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CPT304 Week 4 Interactive Assignment File systems management

  • Outline the objectives and functions of file systems management and the supported operations, including their reliability and performance.
  • Contrast different directory structures and create unique diagrams to illustrate an example of each directory structure (similar to Figures 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, and 10.13 in your textbook). Insert these images as nodes of your concept map. To create your diagrams, you can choose to use a graphics editing software (PowerPoint, Paint, PhotoShop, etc.), an online mapping software tool (io(Links to an external site.)), or even upload a photo of a hand-drawn sketch.
  • Describe different types of input/output devices, distinguishing between the hardware and software layers and summarizing the integration across I/O and memory components.

Logically arrange the essential concepts about files, mass storage, and I/O into a hierarchy of nodes that branch from the main idea. Include cross-links where necessary to show in different sections of the concept map. Use connecting nodes to accurately describe each relationship between topics that connect. Section 4 must have at least three nodes and at least four connecting nodes.

The file management system is an important feature of the OS. Its main function is to manage the file on the computer. The file management system is responsible for making, changing and erasing the documents. It also helps with finding files, the modification of data in those files. It manages folders known as directories this helps keep files organized because they are arranged by type and use. It is possible that file systems can be different based on the operating system. The attributes can be different but generally the following are some of the thing that are consists between operating systems: Name, identifier, type, location, size, protection, time and date and user’s identification. Files system require a specific naming convention and they specify which characters can be used in the name.

There are file structures that help keep things organized. There is a directory, and this has folders and files that is organizes in hierarchical order. There is the single level directory the files are all in the same directory easy to support but there are limitations if there are two users each user file names must be unique. Grouping the same type of file together doesn’t happen

The next level in directories is the level 2. Here since there are two directories each user can have its own directory. This makes searching for files easier and users can have the same directory because everything is indexed by user logon, However, this is not scalable files of the same type cannot be grouped together.
The Tree structure is considered the most common and has a height of 2 and has the ability extend its structure. In this particular directory users and create subdirectories. Its scalable and gives a full path name. Since every file may not be hierarchical files my end up in multiple directories. This makes some files hard to access when in multiple directories

The Acyclic directory this type of directory has the capability to share files. Sharing files here is easy so the sharing if files is done any type of deletions could result in issues.

The general graph structure allows cycles and multiple directories can come from one parent directory. It has more flexibility than other structures but one of the biggest issues with this type of structure is the size of files. 

I/O devices or input output devises are used to input data into computers and output devices help provide the final product. Some input devices are Keyboard, Mouse, Touchpad, TrackPoint, Scanner, Microphone, Digital Cameras, Barcode reader, Joystick, Webcam, etc. Devices that are considered output devices are Printers, Projector, Plotters, Monitor, Speakers, Headphone.

CPT304 Week 4 Interactive Assignment File systems management Image 1

Information is transferred between internal storage and an I/O interfaces. There is special communication that happens to help interpret the differences between the computer and peripherals. There communication links and hardware that all work together to synchronize the input and output.

The external device will send information that is stored in a memory unit this information is transferred. The CPU will process the information. Data transfer that happens between the CPU and I/O devices can happen in several different ways. The

Programmed I/O, Interrupt- initiated I/O and Direct memory access DMA. The Programmed I/O, Interrupt- initiated I/O need intervention between the processor and memory any data in this scenario will need to go thru the processor therefore the transfer rate is affected by the speed of the processor. The causes the processor to have to manage instructions that need to be executed for each I/O transfer. Allowing peripherals to directly communicate with each other remove the intervention of the CPU. CPU remains Idle and has no control over the memory bus. There is direct transfer between the I/O devices and memory unit.


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