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HRMG600 Human Resource Managment : Post Employments

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Choose one of the following topics:

1. Performance management is a waste of time and needs to be reinvented

2. The use of artificial intelligence in HRM is beneficial to achieving organisational outcomes

3. Social media is an effective tool for recruitment


Social media is an effective tool for recruitment

Recruitment defines as overall process of attracting, appointing and selecting a suitable candidate for jobs. The activities related to the recruitment are conducted by the HR (Rees, and Smith, 2017). HR team of the company needs to identify which candidate is going to fit in the organization. Candidate contains desired skills which are required for the working. These skills need to be identified by HR. At the time of hiring HR needs to make sure that candidate is capable enough to work.

Social media works as an effective tool for recruitment. Web-based social networking stages are online groups that empower communication among people and associations. As an enlistment device, they can drive qualified occupation searchers to your postings and deliberately develop enthusiasm among uninvolved employment searchers (i.e., the individuals who are not effectively working chasing but rather would be a solid match for your organization). According to the survey, it is said that almost 94% of the recruiters use social media as a tool for a searching best candidate for their companies.  Social media platforms changed the way of companies for recruitments. Instead of the traditional method of hiring an employee companies started using social media for hiring employees. This is a truth that companies are using this tool for the recruitment purposes but job seekers also found social media best platform for searching jobs.  Job seekers post the application through social media because social media can enhance the job seeker application by between 30% and 50% (Nikolaou, 2014).

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook motivate the organization in starting up a new business without any worries of recruitment.  LinkedIn is effective social media platform that helps the organization in recruiting the employees. LinkedIn is the world's biggest online expert system. Setting up nearness on LinkedIn gives your start up access to a large number of experts. There are diverse levels of participation, and even an essential record can be valuable. LinkedIn has developed exponentially (78 million to more than 400 million individuals in five years) and now searches for representatives driven by reason (Biro, 2015). Its staff incorporates 41% who refer to self-satisfaction and a want to serve others as key, as per the 2015 Workforce Purpose file (Mars, 2015). The platform consists of 2 accounts, one is a basic account (free) and another one is a talent finder account (paid).  The basic account gives access to join bunches significant to businesses and post employments in the gatherings' dialog areas. A Talent Finder account is charge based, this empowers an organization to purchase work posting bundles. There are different benefits to organizations of job posting on LinkedIn. The platform helps the organization in enhancing visibility through regular and active participation. The organization can easily search for the candidates having particular skills. The organization can easily reach to the active job seekers and passive candidates. This is beneficial for the company who are looking for the candidate having technical talent. LinkedIn also helps in linking the jobs to the other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Similarly, a Facebook platform can be used as recruiting tool. The Facebook page gives a way to the organization for creating an online presence of the company. It also helps the company in promoting the products, initiatives, services, employment opportunities, etc. on Facebook it is free to set a profile. On the Facebook page, the organization can provide detailed description related to the requirement of skills in a candidate. Though, this page requires timely maintenance and can distract the users from the actual website of the company. Apart from the Facebook page, there is one more option and that is Facebook Ad. The targeting ability of the Adverting through Facebook is comparatively more than a Facebook page. Through this way, a company can select the target audience to whom they are looking to target (Amon, Campbell, Hawke, and Steinbeck, 2014). While completing the formalities the system will ask company different question. Those questions might be related to the sex, age group and specific keywords that can be related to the position. Though, usage of social media like Facebook can be a distraction for the HR employees. The employee can start with the recruitment but ends with the message. Over here the organization can restrict the use of the Facebook by the HR team.

Twitter is a micro blogging stage. Enrolled clients share their musings through 140-character posts called tweets. Different clients can scan for tweets and subscribe to their most loved clients' bolsters. Like Facebook, Twitter is free; yet advancing your record includes a cost. Now, most of the companies include this platform in their marketing strategy that helps in creating awareness and credibility (Parker, 2015). The organization adds value to the recruiting efforts of the organization. Through Twitter, employees get the glimpse of the organizational culture of the company. This is possible through pictures and images of the employees following culture. Though, there will be need of a separate team who will be able to manage these things. The organization can appoint some employees who are skilled in uploading and downloading. This enhances the interest of the employees in joining the company. Proper utilization of the power of the hash tags. Hash tags get your tweets in front of Twitter who might not be following company (Choo,, 2015). Also, they limit intended interest group. There is a presence of companies like AdLogic that helps businesses in targeting a particular Twitter audience.

As per JobVite state of social recruiting survey, web-based social networking as a selecting device was assessed by contracting chiefs who had been enrolling in this way. The after effects of the study showed that 64% of the surveyed companies 64% of studied organizations utilized no less than two systems in their enrolling efforts, and 40% utilized at least three or more than that. 55% intended to expand their financial plans for social enrolling and 30% for referrals, while just 16% will spend more on work sheets. In the year 2011, 64% of survey respondents have recruited candidates through social media.73% of all social employs came from LinkedIn, 7% from Twitter and 20% from Facebook (El Ouirdi, El Ouirdi, Segers, and Henderickx, 2014).

These platforms provide companies a way to develop the relationship with candidates who are looking for the jobs. By sharing content related to the industry such as industry news and trends can be beneficial for building a trusted relationship. In like manner, developing associations with influencers in the industry offers the likelihood to quickly extend your potential reach. It is very difficult to create a trust of the employees for the company. This is the major reason employees want to join the company they have heard of. To get the quick response from the job seekers company need to establish a strong reputation and brand image in the market. There are many reasons due to which organization considers social media as an effective tool for recruiting.

The organization should use a well-managed social recruitment strategy that is helpful for the better management of the talent needs. Before launching the brand on social media networking, a company should develop the brand on corporate social media channels. The company needs to make sure that HR and recruitment team need to be ready this is an emerging challenge for the company. For this HR team can fix the time among themselves for being active on different platforms. The team coordination will resolve this problem. The company should appoint a team who can identify the changes taking place on social media platform. The company can check the sources and source of traffic which helps the company in attracting most of the job seekers (Taylor, 2016). The updates or page on the social media platform should be able to engage the candidate. So a company should try to engage most of the candidates towards their website.

Social media recruiting process is a cost-effective way to source candidate. Talking about the traditional way company used to pay an amount to premium to an advertisement in a newspaper. Nowadays organization gets the reasonable amount on social media platforms for a job posting. The amount that these platforms ask is worth because the reason being that the job posting will reach to the high capacity of the job seekers and even to the potential applicants (Gibbs, MacDonald, and MacKay, 2015). The major benefit of using the social media platforms is that the information will reach to the job seekers who actually looking for the opportunity in an organization. With the use of the traditional method of the hiring might be companies will not be able to reach to the potential candidates.

Social media platforms are able to target audience having specific skill sets. The reason why companies get the employees having the specific skills set is that generation is social media savvy. People now spend more time on social media sites than searching information's on portals. This is for sure that organization will go there, where they will get the candidates. On the social media sites, there will be transparency between both the sides. Job seekers can visit the company website can check the authenticity of the company and the truth of vacancy from the company's side (Ladkin, and Buhalis, 2016). Similarly, the HR team can check the identity and get to know more about the employee that they are going to hire. Social performance management can be done by the companies to showcase the congratulations on the achievements of the employees. This not only motivates the existing employees to remain in the organization but also motivate the job seekers to join the company where social performance management can be done by the company (Melanthiou, Pavlou, and Constantinou, 2015).

The ubiquity of online networking has changed the way Australia enlistment is led and enables an organization to contact a more extensive group of onlookers to help an organization effectively in filling the open positions. That is the reason at Recruit Shop – Sydney’s driving supplier of eases ensured recruitment administrations. This helps in promising the candidate for the best position. Though, it is quite difficult for the company to provide the best suitable job. But the company keep trying to provide the best suitable job which is possible with the use of different social media platform. The way of recruiting the job seekers is changed not only in Australia but across the world. The recruitment team of the organization needs to be effective for making social media platform effective for their organization (Marsden-Huggins, 2014). Nowadays mobile recruiting is emerging and organizations are participating. ?Over 33% of associations have found a way to use mobile recruiting to target smartphones users. Enlisting by means of online networking is developing with 84% of associations utilizing it right now and 9% wanting to utilize it. Enlisting detached employment competitors (82%) keeps on being the best reason that associations utilize web-based social networking for recruitment (SHRM, 2016).

In the whole process HR of the company plays a vital role. The HR of the company needs to be active on the social media platforms. If any such queries come regarding the recruitment on the social media platform then HR of the company need to reply the same which becomes challenge sometimes for the HR. The reason being the HR of the company need to reply to so many messages which a time-consuming process. To manage that there should be a different team for different platforms. The facts and information clearly throw a light that social media is an effective recruiting tool. Organisations are participating in social media recruiting process. Social media is successful in fulfilling the requirement for the organization in regards to the talented employees. Talented employees will lead to the success of the organization and will help in the fulfillment of the organizational strategic goals.


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