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ENVS2008 The Sustainable Society | Smart Nation in the World


1.Quote from Smart Nation launch on 24 Nov 2014in Singapore. “Our vision is for Singapore to be a Smart Nation. A nation where people live meaningful and fulfilled lives, enabled seamlessly by technology, offering exciting opportunities for all.” Singapore aims to be a truly smart nation by 2025. 

2.Combustion or Waste to Energy (WTE) is a form of waste reduction.

Write a report to explain the advantages and disadvantages of WTE.

Examine the role of WTE in resource management.

The discussion must include two real example of using WTE to reduce waste and recover energy at the same time. 


1.In order to become the Smart nation, the government of Singapore is taking many types of initiatives for becoming the first smart nation in the world (Smart Nation and Digital government office, 2018). They are enhancing nationwide broadband network as well as increasing the infrastructure for preparing itself for analytics and big data. Along with this infrastructure related to Internet of things is developed. This is done for focusing on data intelligence. For this they are working on three areas connect, collect and comprehend (Yu, 2014). For collection of data above ground boxes are installed. At the same time fibre connectivity is increased. More sensor based technologies are being installed at various public places like traffic junctions, parks etc.

Apart from this they are also taking initiatives to use techno

logy for jurisdiction purpose. For example, the use of automated detectors or taking use of video sensing technologies is promoted. Apart from this they are also planning to install smart bin technology so as to enhance the resource deployment for maintenance of public areas (Smart Nation Singapore, 2018). The housing department is taking initiatives to design the houses where the appliances can communicated with each other. This will help in controlling the appliances without human interventions. They are developing digital workforce in such a manner that most of the people could get job which will help them in giving their citizens a meaningful and fulfilled lives. National Digital Identity, e-Payments, Smart Nation Sensor Platform, Smart Urban Mobility, Moments of Life, CODEX (Core Operations, Development Environment, and eXchange) are some of the other initiatives taken by the government to make the country smart by 2025 (EDB Singapore, 2017).

2.Waste management has become a major challenge for all the countries in the world. Different kinds of measures are taken by the institutions to reduce the waste. At the same time another bigger challenge for the institutions is the fact that energy requirement in the world is increasing. Both the problems can be solved by the company with the help of Waste to Energy mechanism. This is an effective and highly useful method for resource management. In Waste to Energy is term used for describing the different types of technologies that transforms non-recyclable waste into the energy form that can be used as a usable form of energy like fuels, electricity and heat (Bosmans, et. al. 2013). WTE can be utilised for the processes like gasification, digestion, land fill gas recovery, incineration, anaerobic and pyrolysis. The high degree combustion of waste allows it to do energy recovery. WTE is an old and effective technology that is helpful technology that biologically converts organic waste into biogas for energy. By the process of pyrolysis, it converts waste products into liquid fuels by thermo-chemical methods.

Advantage of WTE

In the various other methods used for converting waste into any form of energy, WTE has several advantages such as:

  • By producing steam Huntsville Waste to Energy facility saves more than 200,000 barrels of fuels such as oil yearly. Hence it saves a lot of resources.

  • Waste to energy facilitates generate power in the form of electricity or steam as the WTE can deliver more than 400,000 lbs/hour of uninterruptible steam.

  • WTE acts as a reducer for Net Greenhouse Gas especially the gases like methane which was highly produces in the landfill sites.

  • It helps in reducing the usage of land which is another valuable resource which was greatly used in landfill processes (Karagiannidis, 2012).

  • It also reduces the numbers of trucks that was required for carrying the waste over the longer distance. This has two benefits first it creates less air pollution and secondly it minimises truck traffic.

  • It avoids the chances of contamination of the groundwater which is highly probable in landfill techniques.

  • It also leaves lower carbon footprints.

Disadvantage of WTE

Along with the benefits, it is having certain kind of disadvantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • The technology that is used in the process is expensive and it cannot be afforded by the lower section of the society. Even the installation fee is very high.

  • There can be chances of emissions of toxic pollutants in the process which can be dangerous for the people living in the area (Greentumble, 2018).

  • The opportunity cost of the WTE is also very high which makes it unfavourable for the developing countries.

Role of WTE in the resource management

Resource management which is again a bigger problem in the modern day society and the institutions are putting large amount capital for the development of technology that helps in resource management. With the help of WTE resource management can be made easier. Role of WTE in resource management is as follows:

  • As it can be seen that WTE provides an advantage of using less amount of fuel in the process of conversion hence it reduces the use of waste hence has a role in resource management.

  • It also reduces the amount of land used in other processes which again effective in the waste management of another important resources i.e. land.

  • It is having role in increasing the financial and energy capability of the company which can be used in the future for other purpose hence becomes highly significant in the resource management.

  • It acts as a technology that helps in getting alternative energy which helps in saving the energy resources that are convention especially the coal. This will help the firms to use their technology for the long term.

TWO real examples

In various parts of the world, this type of technology is used by the countries. Two examples are as follows:

  • Sweden recycles more than 99% of their waste with the help of WTE in which alone 50.3% of the waste is from the household activities. At the same time it is also doing an energy recovery of 16% which is directly used for different purposes.

  • Another example of it is the Copenhagen’s project including incinerator as a resource management tool. This city recycles more than 54% of its waste by the help of incinerators for generating electricity. At the same time 97% of the residents of city receive their energy as excess heat generated by the waste incinerator that has installed (Roth, 2018).


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