. Thus, this essay begins with an understanding of the weekly assessments.

During my first week of the assessment, I learned about the significance of communication. Its importance and proper usage were also discussed in thorough details. In the second week, the assessment mainly dealt with non-verbal and verbal communication and put adequate importance on its difference. This aspect was differentiated by taking the theory of expectancy violation as an example. In my third week, I learned about the different modes of written communication that can be divided into different aspects such as memos, emails, newsletters and reports among many others. In the following week, I understood the different methods of written communication. Therefore, this week’s assessment focused on how to execute the writing by putting plenty of focus on sentence and paragraph construction. I also understood the importance of plagiarism and the method through which I will be able to avoid it.

The fifth week was an important one as I got to learn about how to write self-reflective essays as well as literature review.  The knowledge from the previous weeks helped inn steady assessment of this section of writing communication. During my sixth week, I got introduced to the method of public speaking which is an effective and important mode of communication. This week, I learned about the process through which I can overcome my apprehension of public speaking. This week also taught me the importance of the organization that adequately helps in the proper presentation of a plan or information in a workplace. In week seven, I understood the various aspects regarding communication in more details. The ultimate focus was on inter-cultural communication and the difficulties one might face during the process. Therefore, I also learned about the methods through which this difficulty could be eliminated.

During my eighth week, I understand about the importance of organizational communication along with a different network of communication which can be accessed in a workplace. In ninth week, I was taught how to effectively form proper communication in a team. This week put ample of focus on teamwork and how it can be made better by making the flow of communication smoother. The method of decision making as a team was held as an important aspect in this week. In workplaces, such form of communication took place in the form if normal or board meetings, even group discussion. Therefore, I gathered plenty of knowledge of proper team communication. During my last week of assessment, the main focus was aimed between interpersonal mode of communication and intrapersonal mode of communication. This week, I also got to learn about two different types of socio-communicative style of communication known as an assertive and passive message.

The assessment of ten weeks has provided me with a lot of information and knowledge about the different modes of communication. I have understood the significance of each of the methods of communication dealt with in this assessment. However, according to me, I think professional communication is the most important in a workplace. According to Jia, Cheng & Hale (2017), this mode of communication is needed to effectively follow for conduction of business in a professional manner. Professional communication can be essentially described as a form of communication which is used within the context of a workplace. This term can be referred to as a mode of communication which consists of an oral, digital or visual form of communication (, 2018). In the form of professional communication, the information is presented in an organized manner through which the messaged can be passed on from one party to the other.

According to my assessment, I have learned that the professional communication consists of a wide variety of skills. As opined by Kong et al. (2015), professional communication adequately consists of verbal communication, followed by public speaking. Followed by these two methods of communication, written and digital are the last two aspects. In the 21st century, professional communication is used in various aspects of professional careers (Perrin, 2015). Therefore, it is an effective form of communication that can be used in a workplace. Among the different forms of professional communications, I think verbal communication is one of the best modes of communication. According to Montanari (2015), verbal communication allows direct communication with the opposite party or parties making it the most effective.

I have learned in the course of this assessment that verbal communication provides the opportunity to observe the reaction of the other party. This is essentially helpful in a workplace as through the aid of body language, the interest of the opposite party in the communication process can be understood (, 2014). Therefore, in a workplace, this form of communication comes off as the most useful because lots of opinions and views can be shared. I think it would also help in the assessment of adequate solution if any problem arises in a workplace. As forwarded by Nakamura (2015), the aspect of verbal communication can be categorized into an interpersonal model of communication as well as public speaking. The aspect of public speaking is essentially done at a conference which is an essential part of a business. According to this assessment, I have learned about the importance of conferences and meetings this week. Therefore, the ultimate lesson is that without the presence of professional communication, this aspect cannot be divulged in a proper manner.  

The aspect of written communication is another form of professional communication. This aspect has also been briefly discussed during the ten-week assessment. I have learned that written communication is used in various aspects in a workplace, especially for newsletters and emails. Therefore, this writing should be done in a precise manner through which the audience would be able to tell its significance at first glance or after reading the first paragraph. As regarded by Bentley et al. (2016), written communication can be deemed as successful if it manages to keep the audience hooked until the end of the communication process. Thus, by following the rules of professional communication, I believe that this aspect can be achieved. The last form of professional communication deals with the digital mode. Digital communication is one of the rising aspects of communication in the 21st century (, 2018).

Digital communication is such a method which can be effectively used in a workplace in order to deliver important messages to all its stakeholders including its employees and customers. As per the view of Yusuf, Yunus, & Embi (2018), the digital form of communication can be executed through the aid of various platforms of social networking. Internet conferencing, teleconferencing is important aspects which fall under this aspect of professional communication (, 2017). I have learned that aspects such as email, blogging can also be considered under this aspect of communication. Therefore, I have accessed the important aspects of professional communication in this section with special emphasis on its different types. This assessment helped me in understanding the significance of professional communication in a workplace.  

In the course of ten weeks, I have successfully identified one of the most important forms of communication which are required in a workplace. However, apart from this mode of communication, I have also accessed two other forms of communication that might come into use in my future. These two aspects of communication can be defined as intercultural communication and organizational communication. As opined by Gluschkoff et al. (2017), intercultural communication can be defined as communication with people from different background and ethnicity. This is because a workplace might have a diverse range of employees. It might also deal with various employees of ethnic culture. Therefore I think it is important to learn different languages in order to associate with people from the different background a workplace.

The aspect of proper communication with people of intercultural background can be achieved by the implementation of a training program. In these programs, the employees would be given an adequate amount of training so that they are able to communicate with people of ethnic culture. This might prove to be essentially helpful through which the various aspects of work can be dealt with in a significant manner. This aspect of communication can be directly linked with that of the organizational communication which is another important concept identified in this essay. As per my opinion, unless and until a workplace follows an organizational system, proper aspects of work cannot be achieved by them. Organizational communication would undoubtedly help in understanding the work within an organization along with its required needs (, 2018). Therefore, from this assessment, the importance of the two concepts can be understood.

Implementation of the two above concepts in my field of future work in business would indeed prove to be successful because if it's effective nature. My future aspiration includes working in a good corporation. I can only provide effective work if I follow the organizational method in a proper manner. This would help me accessing the internal working of the organization so that I can effectively solve various problems. This would, in turn, help me from organized plans and opinions which I can present in a professional manner. Therefore, in the future, I can present my thoughts and opinions in a clear and concise manner if I follow the most important identified form of communication. Maintenance of these aspects would also help me perform in a better manner when I am working with people of different background. I can utilize my skill of intercultural communication to effectively understand in order to cooperate with the needs of the clients. Therefore, following these forms of communication would undoubtedly help me in providing quality performance in a workplace in order to fulfill my future aspirations.

This essay deals with various forms of communication which I have learned from the course of ten-week assessments. I have been able to gather adequate knowledge about the different types of communication that can be utilized in a workplace. From these different methods, I have been successful in the identification of professional communication as the most important method of communication in a workplace. This aspect helps in communication with other parties in a clear manner so that no miscommunication occurs. Other than this aspect two other concepts have also been identified which can positively impact on my future aspirations. Integration of intercultural communication skill and organizational communication skill will undoubtedly help me to perform in a more effective manner in a workplace.

However, the chosen concepts of communication also have certain disadvantages. One of these disadvantages can be termed as disorganized communication. This occurs when an accurate model of communication is not chosen for a business.

Digital communication can also be misguided that might result in miscommunication and misunderstanding with the opposite parties such as the clients. Therefore, adequate measures are needed to take so that these problems can be avoided at all cost. In public, verbal communication should be used in an effective manner to avoid any form of miscommunication. Therefore, it can be asserted that this essay identifies all the necessary means of recommendations which I need to follow through which I can produce a proper outcome. The contrition of this assessment is immense in the formulation of the correct form of communications for my future aspirations. Thus, this essay has effectively helped me in understanding detailed aspects of communications which can be thoroughly used in the communication process I different workplaces.  

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