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FIN203 Commonwealth Bank of Australia is Proved Risky and More Valuabl

This project will further your understanding of how financial markets function. The assignment consists of two parts. Part A of the assignment focuses on the financial instruments of two companies, BHP Billiton (BHP) and Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). Part B of the assignment focuses on debt markets and fiscal and monetary policy. To successfully complete this project, you will use/apply not only theories studied in this FIN203 but also other appropriate resources. Part A: BHP and CBA Share Price 1. What is the current price of ordinary / common shares in BHP and CBA? How has each evolved over the past 5-years? Graph each series and discuss their evolution. 2. Select one item of news that may have affected systematic (market) risk and one item of news that may have affected unsystematic (firm-specific) risk. Explain how each of the news items have moved the share prices of both BHP and CBA. Part B: Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy and Debt Markets
1. Evaluate the current fiscal position of the Australian Federal Government. Briefly describe how you expect this to move over time. 1 2. Plot the current Australian yield curve for Commonwealth Government Securities (CGSs). At a minimum you should include the target cash rate, 90-day and 180-day rates, and the 2, 3, 5, and 10-year rates. a. Briefly explain the shape of the yield curve, using Expectations Theory and the Segmented Markets Theory b. How would you expect the movements in the fiscal position identified in B.1) to influence the yield curve?
3. Briefly describe the movements in the target cash rate from 2001 to 2017. How has the movements in the cash rate influenced the value of the Australian dollar in the foreign exchange market? Some suggested sources that you may find useful: CHAPTER 13 & 16 OF TEXT BOOK: Viney, C. and Phillips, P. (2015). Financial Institutions, Instruments and Markets. 8th edition. Australian Office of Financial Management – Presentation and Lodgement Further details on the presentation and lodgement requirements for the Assignment and penalties for late lodgement, along with the rubric for assessment purposes, are set out in the Subject Outline (SO), pages 7- 9. Within the context of section (e) of Presentation on page 9 (SO), it is recommended that the body of your essay contain 5 numbered sections, in line with the Marking rubric, viz., Introduction; Research (a literature survey); Analysis; Recommendations; and Conclusion.
You should follow the following typing conventions:
• Times New Roman font (at minimum, 12 pitch)
• 1.5 line spacing
• Top, bottom, left and right margins to be at least 2.5 cm from the edge of the page
• A4 paper; and
• Length – 2,500 words + / - 10%. 2 Research and Referencing You should begin by seeking references relating to the topic and subject content via Google or another search engine. It is suggested that you familiarize yourself with the Australian financial system by reading appropriate chapters in the text-book. You will need to discover at least 6 other references. This should include at least one other book and one journal article. Search the web-sites suggested in the text and the SO. Use Harvard referencing! Marking Guide See Subject Outline, pages 7 – 9. Remember plagiarism = severe penalties. Submission of Assignments. A soft copy is to be submitted to Moodle by Sunday, 20 May 2018 at 11:59 pm. Please submit to your Tutor a hardcopy Monday 21 May 2018 during tutorial, including a KOI Cover Sheet (see Moodle) and TURNITIN validation, showing the Similarity score

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