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CPT 307 Week 1 Assignment

CPT 307: Data Structure & Algorithms

I had to do a lot of research for this program. This is my first time attempting to use Java. I started by googling and using YouTube to figure out how to get a user’s input. This is where I found the java.util.Scanner. While doing my research the Scanner is a class inside the java.util package, so I import it into my program. Since attributes and behaviors make up a class, the attributes of a class are taking the input of the user. I then define the “Calculate Pay” class. This is where I start using the attributes of the Scanner class and assigning the user’s input to various variables. From there I used the if and elseif conditional statements. I used these to separate employees that worked 40 hours or less and employees that work over 40 hours. For figuring deductions, net and gross pay, I used basic arithmetic operations that were in the instructions for this assignment. For problems that dealt with pay I used the Double datatype to get decimals places. For hours, I used the Integer data type since I would be using whole numbers. May be to get more accurate you could use the Double datatype to get when employees worked half hours, like 37.5 or 65.5 hours. Once I got all the information I need needed, I then output all necessary information using the System.out.println statement.

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