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HGA602 Economy and Disruptive Innovations | Generating New Ideas



In this assignment you will report on an ICT-enabled disruptive innovation case study. Disruptive innovation as defined by Clayton Christensen describes a process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves up market, eventually displacing established competitors.

You are to choose and describe an example of disruptive innovation. Your choice must be:

A specific technology product or service process.

We ‘suggest’ that you choose a product/technology type of innovation.

You may decide to choose a service type of innovation, if you believe you can provide better and more specific answers.

A real example that exists and has been publically reported

ICT-enabled meaning: the ‘information’ element should exist and this information can be shared among individuals or groups via a communication network.

Therefore, a specific brand of laptop, tablet, smartphone, a specific social media, a specific brand of digital camera (if it can connect to a computer and share information/photo via a network such as internet) are examples of ICT-enabled technologies.

Your ICT-enabled disruptive innovation case/selection should be found through conducting a well-structured literature review. You may identify any ICT enabled disruptive innovation that has been reported in the press, in trade journals & magazines, and in academic journals.

To find sources for such ICT-enabled innovation cases, you can examine magazines such as Wired, Harvard Business Review, consulting firm web sites, as well as journals on innovation.

You are also to produce an infographic illustrating the innovation, the component parts, and how they communicate with each other.

Part 1: The Report

The purpose of this report is to describe and analyse a specific disruptive innovation using the knowledge that you have gained from the lectures, workshops and readings. You also need to review literature and cite relevant studies to support your description, analysis and recommendations.

Your main audience is the chief executive of an organization within your selected context, or a venture capital investor who funded the innovation idea. The language used should be appropriate for senior staff who are not ICT literate. They are particularly interested in the analysis and impact of the innovation.

Describing the selected innovation: Having selected a specific “technology/product type” of disruptive innovation which is “ICT-enabled” and is in the “voluntary use” context. Introduce in the following way:

Introduction to the Innovation: Introduce the innovation and use what you learned from Christensen’s theory of disruptive innovation to explain why this is a disruptive innovation.

Exploration of Adoption Categories: For this innovation, who are the five categories of innovation adopters? For each of these adopter categories:

Retrospective Analysis of the selected innovation

Evaluation of their Design: Put yourself in the shoes of the designers of the innovation. What methods of evaluation do you recommend for the Ex Ante and for the Ex Post phases of evaluation? Introduce two methods for each of these two phases, and explain why they are appropriate.Assume that there are no significant time and resources constraints.

Evaluation of original Entrepreneurship and Start-Up Potential: IT start-ups are usually under resource (e.g. budget, technology and human resources) //constraints. Assume that you were the company about to introduce this disruptive innovation. Consider the strategies that you learnt in lecture(“innovation and entrepreneurship”). What strategies do you think are most applicable? (Describe the relevancy of three specific strategies to your start-up and why)

Evaluation of their Application of Business Analytics: In your opinion, how can the organisation that innovated your selected innovation benefit from business analytics in:

(a) designing the innovation

(b) supporting the efficient management of the innovation (you should cover three related issues, such as efficient customer relationship management and customer service).  

Part 2: An Infographic illustrating the innovation

Create an infographic depicting or explaining the innovation, the technologies and the context. An infographic is a visual representation of information or data that translates into insights and understanding. 

Creating your Infographic:

You may create your Infographic using any tool that you like. You might decide to use Microsoft Powerpoint but there are also a range of free online tools that you can use that can be found by searching with Google.

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