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ENTREP 5016 Entrepreneurship and Innovation : Factors of Digital Busin

1. Describe the process Minnaar followed in starting and building Yappo, with reference to the effectuation model. In so doing you should provide practical insights from the case study to substantiate your answer.
2. Fully reflect on those aspects of the entrepreneurial ecosystem which have been most influential in contributing to Yappo’s overall success. Draw on evidence from the case study to support your answer.
3. Exponential entrepreneurs are considered, in part, to exhibit exponential (positive) psychological attributes. Which of these attributes does Minnaar embody? Fully substantiate your answer with reference to the case study.
4.Would you consider Yappo to be a disruptive innovation/technology? Fully

5. Ethics should necessarily form an integral part of the entrepreneurial decision making process. Identify and fully describe any FIVE (5) relevant ethical challenges, which, in your opinion, Minnaar might have confronted in starting Yappo.
6. Provide a consideration of how Yappo might be reimagined as a social innovation (beyond its current role as an e-wallet for students). In so doing provide a consideration of particular wicked problem which might be addressed through this reimagined application of Yappo (with particular reference to Nussbaum’s capabilities), the business model you would propose that Yappo adopts in implementing this social innovation, aspects of scalability that Yappo would need to focus on in order to ensure maximum impact, as well as then, what indicators of social impact Yappo might consider

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