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Experience and Qualification of a Corporate Accountant

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The report is the presentation of job advertisements for the position of Corporate Accountant in the Australian Business industry. The demand of corporate accountant is increasing as the individual of the accounting body plays a major role in company finance and accounts. The advertisements have been presented from the three job portals JORA, INDEED and SEEK. Total thirty advertisements have been provided in detail with clarifying every industry break down in the name of qualification and skills required for the corporate accountants. The corporate accountant is the essential part of an organization; the personnel from the accounting management required various educational qualification. A bachelor degree in finance and accounts is required at the early stage, after that the candidate has to pursue ACA or CA. this paper has analysed different companies and their different requirements for the post of corporate accountant.


Company Finance management and Account management has been maintained by the corporate accountant. Good financial management and account processing is required for company growth. In this paper, thirty job advertisement has been provided for the help of the job seeker for the post of corporate accountant. Corporate Accounting unit of a company consists of various employee designation. The corporate accounting designations are – corporate accountant, corporate and management accountant, corporate finance and management accountant, corporate finance accountant, senior financial accountant, senior tax and corporate reporting accountant (Ahadiat and Martin 2015). This report aims to understand the students and the job seeker of the required skill, educational qualification and experience for applying the designation for a corporate accountant in the Australian Business Company. The educational qualification, the key role of a corporate accountant, personal attribute of a corporate accountant, roles, duties, task and responsibilities of a corporate accountant has been explained in detail in this report with the analysis.

List of Job Advertisements

In this report, thirty job advertisement has been presented with the detailed analysis from the sources as well as three job portals namely INDEED, JORA & SEEK out of which 10 advertisements are taken from Jora, 10 from Indeed and 10 from Seek.

Sl No.

Company Name


Skill & Qualification (Industry Breakdown)



ART Security Pty Ltd Melbourne

Accountant and Accounts Officer

Ability to focus and manage the receivable and payable accounts



Valmadre Homes

Personal Assistant Accountant

Ability in managing BAS, excellent communication skill, Tax planning skill.



Private Advertiser

Junior Accounts Payable Officer

Ability in processing payments, settlement of corporate credit cards, checking daily purchase order, make an entry in accounting software.



Dogdayz Melbourne

Accountant Manager and Office Manager

To take care of the company finance with fair commitment



Hr Imperative

Accounts Payable Officer

Handling ability in daily banking transaction with receipts, invoice creation, processing refund, and cancellation for the clients.



Sunnylife Group Pty. Ltd.

Accounts Receivable Officer

Calling wholesale customers to make them agree in payment with the terms via e-mail and secure payment mode.



Drake International

Financial Administrator

Team management and reporting of transaction and analysing.



Bottomline Technologies

Credit Control Officer

Ability in collecting due debts, management ability of customer accounts, updating system with credit controlling information, allocation of cash application.



Robert Walters Melbourne VIC

Junior Accountant

International Firm need to manage company finance and accounts.



Docklands VIC

Assistant Accountant & Accountant Bookkeeper

Managing ability of company accounts, as it is a massive organization in Australia and international business planning capacity required.



Moir Group

Financial Assistant Accountant

Ability in creating and generating the monthly financial reports, accounting and financial statement management.





Ability in creating a company balance sheet, processing of payroll, preparing the financial accounts.



North East Link Authority Melbourne VIC

Finance and Accounts Manager

Ability in preparing company financial statement, processing of accounting data, should have the knowledge of various accounting software skills.



Torque Recruitment


3-5 years’ experience required in managing commercial accounting, producing tax statement, and tax planning skill.



Lloyd Harrington Australia

Financial Accountant

Ability in making FX forecast, financial report generation ability monthly.



Issac Regional Council

Senior Accountant

Required experience in working in a charter accounts firm, preparation ability in corporate tax, excellent communication skill.



Robert Half

Project Accountant

Ability in preparing Tax, Analysis of budget, budget forecasting, annual audit creation and preparation.



Four Quarters Melbourne VIC


Ability to maintain finance of the enterprise, ability in solving big data problems, ability in managing company finance and accounts.



Thales Australia

Assistant Accountant

Ability to change the financial market by planning various accounting plan and tax plan for the company economic growth.




Group Senior Accountant

Skill in preparing ASX requirements, board finance reporting.



Michael Page

Corporate Accountant

The ability of tax planning, review the ability of the journals, planning for submission of tax and providing financial report by AP/AR report.



Spatial Corp.

Financial Accountant

Tax compliance processing ability, the processing ability of financial accounting, working ability with FP&A team, required to review P&L.



Minjar Gold

Assistant Accountant

Ability in making month-end accounts of the entire group, company financial accounts management in the year-end and for the mid-year.



Charter House

Tax Accountant

Ability in completing GST, PAYG, FBT. Handling the BAS returns, tax management of direct tax or income tax on an everyday basis.





Maintaining accounts with the accounting standards, including the policies and statutory requirements, ability in preparing the monthly analysis of the overhead divisions.



ME Bank

Corporate Accountant

Required strong experience in financial management, financial accounting, and sound knowledge in tax management, knowledge of Australian Business Standard of AASB9, AASB7, and AASB 13.




Group reporting Accountant

Ability in reporting group, preparation of the financial statement, generating the annual financial report.




Senior Accountant

Required excellent communication skill, the higher skill required in computer programs of accounts.



Aristocrat Technologies Australia

Senior Tax Accountant

Preparing ability in tax-based calculation, generate of half-yearly and yearly report, accounting entry of monthly tax, tax calculation based on GST, FBT, PAYG and tax return PAYG.



Reo Group

Group Corporate Accountant

Journal review, ability in making P&L and analysis, a monthly analysis of company accounts.


Personal Attribute of a Corporate Accountant

Every organization demands a great communication skill and sound accounting and finance knowledge in an employee of a corporate accountant within the organization. The corporate accountant should have a careful eye on every accounting detail of the company with the exposure of practical knowledge.

Some attributes incorporate accountants are given below:

  • A sharp vision of the accounting calculation of a company with a deep knowledge for solving a complex issue.
  • The accurate manner in the working of a corporate accountant is required to be done the work with accuracy.
  • The corporate accountant has to be multi-talented as they have to deal with the various clients out of the company and in the company also.
  • The accountant needs to solve the various requirements of the clients, which are all account-related.
  • The corporate accountant must be very professional while discussing the finance and tax planning for the company and company economic growth.
  • The corporate accountant must have the confidence and excellent communication skill as he has to deal with the senior company authorities such as company manager, company chief financial manager, company stakeholders and company owner.

Required skill and academic qualification to become a corporate accountant

The corporate accounting job is all about managing funds of the company. The person has to manage the company finance, and economic growth of the company depends on a corporate accountant. The corporate accountant must have acquired a bachelor degree in finance and accounts. The corporate accountants must be specialised in accounting and core budget knowledge. The company demands A label degree in BTEC for the employee of the corporate accounts. AAT qualification is considered to be the minimum qualification by the organization for the organizations. After achieving these degrees, the candidate must pursue CA or ACA to become a chartered accountant (Blackmore, Gribble and Rahimi 2017). BTEC includes economics and business studies. The person needs to be very efficient in maths, an A grade in Maths is preferred by the organizations for holding the post of a corporate accountant in the company. Except for this theoretical knowledge, the corporate accountant is required to have sound practical knowledge in the areas of communication. Excellent communication skill and understanding ability with solving complex calculation efficiency is highly demandable.

Roles, tasks, duties and responsibilities of a corporate accountant

From the above-given advertisements of the various companies with their various requirements, the candidate can have the detail idea of the duties for being a corporate accountant in an organization. The advertisements are intended to present the detailed analysis and requirements for the post of corporate accountant. This report has explained all the academic qualification for achieving the position of a corporate accountant with the various designation of the corporate accounting unit within a company.

The corporate accountants have to perform the most serious and complex part of the organization which deals with the organization finance and accounts. The company growth is dependent on the tasks and duties performed by a corporate accountant; otherwise, the company may collapse (Gerstein and Friedman 2016). The economy holds a major section of the company if the economy of the company is worst, it can make the company paralysed.

The corporate accountant of the company mainly holds the duty of bookkeeping of the company finance and records every detail about the finance of the company. The Chief Managing Officer of the company is responsible for managing the company accounts. The liability of the accounting employees is expansive. The company accounts receivable and payable accounts have to be managed, and the financial accounts of the company are maintained by the corporate accountant. The corporate accountant takes part in keeping a record of every bank transactions and collect the bank receipts. The every transaction detail inside or outside of the company which includes the purchase order and company due debt have to be an entry in the accounting software of the company.

The corporate accountant forecasts the company budget and presents the company financial budget. Also, he is liable for reporting the company budget to the senior of the company accountant. The corporate accountant regulates the financial report of the company. The corporate accountant maintains the business funds, liabilities, accounts, clients' accounts and company payable and receivable accounts of the company (Grossman and Johnson 2015).

The corporate accountant provides tax saving advice, makes the tax planning, also calculates the company tax and generate report monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Tax management is a serious performance within the company, which includes the tax payment, company tax generation, budget preparation by the corporate accountant.

The corporate accountant has the biggest responsibility in handling company finance and financial matters which is a really difficult task operated by him. The entire accounting operation, including invoice generating, payroll creating, processing, accounting and internal audit of the company is performed and operated by the corporate accountants (Indeed.co.in.2019). The corporate accountant employee knows the accounting system and can task with various new accounting software.

The advertisements have been presented here with the various explanation of the tasks, responsibilities and duties of the corporate accountant in the company.

Learning outcomes for the designation of the corporate accountant from the given advertisements

From the presented advertisements the candidates or the job seeker will meet all the criteria for being a corporate accountant of the company with the detail explanation of the roles, tasks, duties and responsibilities of the corporate accountant in the company. There are several learning outcomes in this report that will help the students for understanding exactly what the role is required for being a corporate accountant. The candidates can prepare himself as per the requirements, and the character of an individual can also modify and developed pertaining to the designation.

This advertisement has focused on the academic qualification of the corporate accountant, which will help the students in understanding the value of qualification related to finance and accounts. The candidate can pursue the degrees of the accounting by reading the report where the detail explanation of the required educational qualification has been provided (Lim et al. 2016). The advertisements have also covered the different needs of the different companies for the same post that is a thing of learning for the fresher who are seeking a job for the post of corporate accountants.

The advertisement aims to learn the students and job seeker each and every detail regarding the role of company corporate accountant. The various tasks of the company accounting personnel have been analysed with the view to show the demand for the multi-functioning and multi-talented employees within the organization. The report not only provides sound knowledge regarding theoretical skill and development of the employee but also produce some practical facts which are needed to be excellent for being a company corporate accountant.

The corporate accountant must have excellent knowledge in communication skill. The candidates who are experienced in this field by working previously in an accounting firm or charter firm can be most beneficial for handling a big section like corporate accounting of the company. The organization will provide a reward for such skilled employees. The candidate will learn the value of communication after knowing the fact that he has to deal with the company internal clients and has to solve each problem regarding their invoices, dues, debts and various accounts (McMurray et al. 2016). The employee of the corporate accounting not only need to perform the accountancy but also should perform various other efficiencies which is related to the technology. The technical skill and knowledge are required deeply as the accounting programs, or the software is different for the different company, and those have various different techniques of syntax.

Moreover, the corporate accountants must have a problem-solving attitude for the various complex calculation and account related problems within the organization. The detail has been discussed for assisting the job seekers through these advertisements from which they can learn a variety of knowledge for holding the post of corporate accountants.

Skills required for being a corporate accountant

The corporate accounting employees must have the knowledge in technology using, business knowledge, customer handling skill, and communication skill. The corporate accountants are the chief accounts manager of the company who manages the company finance and accounts. The accountants who acquire a prior experience in working in an accounting firm can better understand the task, and so they can make them skilled as per the requirement of the company. The corporate accountants are the chief performer of the company business, so they need to understand the business and should have sound business knowledge. The corporate accountants, without holding any business knowledge, cannot understand the different accounts and liabilities of the company (Media.licdn.com, 2019). The person must aware of the company statutory rules, and so form the accounts rules and regulations.

The candidate has to hold the degree of CA and CPA after pursuing a bachelor degree in accountancy and finance. The skill in solving the mathematical problems and big calculative data solving skill is highly acceptable (Ortiz et al 2016). Skill and efficiency in accounting software and programs should be acquired as the corporate accountants have to work with new accounting software which must be understood by them while calculating with different patterns.

The internal and external units, including the stakeholders and the shareholder's accounts, are to be managed by the chief finance accountant and accounts manager of the company (Seek 2019).

The moral education is required for the corporate accountant. They should have a sense of business, commercial awareness which enables in understanding the business Pro-forma (Worrells 2019). The sense of modernization, reliability, the interest of communication, and working experience, keen observation is required to solve the complex accounts work.


From the given report based on the advertisements, it is comprehended that the demand for corporate accountants is growing in the industry. The corporate accounting in Australia is expansive as various business and industry are emerging in this country in recent days. The different business companies are demanding for operating finance in Australia. This assignment has presented thirty job advertisements collecting from the different job portals that are Jora, Indeed, and Seek. The accountants are regarded as an expert in the financial field. The job seeker must qualify themselves with all the skills, efficiency and requirements before applying in the job as a corporate accountant. The detailed knowledge in every part of accounts is acceptable, including the theoretical and practical knowledge of accounting and finance. The candidate should be very serious as this the critical and most sensitive part of an organization where the whole finance-related matters depend on the corporate accountant.


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