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FNS40615 Financial Transactions of the Applicant

To provide you with an opportunity to Identify, check and record informpdop from documents.   Define and describe what information the following documents, systems or procedures should contain. 
1. Cheque: 
2. Application for credit facilities : 
3. What is a petty cash system and what is the function of the petty cash system?
What is the purpose of a suspense report? 
Errovkle you with on owertunftY to inter lind withdrawals craft to cepnliadenal Activity 1. What type of petty cash transactions are used in organIsatioret ? 
What steps are involved when you pertorm a petty cash transaction? 
To geovide you with an opportunity to check cheques and nod voucheth fee validity before processing and roosts:king banking docurnentation with the geginisation's financial records.
You are going to deposit a c nepur or credit voucher to obtain petty cash, whet are the things that you need to check? 
what are some of the processes your bank would have in place to protect your organisation from fraud? 
What procedure does/could or may your employer have place to secure the petty cash and the petty cash box? 
a. Before you settle the petty cash, it is important to make sure that the Petty cash is balanced. What do you need to do to reconcile your banking documentation against the organisation's financial records? 
What sector of the Financial Services industry do you work in l if not employed talk to your trainer? 
What legislation and/or codes of practice influence the development of policy and procedure within your work environment? 
In your own words, outline how you would reconcile banking documentation against the organisation's financial records. 

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