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ECON1203 : Information Systems and People : Support the Making of Deci


Each group number is to choose ONE of the ratenencect nesterlai that dearly defines the topic. 

• laiorntation Systems VS)
• 15 and Organisations
• 15 and Technology
• S and People 


1. Introduction:

The Information Systems (IS) act as a medium between computers and people. The information systems are termed as

the collection of the set of interrelated components, which work together for the purpose of collecting, processing, storing and thus disseminating of information in order to support the making of decisions (Stair and Reynolds 2013).

2. Discussion

The Information System is collectively defined as the organized form of collection of information from a wide source and thus be able to process the particular information. It could also be defined as the study of complimentary networks that are used by organizations and people.

2.1 Strengths of IS for People 

Information Systems play a major role for the use by the people. They are able to communicate on the highest form of networks. The IS would be able to bridge the gap between people who are based in different geographical locations. The IS systems would make possible for businesses to be available throughout the day for the benefits of the people (Oinas-Kukkonen and Harjumaa 2018).

2.2 Weaknesses of IS for People 

The increased use of IS might lead to the taking of jobs from the people. There might several issues related to the security of services, which are provided by the information systems.


Based on the discussion from the report, it could be concluded that the use of Information Systems could be of a major help for the people. The use of IS would also help in productivity of the lives of people.


Based on the conclusions, it could be concluded that the technology of IS should be made secure for the benefits of the people and for the improvement of the entire system.


Oinas-Kukkonen, H. and Harjumaa, M., 2018. Persuasive systems design: key issues, process model and system features. In Routledge Handbook of Policy Design (pp. 105-123). Routledge.

Stair, R. and Reynolds, G., 2013. Principles of information systems. Cengage Learning.

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