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HLT51612 Diploma of Nursing For Health Promotion Program


1. Summarise one primary or community, preventative health care or health promotion program.  Was the program effective? Eg QUIT program for smoking. 

2. Medicare is the Australian universal health care system. Compare two advantages and two disadvantages of our healthcare system ie: not all care is funded by Medicare and can you get better care without Medicare? 

3. Discuss primary health care services in Australia and describe the various roles of 5 other health professionals that you may find in a community setting. 

4. Enrolled Nurses are required to be registered with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). 
•    What is the primary function of AHPRA?
•    What does student registration include?
•    Discuss how this relates to you. 


1. Preventive health care or health promotion program deals with the ways that prevent a disease rather than providing treatment of the disease. Cancer has now become a severe problem and smoking, or consumption of tobacco is directly related to it and many other chronic diseases. The health promotion program is an effective one to prevent cancer and other diseases (primary-health-news, 2017).

The current statistics reveals the fact that the rate of smoking has been reduced from 24.3% to 12.8% due to continuous attention on preventive health care (7-20-towards-a-national-cessation-strategy - Tobacco In Australia, 2017). Recent studies show that smoking rate is abnormally high in Aboriginal population than in general population. Thus, the aboriginal population can refer as the target group of this type of health promotion program.

From the above discussion, it can be said, that the health prevention program will be successful when counselors, participating in quit smoking program, get proper training, Aboriginal health related workers and other medical practitioners take part actively (Preventive health, 2017). 

2. Medicare is a well-known publicly funded medical and healthcare service of Australia. It has several benefits which are discussed as follows:

  • Free healthcare service and low cost for medicines:

Medicare covers the cost of consultation fees, diagnostic or laboratory tests, operating room and hospital fees and other expenses in the public hospitals. On the other hand, the Medicare healthcare services provide the facility of free visit and treatment to the specialist doctors. With the help of Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), Medicare provides the prescribed medicines at lower prices.

  • Rebate on the premiums of the privately launched health insurance programs:

In general, Medicare does not provide any facility to the incidental cases. However, if the patients make the insurance from the registered healthcare of Australia and if this policy covers the incidental expenses, then Medicare provides rebates on the premiums.

Though there are many advantages of Medicare, some limitations are also there which are as follows:

  • Not applicable in long-term basis:

The Medicare services are not applicable for long-term treatment. They provide the facilities up to hundred days among which 100% costs are paid in first 20 days and $124 every day for rest 80 days. In order to get this facility, the condition of the patient needs to be under daily skilled nursing care.

  • Does not provide facility outside the country:

Medicare services do not offer any facility outside the country leaving the world travelers and many vacationers. 

3. The primary healthcare services encompass a wide range of the providers across the public, non-government and private sectors. The health promotion, screening, prevention, early intervention, management and treatment are involved in this healthcare system. The older persons, child health, maternity, youth health, remote and rural people, Torres Strait and Aboriginal Islander people, refugees and culturally and socio-economic backwards class people get the healthcare facility from this services.

It looks after oral health, sexual health, asthma, mental health, diabetes, obesity, cancer, drug services and cardiovascular disease. Skilled nurses, midwives, pharmacists, allied health professional (AHPs), Aboriginal health related workers and dentists are connected with the primary healthcare services. By improving the social determinants of the health in the society, the important growth factors namely education, employment, housing, transport and infrastructure can be achievable (Department of Health | Primary Health Care in Australia, 2017).

The above-stated health professionals have an important role in the healthcare services of Australia. Apart from primary healthcare, the local hospitals (LHNs) serve a better care to the emergency cases and local needs. The coordination, flexibility, autonomy, improved delivery and electronic health help them to offer organized services. Moreover, Medicare and Midwives provides subsidized and lower cost of medicines and insurance premiums, facility of skilled nurses, free healthcare services and much more. In this perspective, the AHP are fully responsible for diagnosis and treatment of the patients. They have a good relation with AHA through which better quality healthcare can be provided to the students. The Aboriginal health workers serve in the remote areas of Australia (Australia's health system (AIHW), 2017).

4. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency or AHPRA is the regulatory association, responsible for carrying out the accreditation scheme and National registration across Australia.

 The primary function of AHPRA is to support National boards to imply National scheme which helps the different medical practitioner to register. AHPRA also publish an online register of medical professionals, authorize education and training, maintain the National standard of health, solving the complaints against medical professional (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - What we do, 2017).

According to National Law, every education provider such as a university, organization or medical college has to provide the enrollment of all the students who are taking medical training, to AHPRA, for the purpose of public safety. These Registration Boards provide action on student imperfection that may affect the safety of the public health. There is not any registration fee, and student register needs to be particular (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - Student Registration, 2017).

According to recent studies, the number of nursing students’ registration has been increased by about 14.6%. As a student of Diploma in Nursing, Accreditation of Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, which is supported and regulated by AHPRA, are most needed. Even after completion of the study, the registration in the online register, regulated by AHPRA needs to be done (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia - Nursing and midwifery regulation at work: Protecting the public in 2015/16, 2017).

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