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CVE80010 Principles of Sustainability: Greenhouse Gas Emission

Assignment Title: Greenhouse gas emission

Complete the following tasks:

  • Calculate the greenhouse gas emissions from the existing household presented below using Australian Greenhouse Gas Calculator (You should use it in Detailed Version).
  • Link:
  • Suggest how you can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from this household to the level (either below or as close as possible) of a green household’s greenhouse gas emission. Provide Justifications for each of your suggestions. For example, how the proposed solution reduces the emission? Present the detail calculation where appropriate. Provide reference for each of your suggested measures or action.

Description of the Existing House:

The figure above shows the typical floors plan of a semidetached house where 4 people occupy. The postcode of the area is 30XY. Where, X is the 3rd digit of your student ID and Y is the 4th digit of your student ID. [The postcode is – 3015].

The detail construction of the building is presented in the table below:

Ceiling Height 2.7 m

External Wall Timber/weatherboard with no insulation.

Floor Suspended slab with enclosed subfloor, mostly carpet Coverings and no insulation.

Roof type Attic with R 2.0 insulation

The dimensions of the windows are as follows:

W2, W3, W4 Height = 1500 mm, Width = 1800 mm

W6 Height = 900 mm, Width = 1800 mm

W1 Height = 2100 mm, Width = 5100 mm

W5 Height = 900 mm, Width = 600 mm

All the windows have Aluminium frame clear single glazing and have Holland blinds with no external shading. In all windows, there are large gaps between the window frame and the wall. The external doors also have large gaps. The building has two exhaust fans: in the kitchen and bathroom. They are not sealed.

The heating system of the house is natural gas feuled. The system is ducted, very old with 1-star rating. The condition of the duct is very poor and has not been inspected recently. The heating system runs every day during winter from 6 pm to 12 am to warm the bedrooms and lounge area although everyone stays in the Lounge area from 6 pm to 10 pm and then goes to bedrooms. The heating thermostat is set at 20_C. Although after 10 pm 15_C is the recommended set point for bedrooms, the occupants of this house do not follow it.

The cooling system of the house is non-ducted air-conditioner. The system is also very old with 1- star rating. On average, the air-conditioner is operated for 2 hours during the day and 2 hours during night to cool down the bedrooms and Lounge area during summer period. 


All occupants use their own vehicle (Small car, Annual km 15000, Typical Petrol, Auto, and Year 2003) to drive to work in different offices at Melbourne CBD although those offices are easily accessible by public transport.

Air Travel 

All of them travel to Sydney, Brisbane or Adelaide once in a year in economy class.

Hot Water 

The hot water system of the house is electric medium and has no solar boost. 

Washing Machine 

It is a typical top loader, 7 kg capacity, hot and cold tape, 1-star energy rating and was manufactured on 1997. They normally run it 4 times a week on high water program. The temperature of the hot water is around 40*C.


It is a standard one, small capacity, 3-star energy rating, 2-star water rating and was manufactured on 2003. They use it 5-9 times a week on rinse/hold program. The dishwasher only uses cold water.

Hand Dishwashing 

They don’t use hot water to rinse the dishes.


In total, the occupants of the household take 15-25 showers a week. Average shower time is 10 minutes. The showerheads are unrated.

Clothes Dryer 

There is no cloth dryer in this house.


The house has 18 low voltage halogen lights throughout the house. During a typical summer and winter days, those lights are ON for 3 and 6 hours respectively. The power of the halogen lights are 40 watts and can provide 14 lumens of light per watt. The requirement of the house is around 150 lumens per m2. 


Normal compressor, one door, capacity 300 litres, 2-star rating and year of production is 1992.


The house has gas burners which use natural gas. No information is available about the usage. They also have a microwave. 

Other Appliances 

There are 4 small laptops. Each of them is used 4 hours a day. There is a 50inch LCD TV in the lounge room which runs 4 hours per day.

You do not need to consider Food and Shopping and waste. 

In your report, provide the inputs in the Australian Greenhouse calculator and the final report of greenhouse gas emission of the existing house. Then provide the screenshots of all suggested changes followed by justifications of each suggestion. Then provide the screenshot of the final report of greenhouse gas emission of the improved house.

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