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GSBS6100 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution - Society and Customers

Describe the 6 Principles of Influence & Persuasion Negotiation. 

1. Reciprocation - Rule of Reciprocity, Giving back
2. Commitment and Consistency - Self image
3. Social Proof - Reflection and approval by others
4. Authority - Follow or comply with people we like
5. Scarcity - supply & demand


Negotiation and its implications

Negotiation is a process through which people communicate with others to settle their differences. A process lead to compromises or agreements that can avoid dispute. Seven elements drive the fundamental negotiation such as interest, relationships, options, commitments, legitimacy, and alternatives. Currently, negotiation has emerged as art, which helps in dealing with the situation of business especially when it demands customer satisfaction for both p

rice and quality (Gabbay, May, Connell, & Klein, 2018). It is an art of working with others either an individual or a group that has different views in relation to produce the mutual beneficial agreements. Moreover, self-interest can be self-centred which do not work where people have different opinions. Negotiation is not a zero sum game, which enable people to outwit one another to get the best deal. Negotiation is defined when two and more than two people interact to come on an agreement on issues and to discuss with another party to reach a settlement. Persuasion is defined as act or course of influencing the people by arguments so that a new belief system, position and a course of action can be achieved. Among the six Principles of Influence & Persuasion Negotiation, persuasion is a technique that examine the different types of principles in the real situation (Nugus, McCarthy, Holdgate, Braithwaite, Schoenmakers, & Wagner, 2017). Choosing one principle among six principles is not simple as all the six principles are affected by negotiation and deed. Commitment and Consistency as a persuasion is highly powerful. Moreover, it is understood that “I” as an individual is highly valued in society because group of individuals also belong from the same society. On personal level, commitment proves to be a Here is the implication of the principle of commitment and self-image through an example. When my friend and I went to a shop for a shopping, the prices, which the shopkeeper charged, was seeming high. In addition to this, we could not find the same worth as the price that shopkeeper actually charged. To overcome the problem of satisfaction and self-image, my friend and I shared our exact opinion regarding the price and value of the product (Newall, 2011). Having a self-commitment and self-image in a society leads to a negotiation process which can have the capability to resolve the situation with the consent of all. Then the shopkeeper started charging a price, which is less than the previous but, still was the price on which we started pulling down (SkillsYouNeed, 2018).  Ultimately, my friend and I both the shopkeeper agreed on a specific price, which signifies the satisfaction of both the parties, named buyer as well as seller. This negotiation led to maintain my self-image and consistency. As if would have asked of an price which is very less than the agreed then the shopkeeper might have denied for selling the product by having a such a feeling that my friend and I do not have the reason to buy it. Moreover, to maintain the self-image of a person, a shopkeeper managed to agree on the price on which customer was ready to pay and both parties were satisfied on the same side (Hoefer, & Chigbu, 2015). 

The aim of small commitments is to raise the capability that how far we respect the society and customers. Another example from the same principle occurs when a sale offers a value product of $ 1 but after starts following that but not with a quick action but with more solicitous to meet the prospect needs. Moreover, a company may feel comfortable in distributing its sample items so that a customer can feel more inclined to buy it. A charity gives a feeling of petition to oneself this type of commitment is to get a cause to our persuasions rather than self-centeredness (Thereni, 2011).


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