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ICTTEN809 : Analyse Business Specifications to Produce Technical Solut

1. What are the main requirements to consider when researching the application of a suitable business model for telecommunication service provisioning?
2. What are the business requirements and specifications to obtain and consider when providing data for a model?
3. What are business drivers?
4. Explain the key stakeholders and customers, both internal and external, whose requirements you will need to consider.
5. What are five examples of business objectives and customer requirements you will need to evaluate for their input into the model?
6. Explain at least three of the tools and templates you could research and use analysing business models to provide reports on the technical design and specifications
7. What are the factors to consider and apply when developing technical solutions for the customer, in response to drivers and business requirements?
8. What are five? How can you evaluate the costs involved in implementing ICT technical solutions for a customer?
9. Why produce a cost-benefit analysis?
10. How could you investigate a range of vendor products so that you can determine those which are most suitable to meet the technical requirements and customer needs?


1. The requirements of the customers are associated with the price, service features and functioning, service levels, social alignment of the firm, accessibility and reliability of the services and others. Depending upon the requirements that would be adequate for the telecommunication service provisioning would be the B2C (Business to Customer) model that includes Direct-sell-sites, content portals and others.

2. The business requirement in context with the business model of B2C would be to have an online portal in place that also supports the B2B model (Nilashi and Ibrahim 2014). Hence, the discussed measures can be obtained by the portal where the customers as well as the business retailers can communicate and access organisational services. So, the business’s existing portal should be upgraded to be compatible with the new requirement.

3. The firm in consideration is a telecommunication firm and hence, its driver are the ICT tools such as the internet, VoIP, and other communicati

ve IT tools and services (Lee, Abdullah and Kiu 2016). Hence, to maintain the discussed services the firm should ensure that their services are reliable for the customers along with a channel that is capable of offering ease for the stakeholders to communicate with the system administrator and management of the firm.

4. The business objective is to have a sustainable and reliable system that can enhance the firm’s performance and in the process offer its customers a satisfactory outcome. The customer requirement deems ease of communication and access to firm’s services. Hence, the model needs to include tools and techniques that are reliable, scalable and functional in nature.

5. The tools and techniques that could be used to analyse the business model in discussion are following (Berg and Kilambi 2014):

  • Stakeholder Survey: Surveying the stakeholders (internal, external and customers) will assist in determining the flaws which can be used to develop a strong business model. It will assist in understanding the basic and minor requirements that can enhance the capability of the solution.
  • Information Audit: Information audit includes analyse of the organisational data which can cite some vital results. The past tools and techniques and their responses on the firm can be analysed to earn outputs that can have prominent impact on the solution.
  • Case Study: It can be done to determine scenarios where an organisation overcome its challenges to gain sustainability and competitive advantage.

6. The business driver is good service offering and hence the firm should focus on the fact that their services are affordable, reliable, secure, functional and viable for the consumers. Additionally, a strong compliance offering can also prove to be vital for the organisation. Hence the solution should focus on the above discussed factors.

7. The cost involved in the technical solution for the firm would be development of the website. Hence, for the domain name and hosting, the cost would be $150 a year, CMS (Content management system) would need $500, SEO (Search engine optimisation) would consume around $ 500 per month, Advertising would add up another $ 500. Additionally, the maintenance would cost an amount between $150 to $300 per month and the designing and development of the solution would cost around $3000 per pages of the solution (price 2017). Other costs are also included depending upon the additional requirements and all of them adds up to a final cost of around $5000, to $ 10,000.

8: The assumptions have been made to do the cost benefit analysis for a term of two years (Nas 2016). The website development cost has been considered $10,000 and an annual maintenance has been considered to be $6000 based upon $500 per month cost. The table below cites the cost benefit analysis of the proposed solution.

Cost benefit analysis


Year 0

Year 1

Year 2

Net economic benefit




One time cost




Recurring cost




Net cash flow




Discount factors



Discount rate




Year Index




Discount factor




Discounted flows



















Net present value














Payback Analysis











Payback Period in Years

1.5 years







                                           Table 1: Cost Benefit Analysis

                                   (Source: Created by Author using MS EXCEL)

9.  The solution for the discussed firm is a website and hence, the potential vendors are the one who are well known in the website development market of Australia. The selections have been made through internet searches and different business reviewing portals. The most prominent of them have listed as follows:

  • IndiaNICInfotech Ltd.
  • IntellectSoft
  • Cyber Infrastructure Inc.
  • iTechArt Group
  • Parangat technologies
  • Magneto IT solutions
  • Sphinx Solutions
  • Consagous technologies

Other service providers are also available however, the vendor that would be most suitable for the development of the solution is the IndiaNICInfotech Ltd. The reason for the selection of the discussed vendor is based on the fact that there are many reviews available on the internet for the vendor and their success ratio is also very high. The discussed vendor is an Indian firm however, the official website of the vendor cites its clients as Yahoo, Adidas, Cisco, Pepsi and other major firms (IndiaNIC 2018).

10. The technical requirements of the proposed solution are

  • Responsive design so that the users can access it on any module such as smartphones, laptops and other internet accessible devices (Singh, Giri and Mathew 2015). Another technical requirement as part of the interface would be the support for images to make the user more comfortable with accessing of the solution.
  • Keyboard support and touchpad support for the options available on the site will enable the users to input their responses and the screen of the computing devices should act as the output source (Anthopouloset al. 2016). Additionally, the search capability offered by the website will also prove to be of great prominence as it will act as an input option through which the user can access the content that they desire. Ample of information about the services offered by the firm with easy accessing of the available information can also be of great assistance for entering their responses.
  • Login features for the customers to login to the portal where they can access the services of their choices and recommendations would be based depending upon their previous searches (Aziz and Handaga 2017). The library sectioning of the options available are also one of the technical needs of the process flow. The reason for the above stated statement lays base on the fact that keeping a group of options within one big group will assist the users to find their option with more ease and a flow can be maintained until completion of the process. Payment gateway support is also one of the technical requirement of the solution as it will complete the process of buying a service for the user.
  • Big data analysis capability so that recommendations would be made by the portal according to the interests and past searches of the customers as part of the quality requirements (Ali and Badr 2015). Additionally, the website should be SEO optimised so that the user can search it easily on the internet. The colouring, textures, and other visibility factors can prove to be of great vitality in enhancing the quality of the website.

Additional requirements to the solutions can also be added to further enhance the capability of the propose solution.


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Singh, N., Giri, M. and Mathew, S., 2015. Responsive website a transformation in web designing. International Journal of Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Sciences, 3(1), pp.182-190.

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