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HLSU233 Nursing - Showing Empathy

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  1. Patient had a history of asthma hypertension, hypothyroidism, hiatus hernia, osteo arthritis knee’s discuss your actions in response to Cephalexin 1 gm IV drug order considering her medical history
  2. Outline 4 nursing interventions you can do to assist with the emotional, psychosocial wellbeing and conflict resolution support of an Aboriginal patient who is anxious about her family 
  3. The patient is fasting from 2400.and he is going for a surgery. He is talking Serevent, Salbutamol, osteo penadol, Thyroxine, Omeprazole, metoprolol. State the reason why some of her medications may be given and some withheld on the day of surgery.
  4. Patient is having tachycardia, 2l oxygen, iv fluids, idc , bellovac drain and it is filled 400ml and blood on dressing. He is drowsy and trouble speaking. Use the DRSABCD acronym as headings to explain your answer


1. The patient was administered with Cephalexin might be in order to reduce the infection arising out of hiatus hernia. According to the research conducted by Roman and Kahrilas (2014), hiatus hernia might be due to the infection of Helicobacter pylori in the gastro-intestinal tract which lead to an increase in the overall inflammation of the stomach leading to the stomach enlargement. Cephalexin is mainly cephalosporin drug which had bactericidal effect. It is a beta lactum group of antibiotic which causes bacterial lyses via cleaving the bacterial cell wall. So use of cephalexin must cause cessation of the bacterial colonization which in the stomach and thus decreasing the infections and helping to reduce the hiatis hernia (Yin et al., 2013).

2) 1. Active listening: This fall under the concept of effective communication skills: active listening will promote emotional well-being of the client
2. Showing empathy: Showing empathy will help the nurse to sympathise with the client while promoting emotional well-being
3. Group intervention for satisfying psychosocial well-being of the patient and this group will also consider aboriginal members
4. Use of aboriginal mediator in understanding the mental health consequences will to promote proper conflict management. The presence of aboriginal worker while performing mental counselling of the aboriginal women will help to make her feel secure and discuss her problem in detail

(Bhui, 2012)


  • Serevent cannot be taken while fasting as it is broncho-dialator and mainly works as anti-asthmatic medication and this taking during fasting or before surgery can be fatal.
  • Salbutamol can be taken under pre-operative condition as it helped to improve the complications of bronchospasm that might occur during surgery
  • Pain-killers like osteo penadol while consumed under empty stomach increases stomach irritation creating discomfort
  • Thyroxine can be taken under empty stomach condition as it helps to increase the overall hormonal absorption from the stomach
  • Omeprazole is an antacid and can be taken in empty stomach and it is important to antacid before surgery in order to cope up with prolong condition of empty stomach
  • Metoprolol helps to lower the blood pressure and this can be taken before surgery and under empty stomach

(Harris, Nagy and Vardaxis, 2014)


  • D: Danger: Problematic post operative condition of the patient
  • R: Response: Drowsy and trouble in speaking
  • S: Send for help: Checking response of the patient via GCS score
  • Airway: Elevation of the respiratory rate and the oxygen saturation via pulse oxymetry as the patient is already under external oxygen supply
  • Breathing rate: Breathing rate can be poor as the patient is tachycardia
  • C: cardiopulmonary resuscitation: not required as the patient is still concious
  • D: Defibrillator: not required as the patient is conscious and breathing
  • (Harris, Nagy & Vardaxis, 2014)


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Yin, L., Qin, C., Chen, K., Zhu, C., Cao, H., Zhou, J., ... & Zhang, Q. (2013). Gastro-floating tablets of cephalexin: preparation and in vitro/in vivo evaluation. International journal of pharmaceutics, 452(1-2), 241-248.

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