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ENEL372 Power and Analogue Electronics: Voltage Regulator

Topic: Switch Mode Voltage Regulator

Provide a stable and regulated output voltage of required value to the design circuit. It serves many purposes like regulation, stepping down to required voltage, stabilizes the voltage and protection against surges etc.



A switched mode power supply is an electronic based power supply. It incorporates a switching regulator to convert electrical power accurately. The regulator contains LC circuit, which maintains the necessary output voltage with the help of charging and discharging the capacitor and inductor. Where, the switching mode power supply transfers power from a DC Source to AC Source. The inductor’s DC pulse is charged and in turn provides stable output capacitor. In case, when the DC pulse is turned off the Schottky diode di

scharges the inductor into the storage capacitor. As a switched mode power, the regulator has higher stability that is a replacement for the Linear Regulator. Smaller transformer is used due to high operating frequency. When the load gets varied then the voltage also varies. The feedback circuit is utilized for monitoring the output voltage and it is compared with the reference voltage. The Feedback circuit requires some power for running before the power generates. So, an additional Non-Switching Power-Supply is added by default.

The objective of the Switch mode Voltage Regulator is to produce a constant and controlled output voltage of required value to the circuit. It is more efficient in the aspects like controlled output, for the stability of the power and safety against any powerful rush, along with dropping down to the required voltage and so on.

Theory Of Switching Mode Voltage Regulator

Linear Voltage Regulator has unregulated PSUs which has a little AC ripple that has superimposed on the DC component. Thus, it causes Electronic Noise at the Output terminals. Switching Mode Power Supply is noiser due to its switching frequency. The output of Switching Mode Voltage Regulator is controlled using Duty Cycle, transistors in it are either to be entirely switched ON or switched OFF. It consists of power transistors, diodes, inductors, power transformer and filter capacitors. When higher input voltage is given, synchronous rectification mode makes the converting process more stable and accurate  

The formula used to calculate the output voltage is ("Switch Mode Power Supply basics and Switching Regulators", 2017).

Switching Regulators- Types 

Switched mode voltage Regulator can be classified based on different aspects like, functions used and input power supply. Based on the type of the input power supply DC/DC converters and AC/DC converters are the classified types. These two converters consist of both non-isolated and isolated types. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) are the different types of operations used in Switching Mode Voltage Regulator. Different types of conversions used in Switching Mode Voltage Regulator are Buck, Boost and Inverting conversions. Buck Converter known as the step-down converter, drops down the voltage from its supply (input voltage) to Load (output voltage). Boost Converter is a step-up converter, which raises the voltage. It is equivalent to a flyback converter ("Types of Switching Regulators", 2017).

Hierarchy of the Switching Regulators

The hierarchy of switching regulators is illustrated in the below mentioned flow chart.

Circuit Design

The circuit for the switch mode voltage regulator is designed for LM2575 voltage regulator. LM2575 greatly simplifies the circuits for switching the power supplies. It is efficient, low power consuming IC and is a complete replacement for the previously used 3 pin voltage regulators .

The LM2575’s internal structure is illustrated in the below circuit diagram.

The above diagram shows that the LM2575 is capable of providing 1 A current with an input range of 6 - 37 V. It even has a remotely controlled ON/OFF control pin for the user.

The schematic design for the LM2575 is used as a switching mode voltage regulator that is designed in Multisim, as represented in the below diagram.

The components used are listed below:

S. No.




DC supply

6 - 40V


Voltage regulator



Zener Diode




100uF, 330uF






7.15k, 1k


Simulation result

Simulation results are represented in the above diagram. The blue lines in the simulation results denotes the generated output voltage Vout of the given Vin. Then, the green line in the diagram denotes the current produced for the output voltage, next the pink line shows the results of the current in the inductor Lout. L denotes the inductance. Finally, the violet line in the simulation diagram displays the minute ripples in the output voltage of 20 milli Volt.


The Switching Mode Voltage Regulator has produced constant and controlled output voltage of the given value, in the circuit. It has met its key features like Controlled Output and high Stability. The appropriate results are generated and are represented in the above diagram.


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