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IFN700 Project Management: Legislation Related to Hydraulink Ltd

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This assessment task will demonstrate how you can use your learnt skills in a workplace or a simulated workplace environment. This assessment task covers the full unit of competency.  

Please read the project activities below and complete the project as instructed by your trainer and assessor.

In this project you will be demonstrating how you are able to:

  • Identify project risks
  • Analyse project risks

  • Establish risk treatments and controls
  • Monitor and control project risks
  • Assess risk management outcomes

Prior to you starting this project, your trainer and assessor will discuss, with you, what type of organisation you are basing your project on.  

  • existing workplace and based on a real workplace project.
  • You will be required to demonstrate communication with project stakeholders and lead a meeting.


Provide information about the feedback you have received from your trainer and assessor (acting as your supervisor) in the space below.

A. Access one piece of legislation and summarise in no more than 180 words how it directly relates to your chosen organisation and working practice.

B. Using either the template provided within the learner guide or your organisation’s documentation complete a risk register for a given project. Over the course of the project, update the document and attach copies of each.

C. For an upcoming project, consult and meet with stakeholders and clients to agree upon risk priorities (your assessor will observe this).

D. Undertake a risk probability and impact assessment for an upcoming project and then record the findings in a risk and impact matrix.

F. In no more than 250 words, explain how you adhere to organisational policies and procedures and how this impacts how your role contributes to the wider goals of the organisation.

G. For a current or upcoming project, demonstrate that you can use appropriate communication methods to seek and share information with a range of people. Summarise in words how you undertook this task.

H. From an upcoming project, identify and develop an appropriate method for risk management. Explain how you would implement this method in about 180 words ensuring you include use of physical resources, personnel and time.


A) Legislation related to the Hydraulink Australia Pty Limited

Hydraulink Australia Pty Limited is a company which is operating in the various parts of Australia. They produce equipment that are used for construction, hose, fittings made up of stainless steel and couplings for hose. The warranties that is offered by the company is compiled with the rules of law. If there is any claim from the customer that is made against the Hydraulink Australia pty Ltd for delivering the products shortly should be lodged in writing with the company under 7 days of the product delivery date. The products found to be damaged by the third party during delivery, then the company follows the rule of law to replace the product within 7 working days (Site designed and developed bka interactive ltd, 2017).

B) Risk Register

The risk register is one of the tools of management that can be used to monitor the processes of risk management. It is used for identifying, assessing and managing the risks that is agreed after a review and update process. The main aim of the risk register is to record the details about all the risks which is identified by the analysis. An excel template of risk register is created for managing the risks of the Hydraulink Australia ptyLimited (Architecture And Design, 2017).

C) Priorities of Risks

Most of the organizations set the priorities of the risk according to the risk register. The values and degrees of impact and likelihood which is present in the risk register are considered to prioritize risk. But it is important to prioritize the risk by using the degree of independence of risks. If one risk is related to another risk then equal priority should be given to both. For example in the Hydraulink Australia pty ltd if the risk in one process affects another process, then the risk should be considered in both the processes.

D) Risk Impact Matrix

Risk Impact Matrix is created using the risk register. The degree of impact is reviewed in each and every process. The degrees are low, medium, high and very high. The frequency of occurrence of accidents are taken as frequent, occasional, seldom, remote and likely. For every frequency of occurrence of accidents, the number of degree of impacts are noticed as 0, 1, 2 and 3.

E) Policies of the Organization

The organization is producing the hose, couplings for hose and stainless steel fittings. So they produce the major products. The policies of the organization are producing the hose with high cleanliness. They clean the hose in an effective way. So it is my role to check the hose whether it is cleaned in an effective way. They produce the fittings in an exact and accurate shapes and cuttings. The role of mine is to check the shape whether they have good finishing and to find if there is any irregularity in the fitting. So by this way I help the organization to attain its policy. The impacts of the risk might ruin the workers life. It is very important to provide safety to them according to the priority. Frequent accidents have higher degree of impact. So it is to be concentrated and risk mitigation plans should be used for managing the frequent accidents (Lock, 2004).

F) Appropriate Communication Methods

The Appropriate communication methods can be used to seek and share information.

  • The methods are having open meetings on the requirements and deliverables of the project. Making an impressive presentations with required charts and tables which makes an easy way of understanding.
  • Sending emails to the team members about the progress of the projects. Regular review meetings and proper agenda for the meeting (Project Smart, 2017).

G) Appropriate Risk Management Methodology

The risk is unpredictable in between the project life cycle. It can be managed using different methodologies. The best methodology that can be carried out for managing the risk is the Risk Transfer. The Hydraulink Australia pty Limited produces many products. So it is better to transfer the risk to the third party, especially in terms of financial crisis. If the products are insured through the insurance policy. Then the financial risks can be transferred to the insurance company where we insured the products (Whittaker, 2015).


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