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Enterprise operating environment in terms of customer base

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1. Description of the enterprise’s operating environment in terms of customer base, company products and services

The company chosen being Marks and Spencer situated in UK has greatly been able to widen their retail chain sector and adapt to a healthy working environment. This further follows suitable work flexibility with emphasis on the organizational norms and culture. This further follows emphasis on several researches that the company has adopted to be able to widen their relation with the customers greatly. They have adapted to several modifications to expand their customer base thereby claiming to offer them with all the possible benefits that may widen their brand value and potential customers further. I have further been able to note down the cost effective strategies that they have adopted to cut down the extra costs thereby reducing wastage of resources and offering an optimum level of customer services so as to widen their sales further (Reim et al. 2015). Our company solely follows a specific mission of making an inspirational quality of service that would be accessible to all thereby using the best technical elements within. Further, social media has greatly helped us to widen our customer base and help to promote our products and services greatly thereby widening our reach to a vast et of area and customer group. We have made several efforts to boost the customer satisfaction globally thereby offering hug set of discounts, vouchers and gifts thereby widening the reach of our core customers (Tukker and Tischner, 2017).

2. Description of the culture and values of the enterprise using three examples of the types of behavior

M&S thoroughly lays focus on the values of loyalty and confidence to our customers thereby emphasizing on the important elements of inspiration, innovation, integrity and In Touch. This has helped to underpin on our customer prices thereby enhancing their lives everyday. The employees working within the company follow this value with great importance thereby ensuring that they are able to reach the heart of the customers and keep them satisfied at all times. We have further laid a through emphasis on our leadership styles thereby widening our organizational culture further (Linehan, 2018). This has helped us to unify our brand thereby widening our profits and delivering the customers with the best possible services so as to widen our sale and profit margin. This has further helped us to obtain a strong customer loyalty thereby focusing on the employee requirements. We have further laid focus on incorporating the best training and developmental tactics that would help us to widen the efficiency of the staffs. This in turn has greatly helped to widen our cultural diversity which reflects on the organization’s core values of maintain a quality product and services (Sorokin, 2017)

3. Overview of the enterprise’s mission, business goals and standards

By adopting to a Plan A concept, our company has greatly been able to diversify our sustainability program thereby meeting our targets to reduce the emission and maintain sustainability within. This has further helped us to focus on a zero waste business thereby delivering an action programme that would help us to deliver reports based on the finings obtained annually. M&S seeks to widen their mission of developing an inspirational quality of services to their customers followed by the vision of widening the experiences and expertise of each of their employees to meet the customer requirements duly. We have thoroughly laid focus on widening our mission statement thereby reflecting on the purposes that we intend to serve thereby improving our competency level further. This has further helped us to widen our market share thereby enhancing the leadership skills of the customers. The company solely seeks to deliver the customers with the best retail services in all fields thereby widening their standards further. We have laid focus on our product standards thereby providing a unique position to all our products so as to widen their value and importance to the customers. Efforts are further made to develop a standard plan list sheet that is specifically designed to widen the company’s various departments based on their performances thereby finding way to widen their overall productivity.

4. Example of policies, procedures and guidelines thereby setting organizational standards and expectations in the area of activity and the effects on people’s behavior

Our company has adapted to various leadership and management policies that has helped us to widen our customer service procedure thereby following a definite code of conduct within. This has helped us to improve the performances of the staffs within thereby meeting all their requirements duly. This further helps us to improve our communication with the potential customers thereby understanding their need and meeting them duly. We have further been able to focus on the development of a suitable product standard that seeks to improve our quality of production and delivery thereby seeking to meet our long-term targets duly. We have further taken a through research and analysis of the various demographic factors that determine the changes within the customer behavior thereby contributing to our improvement and growths.

5. Example of contribution to a continuous improvement in the organization using continuous improvement techniques and processes followed

By adapting to an effective concept of Continuous Improvement, we have been able to focus on a continual improvement and development of our products and services thereby widening our process further. We have further laid an ongoing effort to develop our product quality and a suitable delivery of customer services based on their requirements. Some of the effective tools that I have adopted thereby contributing towards the development of our company include kanban and A3. Kanban seeks to help harness the power of the visual information followed by widening the flow of focus. This is one of the most effective techniques that seek to bring about an evolution within the company and its internal processes. This further helps to emphasize on an improvement in the communication status with focus on the development of our marketing and organizational teams thereby widening our sales further (Omotayo, 2015). A3 on the other hand is a well-structured approach that is helpful for the lean and agile organizations thereby emphasizing on a suitable documentation and decision making thereby developing the planning accordingly. This is further followed by development of a suitable planning method that would help to widen our functional teams, improve their ideas, and bring about innovations. This further follows a development of a cause analysis and target condition that would greatly help our company to develop an implementation plan and add up to the benefits of the company in their entire growth and developments.

6. Example of management of an individual’s performance using organizational improvement techniques and processes

I have management policies adapted to the theory of performance (ToP) that has greatly helped me to develop and focus on the fundamental concepts of employee requirement. By developing a suitable framework, I have further been able to widen their performances thereby providing them with a suitable training and development followed by holding frequent meetings to understanding their point of views and problems duly (Luthans et al. 2015). By holding joint meetings, I have greatly been able to improve the performances of my employee thereby finding ways to deal with the major threats that he experience thereby training and managing the entire collaboration and communication. Further, I have taken into count certain policy based management principles that have helped me to develop my administrative approach and simplify the entire management process further.

7. Description of an occasion of coaching and mentoring of individual using approaches to meet desired outcomes

I have developed a suitable personal conduct thereby developing suitable interview with the staffs thereby delivering a welcoming approach. I have further carried out a suitable communication with the candidate thereby making them understand in detail about the company’s in bouts. This has helped to develop a good impression of the company thereby being as free as possible to be able to comfort the candidate (Sorokin, 2017). By delivering a friendly attitude, I have been able to maintain a suitable language standard thereby providing them with through guidance in the entire process and telling him about the company goal duly. By delivering a modest effort, I have been able to widen the performance of both my own communication skills as well as attracting thorough information about the candidate’s personal achievements. Further, I have given a detailed training session to them to help them with all forms of challenges thereby improving their skills and knowledge further.

8. Influence on individuals and teams:

I have thoughtfully adopted the analogy of the company thereby seeking to focus on their objectives thereby developing the company identification and ethics. I have further developed my communication skills and assertive skills that has helped me to encourage my values and reward system that has greatly motivated the employees working within. This is followed by an effective teamwork that has widened the employee performance greatly. Further, I have taken into account the promotional tactics that has helped to improve my communication roles. This has help me to carry out an effective evaluation of the responsible carried out by each employee thereby meeting the customer expectations duly. I have further developed a positive acceptance that has helped me to support the information and ideas of the team thereby widening the company’s skills and performances thereby leading to their future

9. Explanation of an informed decision:

By focusing on the development of an informed decision, I have laid emphasis on certain important elements such as the possible outcomes, the identification of the major issues, the existing beliefs within and the emotions of the employees. This has helped me to note down the major problems that the employees experience within in terms of the in conflicts, the lack of communication, bullying, harassment, performance issues and such. I have further been able to encourage the staff participation in carrying out effective decisions thereby laying importance on the term communication. Further, I have made several efforts to allow their choices to be thoroughly incorporated thereby training them to improve their skills. The joint meetings further help to discuss the issues they face thereby helping them to identify the weaknesses that lie within thereby helping them to cope up (Bolden, 2016). Further, I have carried out a detailed risk analysis and evaluation thereby identifying the market and helping the employees to understand the customer needs. Further, by adopting certain communication strategies, I have been able to meet the employee needs thereby increasing the workplace knowledge. This has helped to carry out effective decisions accordingly. Several planning tools and techniques have been adopted that has helped to reach a decision base on the plans. This has greatly helped the leaders to obtain a wider success thereby obtaining positive outcomes. This has helped the employees working within the company to monitor their progress and meet their timeline and set budgets effectively during the decision making process.

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