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HI6008 Business Research Project - Free Samples to Students

As you can see, the above title will make the assignment so much entrenched in local practices. So where is the international dimension? Similarly, a topic such building practices in country XX
If you’re heading this way, then the local practice needs to be compared to its peers in other countries (or best practice) to demonstrate, for example, its Pros and Cons.
This subject (Unit) is about International Construction, so this element, MUST be the key theme of your work. In conclusion, there is no point in sharing with us, the case study of how they built the Pyramids in Egypt (or how they procured the latest state-of-the art airport in Auckland) without making the aforementioned comparison.
Title: Please adopt a title that truly reflects the content of what you intend to do/achieve. Please avoid using a too long title, unless it is absolutely necessary.
Strike a balance between breadth and depth: It is quite common that we get carried away trying to cover too many things under one umbrella (say culture), so please focus to make an impact. Just remember that your work would need to be of publishable quality. 


What I Plan to study

  • I would like to undertake a publishable research report on international construction. This is a wide topic but I would like to focus on “sustainability as a critical factor in global construction”. I would like to explain why the development of Canada’s railway network is costly and why the construction cycle of a multimillion-dollar airport project adopts sustainability as its theme. I am interested in finding out why world construction of new bridges, oil plants, pipeline systems, gas pipelines, cities and infrastructural systems value green approaches.
  • I would like to base my arguments on National and regional construction agenda featuring construction opportunities and challenges (Harris & McCaffer, 2013) . This should bring out the application of best practice strategies such as environmental sustainability which addresses economies world wide. As part of risk management this topic influences research trends into construction of new projects, maintainance and competitive advantage (Yitmen, 2013).
  • I am interested in sustainability as a main concern in project life cycle.  I will look at underlying sustainability challenges, implimentation strategies and policies invoved. I weigh the stakeholders interests in cooperating through compliance to this global agenda provides solutions for the present and future generations.
  • I critically analyse the use of multiple criteria solutions as one way of ehnancing best practices through adequate planning (Kuo & Lu, 2013). International contruction has a direct and indirect impact on society.
  • My intention is to highlight sustainability goals designed to ensure a positive impact on the social and environmental spheres. Stakeholders in international construction will feature the national, regional and international players. These are business enterprises, government, nongovernmental and personnel involved or affected by the construction. I bring out award winners in projects such as the LafargeHolcim Foundation (2014) which encourage developers to embrase sustainbility in parks and urban planning. Sustainability addresses efficiency in the management of global projects in the industry with reference to stakeholder concerns.
  • Among the concerns are project duration, cost factors, economic returns, social and environmental impacts ( (Flynn, et al., 2012:Cekic, et al., 2014). Practitioners in the industry operate within specific rules and guidelines. Areas of concern include energy conservation, sustainable designs, resource conservation, and waste reduction. Sustainability policies provide standards for programme. Issues arising present topics for future research.

How will I impliment this?

  • Using relevant journals on urban construction and descriptive research, I consider the value of nature and protection of the eco-system in contruction phases  (Becken & Liburd, 2017). Using literature review, I undertake a multidimensional analysis of journals on eco-system, tourism, stakeholders in construction and sustainability (Osei-Kyei & Chan, 2015). The green projects in urban development involves best practices in buildings.
  • Quantitative research on sustainability as a theme indicates effects of global warming, energy efficiency and waste reduction in the industry.
  • I counter check sustainability as a necessity that comes with costs through comparative study. I bring out challenges such as high risks involved and lack of commitment. 

Expected Timeline


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Proposal writing





Literature Review





Data collection ( comparative study)





Data Analysis





Report Writing





Presentation and report submission





Expected outcome

  • I expect to prove that green project management practices in the construction industry represent a global topic.
  • International sustainability in construction revolves around life cycles, costing, and waste reduction.
  • I highlight the elimination of toxic materials and recycling plus efficiency as common factors in modern construction strategies.
  • To confirm that sustainability in international construction is a multidisciplinary topic of concern.
  • I make suggestions of an integrated approach to project implementation, sustainable practices across all levels of construction, role of contractors and subcontractors cooperate and standardization


Becken, S. & Liburd, J., 2017. Values in nature conservation, tourism and UNESCO world heritage site stewardship. Journal of Sustainable Tourism , 25(12), pp. 1719-1735.

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Kuo, Y. C. & Lu, S. T., 2013. Using fuzzy multiple criteria decision making approach to enhance risk assessment for metropolitan construction projects. International Journal of Project Management, 31(4), pp. 602-614.

LafargeHolcim Foundation, 2014. Focus on people and place: Top sustainable construction Awards to Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico. [Online]
Available at:

Osei-Kyei, R. & Chan, A. P., 2015. Review of studies on the critical success factors for public-private partnership ( PPP) projects from 1990 to 2013. International Journal of Project Management, 33(6), pp. 1335-1346.

Yitmen, I., 2013. Organizational cultural intelligence: A competitive capability for strategic alliances in international construction industry. Project Management Journal , 44(4), pp. 5-25.

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