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HRE4M Religious Education: Annotated Bibliography| The Hegira

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Topic: The Hegira

Complete an evaluative annotated bibliography for topic containing 5 sources that have been critically analyzed for the strengths, weaknesses, and biases of the source in analyzing the chosen event.



This paper by the author Mediano (2016), examines how Early Modern Spanish students of history faced the issue of figuring the equality between the Christian era and the Hegira. Ordered polemics concerning the Hegira were profoundly installed in a noteworthy historiographical issue, specifically the part Islam and al-Andalus played ever of. Other than the specialized issues, order is a standout amongst the most vital courses by which an Islamic Iberian past was incorporated in a story about national history. The acknowledgement of the handiness of Arabic sources and Muslim sequence did not suggest that an answer for the specialized issue of date change had been accomplished. Spanish students of history kept on observing the issue as uncertain, returning over and over to the book index regarding the matter and investigating the primary accomplishments of crafted by Mariana and Mondéjar by talking about their victories and blunders. The instrumental idea of every one of these works gives confirmation of the possible change of a historiographical issue which had unwound in earlier hundreds of years. The differences between the galactic and historiographical customs were changed as essayists of the historical backdrop of Spain started to address the issue of the Arabic sources and furthermore the requests of new specialized apparatuses, for example, sequence. In any case, this historiographical issue revealed new issues, as the separating line between the Hebrew and Christian logbooks ended up being the line amongst Judaism and Christian. The strength of the research is that there was no biasness conducted while conducting the research. The main weakness of the study is that the researcher gathered the information from secondary sources. There were no information gathered from the primary sources.


The authors of the research Kesar & Kurt (2015), views that amid the time of Anatolian Seljuks, an incredible significance was given to the urban advancement as the financial, political or military focuses with a combination of Islamic, Turkish, Byzantine and Persian societies. Unique care was taken of the presentation of open administrations, particularly the wellbeing administrations that have never been disregarded. Seljuks have considered pharmaceutical of most extreme significance and have contributed altogether to development. Amid the Seljuk time frame, a great deal of spearheading madrasahs has been established as a continuum of the Islamic history with critical commitments likewise influencing the Ottoman culture as a successor. It is assessed that, as on account of every open administration of the period, the association and presentation of the well-being administrations had likewise close connection with the urban improvement and waqf (establishments). Henceforth in this investigation it is intended to explore the organizing identified with the presentation of the wellbeing administrations amid the previously mentioned period inside the extent of waqfs and urban advancement by an exploration procedure through unique chronicle records. The major strength of the article is that the researcher has described the facts very clearly and the research is free from any kind of bias. The major weakness being lack of use of the primary data while conducting the research


In the eyes of Viguera Molins (2016), the idea of time in Islam, set apart by the foundation of an appropriate time, started with the Prophet Muhammad's departure from Mecca to Medina, which is set not long after as year 1 of the Hegira (622 a.C.), to constitute their Era and logbook. In spite of the fact that this model won in al-Andalus, it is important to hold up under at the top of the priority list that pretty much sporadic utilization of different Eras and date-books was honed, specifically, in different regions of the Dâr al-Islâm, for diachronic estates, and in addition for certain cosmic applications or practices, (for example, the sunlight based agrarian timetable), or by non-Muslim populace, or even as the after effect of some universalist opportune enthusiasm. In connection to time in al-Andalus, we say what Ibn Hazm, Averroes and Ibn 'Arabi said to wind up raising a few states of the verifiable record in al-Andalus: was its association with pre-Andalusi past; the legitimations/non legitimations of authentic memory; and control of memory spaces: rejections and quiets. There is no use of the primary data and the secondary data is the main source of information of the study.


This report focuses on the mosques built during the early and the medieval period of Islamic architecture. According to the author Ebad (2013), these have a special significance for the researchers and for investigation. Exploring the Iranian design and questioning its blind sides of its change can be a legitimate setting to research and investigate the part of Iranian planners in Islamic engineering. The present investigation utilizing an engaging explanatory strategy set out on perceiving the significance of mosque structure in Islamic engineering and unmistakable highlights of Safavids as turning point of Iranian design. At last unconventional highlights of ShaikhLotfollah mosque was contrasted and Tabriz Kaboud mosque. Surely ShaikhLotfollah mosque of Isfahan is a standout amongst the most unmistakable Iranian-Islamic structures worked in the eastern side of NaqsheJahan square causing the development of various theories on working of these outstanding states because of its impossible to miss highlights. The outcomes demonstrated that kaboud mosque isn't Iranian with respect to highlights having Turkish adjustment. At last after the examination it was realized that anyway ShaikhLotfollah mosque was worked in Safavids in Isfahan style, since Safavids were of Turks, they restore their old convention of mosque building style in Shaikhlotfollah mosque. The data for the purpose of the study of is collected through secondary methods which include previous studies and other documents.


The report by Hashjin, Aghaei, M & Fathimehr, M. (2016), focuses on the greatest leadrs in the country of Iran and was responsible for the revolution of the country. The mentality and scholarly framework as a Shi'ite priest has been straightforwardly impaired by Shi'ite political culture and "Hegira" is a standout amongst the most essential segments of Shi'ite political culture which has different measurements. The primary inquiry proposed in the present article is that, as indicated by Imam Khomeini's arrangement of musings, in what a specialty the introversive and political hegira is arranged in Shi'ite political culture: the examination discoveries demonstrate that these two parts of hegira have a grand point of view in the shi'ite political culture and in Imam Khomeini's conclusion introversive hegira is the essential to the political hegira. The report hhas been prepared prior to the collection of the data from the secondary sources.  


Ebad, S. (2013). Iranian mosques, the milestone of Islamic architecture: a case study of ShaikhLotfollah mosque. International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences, 7(13), 940-951.

Hashjin, Z. G., Aghaei, M., & Fathimehr, M. (2016). Hegira from Imam Khomeini’s perspective: Introversive migration and political migration: a case study. International Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies (IJHCS)? ISSN 2356-5926, 3(2), 789-797.

Keser, A., & Kurt, E. (2015) The Contributions of Waqfs and Urban Development to the Settlement of Public Health Services: An Overview to Turkish Administrative History of Anatolian Seljuks.

Mediano, F. R. (2016). Sacred Calendars: Calculation of the Hegira as a Historiographical Problem in Early Modern Spain. Journal of early modern history, 20(3), 229-265.

Viguera Molins, M. J. (2016). Tiempo, historia, memoria en Al-Andalus.

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