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HRM233 Training and Development : Soft Skill Training and Technology

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Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd, commonly known as Comfort, is a taxi company owned by ComfortDelgro Corporation Ltd. With the advent of the sharing economy, Singapore’s taxi industry has been significantly disrupted.

  1. In the Introduction, please explain the rationale and purpose for the training. Include a survey of the business environment.
  2. Review the training needs analysis conducted and state the learning outcomes proposed for this training programme. Explain how the training is aligned and relevant to the achievement of the business goals.
  3. Propose appropriate training and assessment methods. Explain how the training methods are aligned to the intended learning outcomes and how the measurement of training is valid and reliable.
  4. Delineate the resources required to implement the training programme. Include any other investment that may be necessary.



The report mainly focuses on the training and developmental aspects of the taxi company, Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd in Singapore. The report brings in the context the present scenario of the taxi industry in Singapore as well. The purpose of the training is to ensure the good business of the above mentioned taxi organization and to help them to learn advanced and contemporary ways so that they can be in the business and can also compete with the car services that is being provided by Uber, Grab Car and so on.

Training need analysis and learning outcome:

Training is very essential in this prospect since it will help the Comfort Transportation to provide better services to the customers. The analysis of the training needs is based on their performance, their service, their usage to technology and so on (Ford, 2014). The drivers in this organization need to undergo self assessment and the management also needs keep a note of that. As per the given business scenario where Uber and Grab Car are getting more prominence the training needs also needs to be set or formed accordingly.

The drivers need to focus more about servicing that will include taking care of the customer’s preference, asking for their feedbacks, providing them a comfortable and relaxing ride and so on. The training need here also use the usage to technology (Brewster & Hegewisch, 2017). It is due to the smart usage of technology that Uber and Grab Car is gaining more popularity. Usage of phones to detect the location of the travelers, to take the bookings, to cancel the bookings and to make the bill estimation are all the important points that need to be focused on and included in the training aspect (Ford, 2014). The fast and the smart way of using the technical facilities need to be gradually learnt and this is something that the management also needs to incorporate in their working process so that they can compete with the other car service providers (Brewster & Hegewisch, 2017). As per all the training needs that has been discussed here it can said that the learning outcome is also very important since it is connected with the overall training agenda or regime. Learning outcome includes an understanding of the latest use of technology, an understanding about the scopes of better performances, an understanding about the industry trend, an understanding and knowledge about the guest servicing and also an understanding of the customer’s requirements or needs (Brewster & Hegewisch, 2017). The aim of Comfort Transportation in this particular scenario is to compete with the smart car service providers and hereby the training need that has been described here is aptly aligned to the business aim or goal. The trend of sharing economy has greatly affected the services of Comfort Transportation and thereby training needs mentioned here needs to be followed and the training schedule also fits aptly with the business goals or aims (Brewster & Hegewisch, 2017).

Training and assessment method:

Training method in this aspect is mainly set to meet the goal or the objective of the business. The training and outcome measurement method such as solo taxonomy can be used here that will deliver the best or an effective result. However proper training methods for making the drivers know all the required aspects of work can include group discussions, role play, tutorials, coaching, practical implication, soft skill training and technology based training. All these training methods or ways can be adopted that will eventually help the organization, Comfort Transportation to meet their goals or their aims. The intended learning outcomes can be fully achieved with these training methods (Date, 2015). The method like group discussion will help in the proper interaction of the drivers with the management and will also help in understanding about their problems and their work issues. The tutorials will be very beneficial since it will impart knowledge about how to deal with the customers, how to use the latest technology, how to do customer servicing and all other aspects that are essential in this context. The training method of technology based training will help in getting a knowhow about how to take bookings, how to take care of the customers’ requirements and feedbacks as well (Ford, 2014). Practical training will help them to get the knowledge about how to perform the tasks in real scenarios. This will help them in getting the right exposure and the right attitude towards their work. However the assessment or the learning outcome can fully be assessed by the help of Solo Taxonomy which mainly focuses on the quality of the learning. It at the very initial stage focuses on the simpler aspects of the work and sees that what is the outcome of it and then it takes into account the other complex aspects that are associated with the work. Solo taxonomy as a unique structure that includes unistructural, multistructural, relational and extended process and all these special structural forms has specific agendas in determining the learning outcome or in assessing the learning outcome (Ford, 2014). It is a process of building a constructive result or outcome in a step by step process. The training methods that have been described in this context can appropriately be assessed by this very process. Extended abstract that is the last stage of the process can help the learner in knowing the subject or the work properly and he will have multiple implications of it.

Resources required for the training:

The resources required for this training mainly include some good and efficient H.R professionals who will mainly teach about the guest servicing aspect and the various aspects of soft skills. Apart from this an advanced technological aid is also required that requires a good amount of invest also (Date, 2015). The technological system will help in providing smart services to the customers and this system needs to be implemented by the organization only. Other than that the drivers also need to be given smart phones that will help in internet booking. The training process also requires hiring of technical experts who can help the management and also the drivers with all the technical functionalities that need to be done altogether for the whole working system or process (Date, 2015). Apart from this the other resources that are essential here include internet connection. Internet connection is something that is the most vital thing here and this facility needs to be given to all the drivers so that they can easily use them for booking purposes, for feedbacks and so on. Soft skill trainer in this scenario is also required which is also one of the important recourses here (Brewster & Hegewisch, 2017). The soft skill trainer need to be hired or can be someone from the H.R department who can help the drivers to know about guest servicing. However these are all the resources that are required or are essential for the whole training method and it needs to be incorporated by the organization.


The report therefore presents the entire training and developmental process of Comfort Transporation Pte Ltd and also talks about the sharing economy and increasing popularity of the smart car service providers. However the report also focuses on the business goals and that needs to be achieved here. The business environment brings in the context the prosperity of the share economy system and also the advanced usage of technology in pre booking cars. Singapore is increasingly having many new smart car service providers.


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