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HLST236 Psychology : Specific Relationship Attained

What is transference?

Is transference a phenomena that happens in everyday life? Or is it specific to what happens between the analyst and analysand?

What is transferred?

What is the function of transference? Does remembering help? Does repetition help?

What’s the difference between transference love and ‘real’ love?


What is transference?

Transference in most cases refers to the phenomena characterized by the unconscious redirections of individual feelings from one individual to another within the society. It remains as the inappropriate repetition in the present of the relationship that was essential in the childhood of a person. Besides, transference refers to the redirection of individual’s feelings as well as desires especially for the people who are unconsciously retainable from childhood towards the new object. Therefore, transference deals with the reproduction of emotions that relate to repressed experiences partic

ularly of childhood experience and the substitution of a different person for the original that deals with repressed impulses. Many people term transference to be the process of actualization of different unconscious wishes of an individual (Black, M. and Greenberg 1999). The transference applies particular objects to operate in the framework of the specific relationship attained with these objects.

Is transference a phenomenon that happens in everyday life? Or is it specific to what happens between the analyst and analysand?

Transference as a phenomenon happens in everyday life that is an inevitable feature of every thorough analysis of individuals’ behaviors and actions. It can be applicable in daily routine to describe the unconscious, emotional bonds that might arise in the analysand towards the analyst. Transference is a phenomenon that happens during the psychoanalytic process. Therefore; unconscious contents remain to be invariably projected at first upon particular individuals together with situations. Various projections through transference can be integrated back into the individual once an individual can recognize their subjective origin. Some individual might resist integration, although they might be detachable from their original objects before they thereupon transfer themselves to the medical practitioners. Therefore, transference may be the positive or negative phenomenon that happens in everyday life of an individual. It is markable by feelings of affection along with respect, the latter by hostility and resistance.

What is transferred?

Transferred remain to be the change of ownership of any asset or the movement of the funds or assets from one individual to another. The transferred may include the exchange of feelings when it involves the change in ownership of conditions. It is general for the individuals to transmit beliefs from their guardians to their partners or siblings (Haynes 2007). Meaning transferred is a cross-generational entanglement. For example, an individual could mistake another individual who look like others in various conducts, voice, or outside look. The transfer can occur when an individual becomes overly compliant to someone who resembles the friend of any given person such as child’s friend.

What is the function of transference? Does remembering help? Does repetition help?

Transference has the significant function of reenacting the event or putting an individual in the situation where the game is likely to occur again. The term transference applies to cover the repetition of behavior or patterns of life more broadly. The idea makes the transference to be the critical component in understanding mental life according to many scholars. However, repetition is essential in transference as it helps in describing the pattern whereby individuals endlessly repeated patterns of behavior that might be tough or distressing in earlier development of life. Repetition allows individuals to advance from one same line to another by making exact duplication to be impossible. However, remembering is an essential factor in the transference (Freud et al., 1915). Remembering help in keeping on reminding the student of the far-reaching changes that psycho-analytic technique has undergone since their first beginning. Besides, remembering help people to be thankful to the ancient fascinating method for having passing to them single corporeal progressions used for investigation in the unique or schematic structure.

What’s the difference between transference love and ‘real’ love?

Rela love differs from transference love because transference love focuses on patient’s healing while real love is akin to getting married, producing babies, or even getting the dog. Transference love does not have the romantic fantasy while real love involves romantic fantasy concerning all events like getting married and having babies without looking at the work involved, responsibility, or commitment needed. Real love requires a two-way traffic while an individual love a partner and he or she gets the same love in return. However, in transference love, it only involves one individual offering love to an individual believed to be in unconscious condition. In transference love, the client along with psychotherapist works together on the task of facilitating the client psychological healing through love. Transference love involves the ideas of bringing hope to an individual that awareness will bring about the change in their behavior by offering more love (The structures of love: art and politics beyond the transference 2012, p. 1260). Real love focuses on finding the right person and developing boundaries as opposed to transference love that involve loving any individual that is experiencing unconscious behavior. Therefore real love consists of the offering of care concerning the happiness of another individual without wanting anything in return as opposed to the case of transference love.


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