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Entrepreneurial Leadership and Project Management

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Digital marketing channel is one of the most ground-breaking and fresh perceptions of the 21st century. The digital marketing does not have any exact proper definition or proper meaning. Digital marketing can be explained accurately with emails, advertisements, pay per clicks, text messages blogging, fax, broadcast, etc. These examples define the term of digital marketing.

Apart from the examples given above, there are few more channels available which are traditional channels like TV, radio, print and billboards. Digital marketing is the most powerful network for the advertising as like the double click strategy from Google for internet which has become the closest linking between each and every places almost (Chaffey et al., 2014).

Part One

TWO types of digital marketing channels to access the target audience & discussion

Before identifying the digital marketing channel it is required to understand the different channels of digital marketing. By identification of proper channel will help best for the business propel help. There are many digital marketing channels available which can be chosen for business to target audiences, but the most effective TWO channels for the company Marks & Spencer will be:

  • Display advertising
  • Social Media Marketing

Display Advertising

Display advertising is one of the most important channels for the company like Marks & Spencer. The company can target audience more and more by improving their display advertising. This channel includes graphical designing advertisements. After making the graphical advertising the company can put those content into their websites, e-mails, instant messaging apps etc. This kind of advertisements can be text, images, even audio or video clips. These advertisements can be visible to the audiences by going through their internet searches, emails or can be by the hoardings of the road sides. These advertisements are required to be very relevant and should contain effective information of the Marks & Spencer products otherwise these could be misplaced of information to the audiences also (Dadzie, 2015).

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the most crucial channel for Marks & Spencer. Media is anything, everywhere in this days. The company a target most of their audiences through social media marketing defiantly. Social media is the only channel that cannot be ignored by almost any person in this world so, the marketing process will be very easy and most effective for not only for the Marks & Spencer but any companies of the worldwide. The standard marketing mediums which are available traditionally are television, radio, social media site advertisements. When we open any website or apps in mobile we cannot avoid me from being viewing advertisements which are default by the website or mobile application that we are accessing (Role of Social Media in Tourism Marketing, 2016).

So, social media advertisements or marketing will be the most and accurate channel for the Marks & Spencer. Almost 80% in this world uses social media sites, so this is the main key channel for the company to target their audiences by providing advertisements into the pages of Facebook. The company can promote their products, offer discounts via advertisements on sites or through mobile apps. Digital marketing is the most effective and valuable process in this days for targeting new customers towards the company products because everybody is addicted to social media. People uses most of the times into social sites even in the relax time of their office. So, the company can process their products adds to the social media sites or into the mobile applications that will help the company in target their audiences or customers mostly (Jessen, 2014).

Two online marketing platforms and their use for target new customers.

There are many online platforms available online for marketing but the top most platforms which can help in target new customers for Marks & Spencer are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter


Facebook is the top most platform for marketing and target new customers. Almost 80% people uses Facebook daily. So, target new customers will be very easy and effective for the company by selling ads to the timeline of Facebook. Facebook is casual and has a friendly environment of the company is great for marketing and target new people. New people create accounts every day on Facebook which is a plus point for Marks & Spencer that they can target a lot of people every day almost. Marks & Spencer need to create a business fan page and have to promote that page through the company by placing the link to that fan page. This online marketing Facebook business page revolves around further by the conversations with the audiences through the posts of company related articles, company products images, videos of company products or marketing videos etc. by viewing those posts in the business page timeline audiences can share those posts and comment in the posts also. Those post can create new audiences if they like the products picture or videos (Chu and Manchanda, 2016).


Twitter is another good and effective tool for online marketing. Twitter can help Marks & Spencer to broadcast their updates related to their new products or offers across the web. People follows Twitter pages and all the twits made by the company comes in the timeline of twitter users. By the broadcast of new updates daily via twitter can attract new customers towards the company surely. The customers can retweet the official posts made by the company which will go to the timeline of other customers. By using Twitter as marketing platform can revolve around dialogs and communication for the company so, the company can be sure about interact with Twitter as much as they can.

Analyze how the digital marketing can be integrated into the traditional marketing mix.

The digital marketing has emerged in recent years with very cost friendly way, driving the marketing results positively. The companies must have to remember about the traditional methods also depending on the specific goals of the company. Traditional vs. Digital, this clash is not required where the companies can use digital marketing with the traditional methods instead of making a clash between them.

The digital marketing can be integrated into traditional marketing mix through some steeps which are:

  1. Identification of key transformations of digital channels – before the integration of these two the company has to understand what channels are driving in performance and business impact and how to utilize technology in a cross-channel for identifying how and when the two different channels impact each other.
  2. Recognize the targeted audiences – recognition of audience is the translation of third party data into a digestible format. Leveraging the both past and present data will allow marketers in mapping out what type of digital content will perform with the traditional method.
  3. Build content and digital strategy in collaboration – building of and integrated marketing plan takes account of the creation, repurposing, amplification and syndication of content, which will work across all the channels. This is also important to integrate the offline campaigns for maximizing the reach across the TV, radio, and print. The scale can be build when the digital and traditional advertising work in collaboration.
  4. Structure and alignment of digital marketing terms – the company have to ensure that their internal departments and digital channels are optimized and well-structured for work in union.
  5. Execute, optimization and measurement of success – The digital marketers never have the time to take advantage of technology, analytical integrations and proper information to help evaluate the value of digital marketing. Evaluating content performance is a vital part of this process which allows marketers to produce smarter and better content and support future deals in content and digital marketing (Adzharuddin, 2013).

Part Two

The role of content marketing to build customer relationship with the target audience across digital platforms

A couple of associations like Mark and Spencer's usage content publicizing channels to have purchasers like the substance, comment on the substance and share the substance. With its truly new nearness, Mark and Spencer's are as of late misusing its application. Right away, Mark and Spencer's have been to an extraordinary degree productive with its use. With the augmentation of web-based systems administration, Mark and Spencer's have had the magnificent achievement on destinations, for instance, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to showcase their things content (Evans, 2008). The improvement of web based systems administration advancing is helping expand content showcasing as well. A showcasing relationship using a substance is one that continues running over a more drawn out time span, regarding the entire customer life cycle and from a measurement perspective the customer lifetime regard. The advancement of online person to person communication promoting is developing substance showcasing as well. Destinations, for instance, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all give a direct and sensible technique for advancing substance (Gunelius, 2011). Facebook, probably the most used channel, grants associations to post information by a method for divider posts, pictures, or recordings on a business' page for the world to see. This grants customers to get the information about things and starting there, they can bestow it to various customers on Facebook's site. Next is Twitter (Evans, 2008). Twitter licenses Mark and Spencer's associations to post a tweet about their things that will appear on their disciples' course of occasions. Starting there, their aficionados can "retweet" the message and allow distinctive customers to view it who tail them. Check and Spencer's usage Twitter to keep their customers instructed about the things they offer and things they will soon offer. Instagram is a photo sharing venture and web-based systems administration webpage that licenses customers to take a photograph and grant it to in every way that matters the world. The organization is free allowing various buyers and moreover associations to adventure its organization (Gunelius, 2011).

Mark and Spencer's UK based retailer organize that grants customers to request any kind of question about the retailer things. Each response focuses on evacuating the negative information concerning their retailer things seen on the web. Ordinary advancing methods that are more constrain based and incorporate media buying, content promoting uses a push build approach where content lives as for had media. Ideally, every promoting on mechanized channels should be solidly associated with the general substance strategy of the Mark and Spencer's affiliation. This fuses internet systems administration and pays per click promoting, webpage outline change, publicizing methods, furthermore, inbound showcasing for making more development and leads (Gunelius, 2011). As demonstrated by the Content Marketing Institute, Content advancing is a key publicizing approach focused on making and coursing essential, appropriate, and dependable substance to attract and hold a proposed premium gathering and finally to drive beneficial customer action. Today, given the propelling solicitations of painstakingly savvy customers, client driven substance shapes the foundation of a viable multichannel B2B and B2C promoting the system.

Develop a fused electronic promoting plan that considers the creation, repurposing, improvement and syndication of substance that will work over all their propelled channels (Illing and Peitz, 2006). The best cross-channel progressed showcasing exertion pass on substance and message through a collection of channels and media, including:

  • Animate search
  • Email promotion
  • Demonstration advertising
  • Social media
  • Videos
  • Measures
  • Speaking schedules

It's moreover basic to join on and detached fights to increase reach and impact across over PR, TV, and radio and print. The incremental scale can be developed when electronic and standard commercial VeriSign work in helpful vitality to collect customer relationship and engagement with the goal audience across over cutting edge stages (Illing and Peitz, 2006).

Discuss the relevant laws the organization would need to consider when developing content marketing across various platforms.

Mark & Spencer must follow the laws when developing content marketing across the various platform. Those relevant laws are elaborated below:

Laws of content marketing/listening

Success with the content marketing and social media requires less talking and more listening. Organization must read the online content of their target audience and have to know the need of them. Only then Mark & Spencer can create the exact content and stimulus conversation which can include value rather than clutter.

Gain Trust

The organization may face same reader skepticism and scrutiny as traditional marketing while content marketing. This is the only way to engage prospects is being genuinely helpful to build a warm relationship and gaining trust.


All the contents must be adapted to proliferation its influence and consumption. This will inspire the move which the company desire. Along with that, the organization should gather the accurate information details to the perfect decision maker by the time.


Mark & Spencer have to find some person who will spread their message whether that's a co-marketer, influencer, business partners, stakeholders or bloggers. Potentiality is the crucial thing while developing the content because the audience will understand the entire story by reading the content as may be the audience is not familiar with the particular subject.


The organization has to spend a time to find the online influencer in the global market which has quality audiences and have interest on the Mark & Spencer. The organization have to work with this kind of people to make a healthy relationship with the influencer


Timeliness is the most important thing while the value of information is concerned. Timely insights score big with the consumer of the content.

Original Thinking

The content developers of the Mark & Spencer Company have to understand the value of well-convinced original content and themes as content readers search for the unique idea not rehash. Unique thoughts undermine quantity any day. In the field of content marketing its better to have 1,000 online connections who read, share and talk about your content with their audiences than 10,000 connections who disappear after connecting with you the first time.


If the organization publish amazing, quality content and work to build your online audience of quality followers, they'll share it with their audiences on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, their blogs and more. This sharing and discussing of your content open new entry points for search engines like Google to find it in keyword searches. Those entry points could grow to hundreds or thousands of more potential ways for people to find you online.


Organization has to keep in mind that they don't publish their content and then disappear. Have to be available to their audience. That means you need to consistently publish content and participate in conversations. Followers online can be fickle, and they won't hesitate to replace the content if disappear for weeks or months.

Part Three

Analysis of analytic data to improve Marks and Spencer’s Digital marketing strategy

Analysis of data of digital marketing is a vital part of any organization. However, if it is about Marks and Spencer they should understand the value and importance of digital marketing data analysis. This analytic data can help a business to understand the market where they are operating. Depending on that Google analytic is one of the best application for the marketers to analysis the digital marketing (Jefferson and Tanton, 2013). However, the analysis can also provide the best understanding of the paid searches and prospects of the e-commerce sites. Thus, the survey analysis can provide an understanding of the factors that leads a business to their success by online marketing. Another application, Google AdWords is popular for quantifying the primary performance of an organization's digital marketing program. The software provides some importance performance indicators like; impression, opens, clicks, conversion rates, and so on (nassar, 2015). These factors are the best suggestion of the business like Marks and Spencer to understand their digital marketing efforts and the performance of their website.

The analytic package provides access to the retailers to take control on the customers' visit to their websites and their ads. Apart from that, the application can provide the best idea of how the ongoing paid search campaigns are working for the organization. There are a various application to analysis the analytic data for an organization. However, to improve the digital marketing of Marks and Spencer Google Analytic is one of the best application which is integrated with Google AdWords (Jefferson and Tanton, 2013). Nowadays, the application has its vast use in the retail market to understand the investment for their digital marketing and also it provides the best understanding of how the company is generating their revenue in the certain industry. The analytic tool has a great influence on the understanding of digital marketing performance calculating and to generate more improved ways to upgrade the marketing performance (Nassar, 2015). The application has deep insight to achieve the best marketing strategy for any organization. With the help of Google Analytic, the retailer can understand the customers who are attracted by the marketing campaign. This application can measure the perspective customers for the organization for now or for near future. Google Analytics has two parts to understand the buyers. The parts are called session metrics and performance metrics. The categories of Google Analytics are provided below:

Session metrics:

Session metrics can provide the best understanding of the buyers' behavior for an organization during the specific visit to the website. According to the application, the average view customers is a good measure. It helps the organization to understand how much the website or the advertisement is flexible for the customers to navigate (Raab, 2008). According to the session metrics, average session duration is a good indicator to understand the engagement of customers in the advertisement or the website. By understanding the engagement of the customer, the company can measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing and also the need of the product that customers willing to purchase more. Another aspect of session metrics is bounce rate. This is a vital indicator for the company to understand how many visitors have sat their main page and how many visitors have left the website by not opening the next page. By this indicator the company can make effective digital marketing for their ongoing products.

Performance metrics:

Performance metrics can supply the best understanding of the digital marketing‘s performance. Depending on the understanding, the performance metrics is divided into two parts. One of the indicators of this process is individual page performance tracker. This tracker can track the visitor's activity when they are accessing the advertisement in the website or other digital marketing campaign. It is also measurable for the organization to understand the underperformance of digital marketing campaign. Another factor is cross-platform performance. This is also very important to understand the digital marketing for the retailers. This process can gauge the performance of the device. It accesses the search engine of the customers'' device to provide them the best suggestion of purchase. Thus, this is also very important to develop a digital marketing strategy (Raab, 2008).

However, the analytic tool can build a better digital marketing strategy for Marks and Spencer to get more customers shortly. However, it is also important for the organization to understand the customers who are visiting the advertisements on the website and also in the advertisement campaign. In this way, Marks and Spencer can develop their digital marketing strategy (Jefferson and Tanton, 2013).

Key words and Trends of Google analytics analyse

In order to maintain and upgrade the website, SEO is playing an essential role in the case of Marks and Spencer's business and being accessible to their customer base with simply the snap of a click. Besides that, with the help of an SEO, the management of Marks and Spencer will increase their performance and ability indicator in digital market that helps for planning and strategy implementation to all stages of Web advancement to Web upgrading in UK retail industry(Robbins, 2010). Other than that, Web facilitating and foundation undertake a part to improve the natural search rankings on search engines. Apart from that, an appearance of the Internet and the World Wide Web has opened a plenty of chances for businesses to advertise their products and services. As well as administrations can recognize the requirements of customers accurately than ever. Along with part, these digital marketing through SEO remained available and associated with their customers and potential clients concluded by the internet. On the other side, this network of businesses permits clients to remain accomplished and recommend similar service or products. Thus, this plenitude of channels implies that businesses may accomplish an incredible level of acknowledgment by being connected to their customers through the internet from numerous state or region(Robbins, 2010). In addition, the stream of data gives businesses an opportunity to develop a sustainable strategy in the diverse, competitive market. Apart from that, if a business needs to be on top of its market like retail industry, then it needs to embrace digital marketing as an important business strategy. Along with this part, the perfect suggestion is Search engine optimization which is a way to achieve success in this competitive retail industry. Furthermore, numerous businesses utilized method of Search engine optimization and so, Marks and Spencer needs to give attention to the businesses expansion in the digital world with best techniques to sustain in the UK’s retail industry.

Recommended SEO for Marks and Spencer

Since many years, search engines like Google, Yahoo have turned into a definitive guide and device for everyone to find measurable solutions or needs through the internet. Compelling the UK’s retail market, for example, it is facing new businesses ideas that are mechanically best in class. As well as, established organizations provoke strong competition by these ideas. Digging profound into this field of search engines and the internet, it is basic that one comprehends the idea of "Google" search. As per Google Analytics analysis, web improvement, and digital marketing is interlaced to give business a definitive support. On the other hand, it is the term specified to results that show up in search engines because of their relevance to the search things indicated in the search engines(Althoff, Feldmann and Müller, 2001). Other than that, numerous rival companies in this manner look for experts for SEO preparation and organizations are giving these preparations and that's just the beginning for difficult competition to be on top of the rankings is the retail industry. Moreover, Search engine optimization is the best digital marketing strategy for the businesses to achieve the greatest amount of proficiency and success. In terms of effective results, the management needs to include significant and commonly indicated words as SEO that can be chosen by the request of the rankings. Moreover, the recommended words are departmental, household and retailer which can be used as perfect SEO of the website of Marks and Spencer. Moreover, there are various types of causes involved in these above-mentioned SEO which also evaluated. On the other hand, most of the people are getting suitable information by typing nearest meaning words in search engines through the internet. Apart from that, the management of Marks and Spencer needs to rectify the commonly used words which help a potential customer to become a real customer(Laudon and Laudon, 2007). In other words, Marks and Spencer need to create an effective content which includes common SEO such as departmental, household and retailer which clearly covered by Marks and Spencer. However, each and every single SEO includes individual significance since a customer needs to get his/her desired products through online. Besides that, this SEO effective increases a number of visitors to the website of Marks and Spencer through obtaining high-ranking placement in the pages of Google search results. Moreover, by implementing departmental, household and retailer words as SEO on the website, the management of Marks and Spencer can easily list up the valuable customer details who recently access their website. In addition, after recognizing customer’s demand, Marks and Spencer can reply with suitable recommendation via E-mail and other telecommunication systems.


Various types of strategies and techniques related with digital marketing are discussed in this paper to increase profitability of Marks and Spencer. With the help, active SOE implementation, Marks and Spencer can retain old customers and attract potential customers through effective digital marketing(Laudon and Laudon, 2007).


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