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ICT50115 Network Design and Implementation

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The following assessment criteria will be used for marking this assessment task. Ensure that you have addressed all of the criteria in your work;
The proposal is appropriately structured and presented as a formal document reflecting a real-life practice
Appropriate headings and sub-headings are used to structure the contents
The content flow covers all the required elements of the analysis and contains a logical sequence of the topics
Scope of proposal demonstrates the required extent of research conducted to gather and summarise information
Network topology takes into consideration company locations and I/O devices

Separate topologies are developed for each site with an explanation of how these networks integrate and align
Hardware devices are accurately identified and added based on the network requirements
Interface, IP Address and Subnet masks are suggested for each device used
The proposal articulates sources of internal and external security threats and functions and features of available chnologies
Researched and compared vendors to source software or hardware security solutions
Made recommendations for appropriate equipment with the relevant rationale/justification
Described network services (e.g. DHCP, FTP, IMAP, POP, NTP, SMB etc.) and related them to business functions (i.e. why and how they will assist business operations)
Devised strategies for implementing/installing the proposed network solution with a list of resources and timeline
Provided copies/information sheets are references where available and presented a cohesively written plan within the case scenario context


This documentation is a proposal for network design and implementation for ABX legal and accounting firm in its headquarter office. The report also describes development of a virtual private network that   links the network between three offices. The study includes designing a network diagram in the headquarter office for the layout of the network to be implemented and a diagram for linking the network between the offices. The design explains hardware’s and software specification and the security features that will protect network from intruders. Selection of high performing hardware and   software’s will make the network work more efficiently according to (Pak et al,2008), this theory is also applied in the network design.

Network segment

This is a section of the computer that is separated from the rest of the network with networking devices such as repeater or switch or router. Each segment contains different type of hosts. The hosts varies according to type of devices that separate them .This network will have three segments and they will be connected together through cloudy.

Hardware and software components.

A combined hardware and software framework for ABX company network is developed for mechanical and structural monitoring. A system sensor node will be designed, established and calibrated for monitoring the network and modal identification. Software components will be implemented with the aim of providing an elastic platform in which applications that are being used in the company will run more smoothly and efficiently (Patra et al,2009). This components generally entails protocols and consistent commands broadcasting through the network framework and collection of data. Some improvement to application components are also explained like data pipelining.


The network will consist of sensor  hardware components, filters, microcontroller and wireless communication access points. The use of sensors is cost effective since it allows examination of  network performance. Hardware components that will be used incorporate the following 


The network will be implemented using 10base 5 and 10base 2 varieties of Ethernet. In this point multiple network segment will be implemented using repeaters to form a domain that is large.

Layer one segment

Twisted Ethernet cables, repeaters and hubs will be used to join electrical segments. This is the extension of OSL layer 1 network that is equal to the domain.

Segment two

Switches and bridges will be used to combine multiple layers this is because all the network nodes corresponds with each other through MAC addressing(Powell,2010). This will be better because   traffic between the two layers will be separated using VLANS

             Token ring

    The stations linked to the same media are of the same network.

            Token bus

 All stations   that are linked to the same bus are part of the same network segment. 

Segment three

Also known as the subnetwork, formed by all nodes sharing the same prefix and defined by a mask .They will communicate directly through    layer 2 this will be implemented at the headquarters. Transmitting network packets within this layer will require implementation of a router in the network (Sandberg et al,2013).

Network diagram

Above is the network diagram that will be used implementing network between the offices. All the network from the offices will be linked to cloud. This means independent network system from the offices will link to cloud. This connects office network together and the users can access any information from each office regardless in which office he is working from. Users also can get access to the company’s network from their homes through accessing the network from cloudy.

Software requirements

The network system will be based on TinyOs operating system that is opensource.This is high level application that supports a wide variety of has high level components that will achieve network security and routing of data packets within the network. Other applications like Microsoft word will be installed in clients’ computers .Business applications that are used to run company activities are accessed from the server (Tanenbaum,2014).

Network Security Requirements.

The company’s network will be more secured. Each network is installed with a security firewall that will filter spying application from ` accessing the company information. Since security threats exist in many forms .The aim of this is not to provide a comprehensive security source but to provide a protection for exposure in major security threats that are likely to affect the system (Wang et al,2010). The two main categories that are addressed.

  • Physical security –Attacks like installing viruses to hardware components are addressed in this section through installing antiviruses to computer systems.
  • Communication security- communication between telephone lines can be tapped by attackers this is prevented through closing UN –used ports in network switches.
  • Network topology used

Topology that will be implemented is the star bus topology. The star topology is so called because each computer (or other network device) connects to a central hub, with the cable forming the shape of a star. Bus topology is also applied in some parts of the network as shown below.


Using modern hardware components and updated software will make the company’s network to be faster efficient. This network devices should be highly protected with antiviruses to prevent intruders from accessing classified information from the company.


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