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HRM 230 : Human Resource Information System

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1. What is a theoretical paper (essay)?

Fundamentally, an essay is:

  • An argument
  • A written response to an essay question
  • A critical review of literature.

2. How to develop an essay? Write a plan:

  • Who is my audience? Academics, other students and industrial practitioners.
  • What is my argument? My argument must be associated with HRIS and its main two HR functions.
  • What are the parts/sections of my essay? We have already developed your sections.

3. Where should I start from?

  • Start with the lectures & activities each week on the LMS to get the picture of HRIS.
  • Read the theories and concepts relating to HRIS.
  • Find an organization that is currently using technology for HR functions.
  • Then look for some more references for the chosen theory and two functions. Read them
    & choose the most persuasive ones to include in your essay.

4. What is my task? How to present arguments?

The arguments should be a balanced discussion and evaluation of the strengths, weakness and not able features of the text. Remember to base your discussion on specific areas. Good reviews also include other sources to support your evaluation.

You can choose how to sequence your arguments. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Most important to least important arguments you make about the text.
  • If there are both strengths and weaknesses for using technology in each of the HR functions (concerning the chosen HR functions) you use, you need to decide overall what your critical judgment is. For example, you may want to comment on a key idea in the text and have both positive and negative comments. You could begin by stating what is good about the idea and then concede and explain how it is limited in some way.
  • You can address each of the HR functions (concerning the two chosen HR functions) you choose in a given paragraph, including both negative and positive points. 



Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a well-known type of information system which is used for managing the data of the organization in a computerized way with the help of an automated process(Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). It can be stated as the combination of both hardware and software resources which is used for hosting and providing a business logic. The ultimate goal of the human resource department to implement skills, abilities and lastly accomplishment. The repetitive and time-consuming method task are associated with human resource management which aims in removing the valuable data of employees. An HRMS is deployed on the level of application level which aims to provide in-house and remote access to employees. HRMS aims in integrating with various HR-specific process and features which aims to the employee to easily integrate with the HR-specific business process. It comes with the feature to perform a routine operation like managing employee records, payroll management and lastly evaluation of performance (Brewster, Chung & Sparrow, 2016). In the year 1920, the Queensland outback was founded by people. Qantas has improved to be the Australian largest international airline and domestic. It has been registered as the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service Limited. It is recognized as the world leading organization and is the strongest brand in Australia. The organization is marked for excellence, engineering and maintenance and lastly customer service.

In the coming pages of the report, an idea has been provided regarding the Human Resource Management System (HRMS). The importance of HRMS in Quanta’s has been discussed in details. After various issues with current HRIS in Quanta’s has been discussed in details. A list of recommendation has been provided with respect to the encountered issues. Qantas group main work is to provide transport to customers by making use of two complementary brands that is Qantas and Jetstar. This airline industry tends to operate in various regional, domestic and international domains.


HRIS (Human Resource Information System) in QANTAS


Recruitment and Analysis of Job are considered to be the cornerstone of the Qantas HRM. Flight engineers are considered to be an important aspect of Qantas Airline. Recruitment can be stated as the center of human resource activities which helps in attaining the proper function of the various organization (Albrecht et al., 2015). Under Job analysis, HRM is planning responsibly for a large number of things like planning, recruitment, selection,and induction of workers. The whole process is supported by a large number of things like personal selection, evaluation of job along with appraisal. The whole method of job analysis aims to provide support to the organizational strategy which helps in providing support to market competition and the crisis of talent. As per the human resource theory, Strategic HRM aims to establish a connection with HR functional and organizational goals (Jackson, Schuler & Jiang, 2014). Qantas airline HRM is all about having a proper job analysis regarding the requirements of various workers. HRM checks some of the things which help in reducing the behavior of the organization.

                         Fig 1: Human Resource Management System

                                                 (Source:Armstrong & Taylor, 2014)

Industrial Relation

HRM of Qantas aims to implement different management principles which can be helpful to organization external and internal influences. HRM of Qantas focuses on reducing cost along with minimizing labor cost which helps in improving productivity. Along with this, it aims at introducing some flexible structure by motivating workforces(Stone et al., 2015). Reducing labor cost in Qantas Airways requires strict measures from different wages and salaries which is done the elimination of costly practices. HRM of Qantas airline focuses on a certain number of changes so that they can easily cope with external and internal factors. Different factors have led to change management as they need to have much more profit in the given organization. The fact should be taken intoconsideration that this organization was under the ownership of government. It ultimately relates to the fact that the whole airline industry tends to maintain proper structure and strict procedure along with rules.

Issues with HRIS and Recommendation

The two major issues encountered by HRM is all about ensuring proper recruitment process and industrial relation. Qantas airlines focused on the various kinds of challenges in the given areas. HRM in recruitment process aims at reducing cost like labor cost which helps in increasing productivity, ensuring the salary of modern workers and providing flexible structure. Unsolved salary issues have created a large number issues in the employees (Paillé et al., 2014). Flight engineer has been protesting over the salary issues and union workers have continued to pay the given inequality. In the 2012 survey, various workers of this organization focused on dissatisfaction with the management of the organization. Staff challenges have been encountering a large number of issues with HRM. At the time of recruitment, HRM focus on a large number of mistake for the right candidate for the given job (Brewster et al., 2016). Despite a large number of training programs, HRM emphasizes in proper job design and analysis.

                                             Fig 2: Qantas Airways

                                                   (Source:Brewster et al., 2016)

Due to recent issues, the organization has suffered in terms of finance. HRM should emphasize on reinvest in various training and communication model and a large number of changes associated with it (Wiegmann&Shappell, 2017). With the help of effective training modeling, there isa certain number of the workshop which can easily provide grievance and come with a proper solution to the given problem. Apart from this, with the help of effective communication will help in providing the righttraining, innovation,and safety of employees. HRM should come with a transparent strategy. It merely focusses on the fact that the operational and strategic data of the organization should be communicated well enough to various workers.   


From the above discussion, it can be easily concluded that this report is all about HRMS in Qantas. A proper discussion has been provided regarding HRIS and its importance in Qantas. Two HR function that is recruitment and industrial analysis have been discussed in details. A brief background of Qantas along with detail parameters has been provided. An idea has been provided regarding the importance of HRIS in the given organization. In the discussion section of the report, an idea has been provided regarding the current HRIS in Qantas. After that various issues in current technology along with recommendation has been provided.


Albrecht, S. L., Bakker, A. B., Gruman, J. A., Macey, W. H., & Saks, A. M. (2015). Employee engagement, human resource management practices and competitive advantage: An integrated approach. Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance, 2(1), 7-35.

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Wiegmann, D. A., &Shappell, S. A. (2017). A human error approach to aviation accident analysis: The human factors analysis and classification system. Routledge.

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